Top 28 Robert Vanleeuwen Quotes

Don’t trust a man who claims one a liar or a cheat, they will surely define those words of themselves.


How we give matters. If your thoughts & goals are selfish, than so be your fief. For it is through the heart that we prosper & through each other that we grow.


Some say only the most trustworthy & loving go through trials we don’t understand. I say that it’s only them who didn’t let it change who they were.


When with meaning we walk – we go not where comfort resides, but where truth and love show in abundance.


Do not seek to be known as honorable or courageous. Simply as true. It is then you will surely be known as them both.


Your spouse is not a possession you attain, but a friend in which you trust & adore.


Imperfections & failure are as much a blessing as our talents & success. Together we must dare to be ourselves so that we may live beyond our wildest dreams


It is good to be jealous, if only of yourself. For what you feel you lack, you will show an abundance.


Money isn’t success. Success is the character with which you make it.


Don’t aim, listen. Don’t run, walk. Don’t doubt, Move. Your heart will guide you in the right direction.


The grace by which our world relies, Is man’s ability to do good. But judgment seeks to condemn in our eyes, the times in which we could


Greatness is not a term of success, but of endurance.


We grow not through the words we read or the lessons we see, but through the love we feel & and the paths we lead.


The true character of a man is not seen through his choices, but the passion in his heart.


Your heart is your life. What keeps you going and what gives you hope. So wherever it leads you, whatever or whoever it lives for. Keep the beat.


For there comes a day on which we will see a mirror of judgement; to gaze not on man, but within ourselves. what cometh on that day in you? truth or despair? love or hate?


When love begs hatred & sorrow, show it your heart. For what you sow you reap, what you feel you seek.


We’re all a part of this world, and it’s up to us to make this one chance at living – living worth while. But the only way to do that is by doing it together.


Devotion to material possession, control or power; is the sole reason for hate. Devotion to the heart … the sole reason for love.


Being a real man is less about appearing strong and more about having the courage to influence a change in everyone around you.


Sometimes integrity is seen as a threat by those who desire control.


We should look at every woman as we look to our daughters. It is then we find the will to empower, a love that adores & the courage to protect. It is then & only then – we give all women true respect.


Enemies aren’t always garnered through action… Sometimes they appear for no other reason than to shame the goodwill of loving & kind people.


Sacrifice isn’t supposed to be easy … but it should come that way.


It doesn’t matter which line you walk, it’s gray just like any other


There is no victor in life – for it is a game of expression, not of greed.


The only thing I fear is a world where injustice stands and hate possesses our hearts.


If you never assume the truth, you’ll never be shackled by a lie.



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