Top 31 Tapan Ghosh Quotes

Being happy on seeing others happy is happiness multiplied.


When you say you are losing it, it actually means you are losing faith in yourself.


You have to be an Actor to face life not the camera.


Life is a battle of wits between you and the circumstances. Make them, don’t let them make you.


Only when you connect with yourself do you interact with the beyond.


Life is a dilemma between living a lie and speaking one.


Life is a sail boat ride. Wind, the destiny. But dammit, you are the sailor!


If you draw the gun and don’t shoot right, you’re shot down!


If you only read books, how will you read the scripture inside you?


You can read her mind only if she lets you. She will let you only if she loves you.


True love is when all differences vanish with mere eye contact.


Both love and God are misunderstood, as they are one and the same.


Love is blind, reason is deaf. You need both to survive.


How can you love anyone without loving yourself first?


Love is bliss only if you are a giver, not otherwise.


True love is all about your love and not the one you love.


Love is the highest form of energy. It cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transmuted.


The best friends are made in childhood when we have no ulterior motives.


Worry about today, tomorrow will take care of itself.


The value of life is best appreciated by those who have only a short time to live.


There is no truer friend than your own conscience.


You can’t change your life. What you can change is YOUR APPROACH.


Make every moment last forever, because nothing else does.


Change nothing, just be yourself to experience peace.


When character is lost, nothing is lost; when wealth is lost, something is lost; but when health is lost, everything is lost.


You grow only when you groom someone to take your position.


Heaven and Hell are within you. Choose wisely or to hell with you!


A little distraction often helps you come back with sharper focus.


Unless you build castles in the air, how can you make them?


Only when YOU let go of YOURSELF will the real you surface.


Our purest deeds are those done subconsciously, Otherwise they are biased.



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