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Each relationship between two persons is absolutely unique. That is why you cannot love two people the same. It simply is not possible. You love each person differently because of who they are and the uniqueness that they draw out of you.


All I want from you is to trust me with what little you can, and grow in loving people around you with the same love I share with you. It’s not your job to change them, or to convince them. You are free to love without an agenda.


So many believe that it is love that grows, but it is the knowing that grows and love simply expands to contain it.


Life takes a bit of time and a lot of relationship.


Even though you can’t finally grasp me, guess what? I still want to be known.


those who are afraid of freedom are those who cannot trust us to live in them. Trying to keep the law is actually a declaration of independence, a way of keeping control


oh my soul…be prepared for him who knows how to ask questions


Trust is the fruit of a relationship in which you know you are loved.


I suppose that since most of our hurts come through relationships so will our healing, and I know that grace rarely makes sense for those looking in from the outside.


Relationships are never about power, and one way to avoid the will to power is to choose to limit oneself- to serve.


I have moments that aren’t too bad, but there’s always something I’m struggling with, or feeling guilty about. I just figured I needed to try harder, but I find it difficult to sustain that motivation.


For any created being, autonomy is lunacy. Freedom involves trust and obedience inside a relationship of love.


If a rainbow makes a sound, or a flower as it grows, that was the sound of her laughter.


Don’t ever discount the wonder of your tears. They can be healing waters and a stream of joy. Sometimes they are the best words the heart can speak.


You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but a the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind your stomach, because you do not just live in a world but a world lives in you.


The ‘will to power and independence’ has become so ubiquitous that it is now considered normal.


You cannot produce trust just like you cannot ‘do’ humility. It either is or is not.


Forgiveness is not about forgetting. It is about letting go of another person’s throat.


Forgiveness in no way requires that you trust the one you forgive.


Forgiveness is not about forgetting, Mack. It is about letting go of another person’s throat.


Exactly,” Jesus interrupted. “You imagine. Such a powerful ability, the imagination! That power alone makes you so like us. But without wisdom, imagination is a cruel task-master.


Does that mean,’ said Mack, ‘that all roads lead to you?”Not at all.’ Jesus smiled as he reached for the door handle to the shop. ‘Most roads don’t lead anywhere. What it does mean is that I will travel any road to find you.


But without wisdom, imagination is like a cruel taskmaster.


Grace doesn’t depend on suffering to exist, but where there is suffering you will find grace in many facets and colors.


Emotions are the colors of the soul; they are spectacular and incredible. When you don’t feel, the world becomes dull and colorless.


Sin is its own punishment, devouring you from the inside. It’s not my purpose to punish it; it’s my joy to cure it.


Home is not as much about a place you belong, as people you belong to.


Transformation without work and pain, without suffering, without a sense of loss is just an illusion of true change.


I am afraid of emotions,” Mack admitted.”Emotions are the colors of the soul; they are spectacular and incredible. When you don’t feel, the world becomes dull and colorless.


Being always transcends appearance—that which only seems to be. Once you begin to know the being behind the very pretty or very ugly face, as determined by your bias, the surface appearances fade away until they simply no longer matter.


Nan is the mortar that holds the tiles of their family together.



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