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When there is life and you are not working towards your hope, then that hope will produce no result


Time is deceptive, it gives you an impression that its with you but passes away without your knowledge


Success is only possible to those whose hearts are willing and ready to embrace hard work


Success doesn’t come to procrastinators, but only to men of action


The people you stay around with can either make or mar you


Those who don’t plan will end delaying their dreams, visions and goals


Those who don’t plan will end up delaying their dreams, visions, and goals


Distraction is a killer of dreams, visions and goals


Before you reprimand or condemn people on a particular act, make sure you have worked on yourself overtime such that you can’t be found guilty of such act; if not you will be a victim of your own laws and rules


A small mind can never have a big result, for whatever you cannot see, you cannot have


Life is too short to spend it living for mundane things


what you do today is the foundation upon which your future will stand


The building blocks that form the foundation of your great and successful future, are the actions you take today


Principles keeps a man focused and head straight to achieve a set goal


One of the greatest lies ever told to women is that it is only when they make up that they become beautiful


Greatness can only be procured with the currency of time and discipline


Planning helps you to avoid potholes in the journey of life


If you think the reason you exist or go to school is just to satisfy your selfish ambitions, then you are of all men most miserable


One of the greatest tragedies of life is to work your life away only to realise later that you never really did live


Life is a school, be opened to learn from it, but sometimes it might teach you through the hard way


Your relevance starts the very moment you start solving people’s problems


Truth told today about yesterday’s act can prevent a lot of tomorrow’s problems


You become a true philanthropist only when you empty yourself to be a blessing to others without expecting anything in return


One of the greatest help you can give to yourself is to kill distraction


For you to make a difference on earth, you need to be focused and have a strong will


Don’t spend your time fetching water with a basket for it will never get filled up


A free nation of good willed and hardworking people will be better developed than a nation of lazy people with good will but are bound


Adequate planning will rescue you from the shame of tomorrow


A hero is one who can never stop fighting for truth no matter the oppression


Rather than condemning people for their wrong deeds, love and pray for them because everyone has their shortcomings


Show me a man who is a time investor, I will show you a successful man


Never say its impossible until you have given it your best shot



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