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Over the years I have felt many things leave me. People do not change, but yet somehow time alters everything. As the years roll on people are not quite as forgiving, nor quite as kind, hopeful, loving.


She didn’t know how this ended, she just knew that it needed to, one way or another.


Marcii hoped she was wrong, though she knew the odds were slim.Still, in the face of everything, there is always hope.


If there was one advantage of the numerous lifetimes he’d been forced to endure, it was undoubtedly knowledge.


A friendship like theirs was hard to come by, and when such a thing is found, it is often even harder to hold on to.But, as so few come to learn, absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.


She hoped Alistair would prove to be more than she imagined. But, unfortunately, she knew without a shadow of a doubt that people weren’t what they once were.


Wherever man did not settle, the world was not owned.It was not wanted.In time of course this was bound to change, for there is never enough it seems.


If beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, then surely I would have to had been blind to not see it in her.


I might not have been so young, but age alone doesn’t necessarily make you less foolish.


Our pasts haunt us all.I regaled my beautiful audience of one with the tale of my life, not so much for entertainment, but for bold, barefaced, honest truth.


Regardless of my age, such a trivial thing isn’t important, it was upon that decision which my life hung.


The decision of their fates lay elsewhere, and the thought of that alone was utterly terrifying.


It is a very difficult thing, to love another.To some it comes easily, naturally even. Whilst for others, the road to such things is long and arduous and fraught with danger.


It is often said that things must get worse before they can get better, and there is truth in that.


Death, child. It’s beckoning us both, my brother and I.


Cruelty had been his weapon. But such a tool is dangerous and can spread further than you intend.


He stood taller, and straighter, and broader, and infinitely more human than anything else Marcii could possibly imagine.


He was like nothing she’d ever known.Marcii hoped she would come to know him, for he was all she could ever have asked for and more.


And yet the night was still fresh: young as new dawn.There was still time for worlds to change, if that was to be their fate.


She has no interest in human quarrels, for they are often petty and always pointless.


Just because he was not a monster did not mean he wouldn’t be treated as one.


If this was what it meant to be human, for now she saw more clearly than she ever had done, she didn’t want to be.


Love is the only emotion so unexplainable and unique, that not even the greatest of writers could hope to contain it within their meagre words.


Time is indifferent of the events and triumphs and tragedies of mankind, and really even, for the most part, of its own inexorable passage.


It is always those closest to us who can cut us the deepest.


Our pasts haunt us all.” I admitted, in a rare moment of perfect clarity.


I may be immortal, even if for a short time. But if it were up to me, I would not endure for even one more day.


Now of course in hindsight, such a wonderful thing, though never around when you actually need it, I know that I always loved her deeply.


The mind is filled with thoughts, but the heart is filled with wishes, and they have since the beginning of time been the core of all folklore.



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