Top 43 Munindra Misra Quotes

A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another and building a successful family is like building a home. A successful family based on unity, forgiveness and love takes careful planning, but it’s worth every moment.


Desires intellectual, social etc., but they all be, Soul‟s longing through mind and senses activity.- 40 –


Devi-Mahatmayam has special meaning for spirituality, With illumination, wisdom, strength – to freedom finally!- 150 –


1.01 MY PRAYERNo stone may turn when I walk,No being may pain when I talk,No man may dread of my knock,And this I ask of You to stock.[1] – 1


2.15 GRIEFAll the grief of every man,Remove himself – he only can,For this grief that be within,Be caused by his own thinking.[110] – 2


Do not ever fear your enemies, who attack you relentlessly, But do ever be afraid of the friends who flatter you habitually.[231] – 4 (Thoughts)


Inherent in all persons does be,Love and compassion unfailingly.Give to others your love freely,And receive in turn love purely.[112] – 4


2.27 THE ULTIMATEWith compassion and renunciation walking,With wants and desires ever shedding,With love within one’s heart flowing,Peace and Divinity shall never be wanting.[158] – 2


He who is not satisfied with himself will not grow certainly,For he will be but ever lost in his unquenchable thirst surely.[224] – 4 (Thoughts)


Only real true friends will tell you when your face is dirty,Others will either pamper, avoid or laugh at you certainly.[227] – 4 (Thoughts)


All make mistakes but the important thing then should be, Learn from them and do not repeat them subsequently.[230] – 4 (Thoughts)


Instead of spending your dear energy on hating enemies, Utilize this energy to love your friends a little harder truly.[229] – 4 (Thoughts)


Life as a mountain – so rugged and hard to climb definitely, But once you get to the top the view is beautiful indisputably.[225] – 4 (Thoughts)


If someone left, mean not your happiness gone surely, Happiness dependant not on others but yourself but be.[223] – 4 (Thoughts)


Silence – best answer for all the questions does certainly be, Your smile – best reaction to all the life’s situations positively.[228] – 4 (Thoughts)


Artha – attainment of wealth, material prosperity,Its realization on righteous and moral basis be;- 5 –


Man is but lost in wishes, Of wealth, fame and riches, This airy castle he stitches, With logic that are his ditches.


4.07 WALK OF LIFEA candle without fire cannot be burning,Man without a spiritual life cannot be living,Yet sitting quietly and nothing even if doing,Spring will come and grass will be growing.[76] – 4


Dharma – the foundation of all human goals be,Refers to obligations, conduct, moral duties;- 25 –


Kama purusharth advocates desires fulfilled be,Albeit in awareness, without harming anybody;


If Brahman an infinite ocean, then Atma a wave within be,Ocean not different from its waves, the waves as ocean be;They are but one and the same very similar in actuality,So Brahman and Atma are one and the same in reality.960


4.45 CREATIONMan’s creation – with use clearly decreases,It but fulfillment of want and desire please;God’s Creation – but with use increases,It the fulfillment of love, truly never ceases.[271] – 4


4.04 APOLOGYA second insult be just a stiff apology,As the first be when hurt was the party;Damages for aggrieved no medicine be,But healing from hurt – the desire only.[38] – 4


All our desires are desires of the soul, ultimately, Though they look like desires mental or sensory;- 39 –


3. War Peace & Action – 3B.02 LOVE & PEACEHatred goes not by hatred,Violence not by violence,Disappear hatred and violence,By love, understanding, non-violence.[241] – 3B


May the sunshine ever greet youand sorrows flow away,May the knowledge flow within youand darkness fade away.


Lust, anger, attachment, greed, over pride be,Jealousy, selfishness, injustice, cruelty, ego truly;- 153 –


Speech one may regret,Silence no sorrow begets,Humility be born before honour,Soft answer turns wrath’s corner


Hypocrisy a homage is true, That vice pays to virtue, Be man – himself so true, That no false does he brew.


The judicial wheel is rounded with equality, oiled with honour and functions smoothly with honesty – principally when both members of the Bench and Bar shoulder their responsibilities seriously.


Reason will always be logical, Logic not always reasonable, For truth from reason derivable, And logic falsehood multipliable.


When you lose reasoning you forget humanity,When you forget laughter you lose Divinity. Munindra Misra


Richness and fat does need,In logic clever fine deeds,But paunches never do breed,Fine thoughts or sublime seeds.[45] – 2


मय्यावेश्य मनो ये मां नित्ययुक्ता उपासते।श्रद्धया परयोपेतास्ते मे युक्ततमा मताः॥॥१२- २॥Best but all are those that be,Absorved in My full faith truly,Devote themselves but absolutely,To My worship – ever diligently.12. 2


2.07 WALK OF LIFELife but like a cycle that you be riding,You will fall if you ever stop peddling,Life not of good cards you be holding,But those held and how you be playing.[68] – 4


You have a heart, you have a face,You are a girl with a grace,You are simple, you are true,You are catching and I love you.


[48] – 4Dispelling fear but knowledge be,Replacing our doubts completely,Nothing need be feared undoubtedly,But must be comprehended absolutely.[49] – 4


A dog to vomit does turn,A fool to folly but return,The wise err and learn,Gaining from each burn.


Moksha – the liberation form, the web of maya be,Freedom from the cycles of birth and death clearly;- 33 –


4.39 HUMANITY & DIVINITYWhen you lose reasoning you forget humanity,When you forget laughter you lose Divinity.[222] – 4


4. Ditties of Life – 4.39 HUMANITY & DIVINITYWhen you lose reasoning you forget humanity,When you forget laughter you lose Divinity.[222] – 4


All longings the essence for real liberation only, Freedom from all sides, an ultimate supremacy;- 43 –


4.38 TONE OF SPEECHMost of the problems of life that be,Are caused by the tone of speech only,It is never what is said in reality,But how it’s said that causes harm truly.[221] – 4



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