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Follow your dreams. I am not saying it’s going to be easy, but I am saying it’s going to be worth it. – Moffat Machingura


It was strange what Chris was feeling within, but he didn’t mind for he was loving her.


There is the pain that made me cry, and then there is the strength that made me stop crying.So I am glad the pain camebecause without it I would not have discovered my strength.


Crying makes problems seem longer, and laughing makes problems seem shorter. Therefore in life if you cannot find a way out of your problems just take a short cut through them: that shortcut is laughter.


If neither crying nor laughing can change my circumstances, then I rather go through them laughing.


It takes maturity to be able to laugh like a child again.


No-one will come in to rescue you. You just have to step out somehow, and make your dreams come true.


Confidently step into the future, knowing that God has got you this far as a promise that He is able to get you beyond.


Step into the future with focus knowing that the only way to kill your dream is trying to find another.


It is a belief of the mediocre that extreme effort kills.


Even if you do not want to, One day you will look back through your life…the Question is, what are you going to see? How will your rate and direction of progress make you feel?


Instead of saying they rose all the way to the top, we should say they learned all the way to the top.


You know you do not understand yourself if everyone seems to understand you.


A real man can use power, rather than let power use him


Some people use power, whilst they are some who let power use them.


To accomplish the best you can, first aim for the best you can’t.


Only victory should tell you that you have failed long enough.


No matter how long the preparation, you will never feel ready to write an exam, to start a business, to be parent or even to die. Just go for it.


Love is not all you need – you will also need food, clothes and a roof over your heads. Silly, but so true.


It was just a lie that seemed real.It was a promise that was never meant to be true.The forever that had a deadline.It felt like falling in love, but it was falling in aheartbreak café!


The truth feels like it hurts, yet actually it builds. A lie feels like it builds, yet actually it hurts.


The whole purpose of the winepress is to preserve the grapes. Accept Pressing moments. What you accomplish in a moment of pressure will be used forever.


We cannot choose who offends us, but we can choose how to respond when we are offended.


The reason gold-diggers trivializerelationships is because they do not know love,they only know money.


Every success story has a secret,Even if it’s a love story.


My goal is not to frighten you. My goal is to make you fight your fears.


With time we will all stop fighting pimples and start fighting wrinkles.


Loving for beauty is like vowing a lifetime commitment to a rose. No-matter how sweet-scented or pink “petald”, every rose withers.


Beauty is a God-given talent that we should all conserve.


In life we do not attract what we want, we attract who we are.


Today’s problem is that people are quickly falling in love and falling out of it just as quickly.


Don’t be that kind of person who goes about falling in love everywhere.



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