Top 26 Paul Gitwaza Quotes

It is so easy to have problems with people when you are not God’s will.


Your solution lies not in finding favor before men but before God. Learn to seek Him for your problems and His favor will meet you.


When you cant decipher the seasons, you are unable to know your destiny.


Humility is not weakness but a quality of strength.


Our problems sometimes show the degree of our relationship with God.


When you are not full of the Holy Spirit, you easily cower in fear and lack a stand on truth


We are weak Christians simply because we have refused to be bondservants of Christ


Trials teach us patience and patience leads us to a place of hope


Never mind the End is the Beginning of the new season. Be ready to enter your new season


Many people get visited by the Lord in a given time but lack the wisdom to navigate in it.


Spiritual maturity is not measured by the years that you have spent in church, rather by your attitude before people different from you.


Our Success or Stagnation depends on the level of Agreement that we have with the people around us.


The fame is birthed through the opposition. The success through the dynamism of fighting the despair. No fight, No lift!


Error is human,perfection is divine!You are not God! Your mistake is normal.So forgive yourself.


We know how to read traffic lights, but what don’t you know how to read spiritual signs?


River of life will always flow from The Church.”― Dr Paul Gitwaza


‎Reconciliation‬ is the most significant level of life’s maturity!


Compassion‬ is medicine to a wounded heart. When we show compassion to those who are suffering we preach Jesus in another way.


Asking for blessings,receiving blessings, becoming a blessing,becoming a source of blessings


Your trials equal the power of God that works in you. If your battles are intense, then what God has deposited in you is deep.


Church must lead all other spheres of influence.We find people from all the mountains there.The church leaders must be able to mentor them


Your worship is proportional to your communion with God and how you are free with Him.


You have a right to dream big but you don’t have to kill your dream


God gives you two ears ; two eyes; two nostrils, but one Mouth, so you can speak less!


Inferiority complex begins when you agree that you are nothing. No one is responsible or author of it except yourself.


A healthy nation is measured by its level of reconciliation. ‎Reconciliation‬ between people with God and people among themselves!



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