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Always focus on the power of love than the love of power


Always focus on the power of love than the love of power.


Fear is Torment. The one who fears is not build to LOVE. The one who loves is made free off fear. The perfect love ousts all fear.


A person’s disposition should serve as a narrative of their lives not the pigmentation of their skin.


In life, we are constantly growing.There are no true adults because our life experiences and sometimes unfortunate conditions show us that constant growth is part of the human story.


Politics doesn’t align with emotions. An emotional politician is most likely to be a tyrannical leader.


Art should be expressed without objectification.It’s more than just attraction. Creative expression is not “art for art’s sake” but art that breathes true meaning.


Art is a positive “FORCE” that bring beings together for the common good. Only the people who had lost a piece of themselves can create the unimaginary.


The height of humanity should give birth to greater good. We should be in desperation of “CHANGE” but not in spawning evil, because by doing so, humanity remains shackled.


Without ‘consent’ in any human interactions, there’s an ethical violation.


A trusted man doesn’t flip-flop on where he stands. He says what he means and stand where he stands.He’s not easily influenced by fear. He’s influenced by destiny and will not be taken advantage of.


Creativity can impact some sort of “CHANGE” in the WORLD. But we must first embrace pure “DIFFERENCES” and work together for a common cause.


Poverty would always exist when we allow injustices to speak.


The respect + love for humanity that’s why I travel.We are all special and gifted beings, no matter our religious differences. The message should be peace,love and prosperity. There should be no adversity but solidarity.


Our assumptions of playing “gods” could lead to our own ignorance.


When you start speaking the “TRUTH” it creates enemies out of Ignorance. But always learn to speak the truth, though, it should be a solid weapon to a positive progression.


Why must Justice have a color? Is it the same “REASON” that the sky are “BLUE?


A country that denies it, citizens, the opportunity to “civil liberties”, better health care, schools, roads, electricity and water. Is a country on a brink of no return.


I am still hoping to see an America that would gradually move beyond race, only in times when old ideas would no longer lives and the new will grow with the young generation.


Anybody body can be a Church goer, but there is a difference of “GOD” being in them then they being in the WORLD.


Don’t let proud get to your head, always humble yourself.


Success or Failure, there should always be a Drive to Keep on Creating.


There’s no Black, White, Asian, or Latinos. The only “RACE” is the “HUMAN-RACE”.


HATRED is generally a product of fear, love is a unique product of creation. Communication and clearer thinking breaks down in fear. The attraction of “WISDOM”create the understanding and love of HUMANITY.


If “RACE” becomes the norm, then harmony will not prevail.


I am against all kinds of oppression. Poverty, Sexism, racism, terrorism, classicism, imperialism, heterosexism, Cisgenderism, colorism, Ableism, and Nativism. Because it hinder human progression.


You got warlords still running free, but yet you want a stable Liberia. You got puppets as leaders still signing off Liberia’s resources to foreigners, but yet you want a developed Liberia. They are threat to a progressive Liberia.



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