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The Metaphoton is a web of energy fields or complexes – having three hierarchical complexes called the light complex, mind complex and spirit complex.


Spirit does not belong to any particular religion because It has nothing to do with any religion and humanity cannot claim any exclusivity to It because we and our planet is nothing but a drop in the ocean of this endless Universe.


Knowing higher truths ensure that we have a larger perspective where all other things fall in place or start making sense.


The higher our consciousness the less we are affected by our environment, including race consciousness.


Science and Spirituality are two sides of the same coin and we cannot separate one from the other. Science is trying to find the truth in an objective or physical manner where as spirituality tries it subjectively or metaphysically.


The purpose of four incarnative existence is the evolution of the soul. It is to learn, grow and become master of our own life.


God, the Creator of everything, is not a person but a power and presence whose work is based on definite principles which we call ‘Cosmic Laws’ or ‘Natural Laws’ or ‘Universal Laws’.


Self-realization or self-knowing or awakening is about knowing/ becoming conscious of our true nature and living in harmony with the universe in an ever ascending order.


There is an inherent unity and harmony in the universe. The divisions and disharmony we find on earth are created by the perception of separateness that people developed over a period of time.


We create our life moment by moment. Only those things that can match our inner vibrational frequency can come into our life.


Many do not have the courage to face the truth of life and instead dwell upon some delusions to escape it. Any such escapism is a major hurdle in spiritual development.


We become a master of something only when we know the truth of it. Similarly, when we know the truth of our soul and the oneness of the Universe then we are a Master of Life.


When we understand the mechanism of life then we can cooperate with it and live an abundant life.


When we change, our environment also has to change so as to be in alignment with what we are.


When we realize the truth that every creation is an individualized portion of the Creator and we are always one with It then we are ready to live in harmony.


Mind can comprehend things only at its particular level of vibration. As the mind become calm and quiet it can see and understand deeper things.


Spiritual Laws ensures that every entity will be at the exact place where it has earned the right to be, by all its previous thoughts, words and actions, including those of the previous lives.


Mind is not a product of brain rather an integral part of the soul, our eternal being. Those who understand this truth can think beyond the material reality and move to higher states of consciousness.


Our environment, including the physical body, reflect our inner state – what we are inwardly, our eternal nature. When we renew our mind and transform ourselves, our environment responds to this change automatically.


We know the truth of a matter when we are able to see and understand it. The truth does not change, only our perception of the truth changes depending on how clearly we see and how much we understand.


We have the free will to choose how we react to those stimuli every moment of our life and what we choose creates our destiny.


We should keep in mind that there are always more truths to know, and we will know more as we evolve. Being faithful to what we already know is the key that opens the door to higher truths.


The purpose of each incarnation is the transformation spiritual development of the individual. To the extent our day-to-day activities become harmonious with this purpose, that much peace and happiness we can experience


When we know our true nature, especially the functioning of the mind, we stop being judgmental and become an inspiration and support to others.


An individual being will go through lives and events in cycles on earth until it learns those specific lessons that it had come to learn in each incarnation.


Whether you practice a traditional religion or a universal version of spirituality, it is necessary to keep an open mind for learning and growing.



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