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You can’tstop dreamingjust becausethe night neverseems toend.


Those whodisrespect youwith their mouthdon’t deserveyour ear.


Each timewe bow to thefeet of anythingwe find riveting,the mind rises tobe surprised withnew crowningdiamonds ofcreativity.


You alwaysdrop by, to en-lighten my mind,when my wings arefeeling heavy &i’ve forgottenhow tofly.


Live in the shadow of the moon until you’re bright enough to give birth to your own suns.


Some teach youwhat can’t be taught,by turning their backon you & helpingyou get internallycloser to everythingyou externallysought.


You’ll always be curious yet deliriously sinking into whatever your nightmare is until you let your wings know you’re serious by leaping into your wildest dreams of self love.


‪A wise man once said, ‘Life is like breathing. If you try to hold it, you’ll lose it. But let it come & go & you’ll always be connected to it.’‬


Please don’t be overly sober with your precious wings, it’s your addiction to freedom that makes me think that i too can defy gravity.


i am anearthquake& dancemost heavilyupon all myfaults.


Wise is the one who flavors the future with some salt from the past. Becoming dust is no threat to the phoenix born from the ash.


Your fate is never determined when your massive imagination is.


You can’tassume i’min bad shapejust becausei’ve run out ofthe energy toimpressyou.


Life’s a gloomy puddle, until you start jumping in it.


Some bow to the spirit of collectivism, while you ascend to the spirit of your own eclectic rhythms.


The fun part is finding which thoughts, in that crazy beehive of emotion, are the ones that mass produce the honey.


You’d corner me in your conformity but even in dormancy i’m sleeping with enormity, stretching the belly of the earth & everything i was born to be.


You’re only as good as your last thought of yourself.


In love madly,traveling though thelife-raft’s unravelingin a beautiful tragedy,but gladly i’m stillpaddling throughthe oceanof youranatomy.


The best piece of life’s magnificence is your slice of internal peace.


Summer is a gentleman: slowly warming the earth at length before undressing her in the fall.


Let’s gather the world in a game of love with the goal of kicking our tears past Eternity & she’ll kick the earth into humanity.


Some situations are just like bad dreams, they’re only unbearable while we’re giving them our full attention.


When she smiles, the lines in her face become epic narratives that trace the stories of generations that no book can replace.


The sun never has an inferiority complex. It shines the same whether above or below.


You’re only as good as your next thought of yourself.


You’re only as good as you’re next thought of yourself.


Stay hungry on the path you trod to overcome all odds though fate & the gods seem to pepper your plate with a barrage of sabotage.


Dig deep & pull the roots of confidence from the ground of your being, standing firm in the raging storm until sunlight blossoms inside you.


Give it air & let the scar on your soul reveal itself, because, like the body, it too was made to heal itself.


Rare indeed is the seed who can bury its nightmares & still stem & blossom into its wildest dreams.


The weight of your baggage never stops true love from taking flight.


People tell you to believe in yourself for your whole life, then call you arrogant when you begin taking their advice.


The deeper the journey into inner space, the further the possibilities in outer space.


You are theremedy of intensityi need in my life, tospin me out of themiserable monotonyof working on life’sdaily assemblylines.


The sun still lives his silent vows to the moon, by bowing to kiss her feet whenever she walks in the room.


You play me with your jazz & leave me with the blues.


Sometimes we find the sweetest solidarity in the midst of solitude.


You can’t rock the boat & act like you were just trying to put a baby to sleep.


‪You collide with destiny caught up in the mystery of walking the halls of a mind that’s only inclined to recognize & expect victory.‬


Wise is the fool who becomes a master at laughter.


You see yourself as a shipwreck, but we see your treasure glowing inside, beneath the oceans in your eyes.


It’s funny how the ugly duckling always has so many beautiful things to teach us.


Sometimes i don’t have enough soul in my cheeks to show my face to the world.


Sometimes life requires more of you than you have to give & demands you plunge into the reinvention of yourself if you truly wanna live.


A poet is someone whose words can grasp & pull the thread of a person’s soul & make them unravel with delight.


Sometimes we need a wise guide to peel back the ceiling of our lives to remind us that infinity never places any limits on our skies.


Sometimesi don’t haveenough soulin my cheeksto show myface to theworld.


Develop distinct habits of wreaking havoc on any stinking thinking addicted to launching mental missiles aimed at sinking your unique magic.


We’re only lucky enough to see the wonders of nature’s canyons because they’re gracious enough to show us the places they’ve been damaged.


Sometimes we must gravitate towards madness before we can levitate on greatness.


One of the greatest keys to happiness is realizing it has no doors.


Sometimes people outside of your people act more like your people than your people.


One of the greatest keys to happiness is learning how to accept reality while stretching forth to create a new one.


Being gifted means facing the next level of depth without ever being repulsed by the curse that comes with the magic of being different.


You broughtme your darkness& I loved youwith the radianttears of athousand suns.


Be careful how you treat those who you perceive to be below you. The universe has a way of favoring the underdog.


Keep planting new seeds until your mind becomes the earth that gives birth to new worlds.


Sometimes the things that destroy you, become the architectural blueprints which make your mind royal.


Sometimes the only way to gain someones favor is to stop giving them yours.


If you can dance like raindrops, there will always be sunshine.


Sometimes the only way to gain someone’s favor is to stop giving them yours.


Outer gavels can’t crush you when your inner judge is love.


When the doors begin to close, the mind begins to open.


The deeper magic always comes, in the intense sorcery of your inner silence.


We feel the most balance when we’re not dividing ourselves on other people’s scales.


Rigorously comb through the pages of your life until you can even speak its broken dialects fluently.


When good things are on the horizon you keep walking towards the sun.


Life can’t be rushed. It takes time to develop the wrinkles of wisdom.


Be patient with those who can’t see your vision, because sometimes it takes time for eyes to adjust to the light.


Some days punch us in the gut so hard it seems we can feel the whole universe gasp with despair.


Hating yourself is like hating the sun. No matter how much you complain of it agitating your eyes, its brilliance shines on.


If you keep standing on the verge of greatness, you’ll eventually get the courage to leap into it.


If you keep standing on the verge of greatness, you’ll eventually get the courage to leap into it,


A daily dosage of positive energy so corrosive that it wears out every negative doubt as the gap between the dream & reality closes.


I keepholding upthe mirror of the sun,so you can see the stunningreflections of everythingyou’re becom-ing.


i love watching what you become when life thinks it has you cornered.


Nurtured by negative circumstances, braiding raging tornadoes in her hair, she held her head high, wearing her weathered poetry with pride.


Your oddity is your hottest commodity but you scratch yourself like it’s the lottery to reject yourself mentally, spiritually & bodily.


You must befriend a few skeletons before you’ll find your deepest self.


Take time for the clearance of the mind, preparing for adherence to perseverance for the journey of another thousand miles.



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