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He utilizesform for a striking lecture;young poets shiverinexperience,but thaw over their own work,fertilize magic.


Who is so fancy, esoterica saves the day?Who is the Yogi, Namaste?


Once, I took the penny whistle you gave me and discovered a spotby the roaring falls where I could play as loud as I wanted. I lay in the bifurcated trunkof a low-slung birch tree. The sun peeked through applauding leaves, high overhead.


And no matter what closet we were thrown in, up what river we were sold for an embarrassment, or worse, traded for a bottle of gin–we’d carry on in playful stitches, friends‘til the end…which came sooner than wished.


I wonder what became of you, your JohnnyRotten skin, no Emerald City eyes.You’d have been a beauty if you let inferiority steam your glasses with its candor, sans laughter.


There’s a pressure at all hours of the day only a poem can assuage.


You think it’s a game?Unintelligible? Ha!Envision no spoons.This is serious.It is a matter of joyversus emptiness.


…we’re not even really hiking,more like meandering in cinematic light.


He may take long walksin the raining darkalmost aimlesslyto a spot of soaked grassin a neighbor’s open field.He’s decided this is the placefor you and him to meet again.


Sure, I watched the workmen come and lower large pieces of rotten sheetrock and lift new clean panels on a pulleyfrom that same window months ago, and I could have written then, but I must have sensed her coming, the smoker, so I waited.


If you knew you were going to lose your memorybut you could choose five things you’d never forget, what would they be—a certain face, a taste, a scent,a touch; how deepin this, the middle of your life?


Time’s relativity is considered and abandoned, for the more revelatory experiences of starlightin strands, and pearly floors that span as far as absolute compassion…


…you hold a poemthat functions half as personalnote and half as telescopeto the heightsawaiting us all.


And the sculptors will shape the soil for the writers to stretch the seedsfor the patient painters who sketch the petals they will shade in alabaster and gold. Their sweat is the rain. Maybe the jazzman will send us a rose.


Would it be enough to rock on a stormless sea with each our separate memories tuned to the state of the sinking sun?


I tell you once and for all—in front of the angel pictures on the wall, that I am not a host to load-bearing ghosts or headyentities, and if I was ever holy, I have fallen farinto the dense atmosphere of the living.


As a woman still,without the right kind of mouth,my tongue’s of no use.


Even the bees I’d swear were sent to protect us in the delicate business of hives and honey are stung to silence by the news that something winged has lost its flight.


I write for pages,get lost in the mezzaninehidden from stages.


Such is a communityof inviolable immunity, protectedfrom tampering or harpooningmutiny. Every better thinker’s impulse to shrink us (at the shoreline from our lifeblood’s deep pulse) uses disparaging scrutiny to sink us.


In history, the bleeding from arbitrary beatings, forced breedings, and choked-heatbreathing could almost be withstood by soul-feeding songs sung, or listlessly hummed just to go on.


The outfit, tight in places, and loose in some, says as much in the buttons as it does in cuffs.


Once lively peonies nowwind-weary, and ragged at the edges, hang their heavy crowns; rain on their backs,one final act, beforedetaching from the stemand falling down.


A giant motherboard of geese,unruffled by the statepolice, swarmed in unison,in harmony…


Dear Anonymous, I’ve got a secret I know you can keep it because you don’t really exist….This is what shapes you, this is what makes you as authentic as you are fake.


It was as if someone had leftthe bird thereas a kind of telegramof feathers, oily feathersthat looked like they’d struggled,shuttered a little before letting gointo flightforever.


She was so cool, as she knew, ankles crossed at the puckered hem of granite gray sweatpants, and she also knew I was watching from the open doorof the B train—watching her pose in apparent comfort at the girder of this city thoroughfare.



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