Top 150 Ikechukwu Joseph Quotes

the eyes of your understanding will see through to get Great Success


The level above money is savings and higher than savings is investment.invest today


what u know will make u known.u cannot rise beyond what u know


Where there is knowledge, the rooms arefurnished with valuable, beautiful things.(GNB)


the answers you look for are within you and around you


Don’t cover up your sore with your wealth. Your wealth has limitations. At the Limit the sore will embarrassing by surface


You can create sense out of nonsense, something out of nothing. You can create wealth out of dearth, viable ventures out of turbulent adventures. You can create mercies out of miseries. You can create tomorrow’s peace out of today’s crisis.


Extraordinary breakthroughs are only ordinary breaks that were grabbed, explored, improved, maximized and harnessed to a profitable maximum


Homes are built on the foundation of wisdomand understanding.


The Joseph in you must rise to the challenges of life and turn them into gold.


Stop concentrating on the leaves concentrate on d root cause where they came from.Curse or bless d cause


unlock untie yourself from people who rope u into redundancy


opportunity only shows you the door but not the end of the road


A team is better ‘cos your aptitude is multiplied in your members


Operate from ur strength and not ur weakness.everyone has weaknesses


If you can fix yourself you can fix the problem===the cure u need is somewhere within you


he way up is through service,Sacrificial service – it is better to serve than to be served


Great leaders never sought followers but follower seek them


leaders don’t watch but make things happen-initiate change


Every leadership role has a character driving force that will fulfill or decimate the ultimate purpose of the role.


Every leadership role has a character driving force that will fulfill or decimate the ultimate purpose of the role. Jesus our role model


when u have concepts(revelation) the way u live changes


As thy days are so shall thy strength be.d harder so ur overcoming strength


Gods strength is manifestly perfected in your weakest weakness


you are a shadow of the person you are following or understudying


HE TEN LEPERS: Handling ingratitude with disapproval-And Jesus Answer, were there not 10 cleansed but where are 9?


You are not better than your thought… As a man thinks so is he..


If you cannot fix the situation may be the situation is meant to fix youu


The eyes of your understanding must see through to Great Success


It may not matter how u start but it matters how u finish


It is not all about what you can get but all about what you can give


Joseph went from prison to prime minister from trials to triumph, from scar-weary to stardom


Elijah found his substitute Elisha in his purpose doing work in the field


When life belittle and trick you, you will forget protocol…


They imprisoned Joseph to cage his abilities but God empowered him to manifest his potentials


Balance both sides of the equation to attain equilateral-balance your life


You do not need to be perfect to be the best. Your attitude determines your altitude


The course you take determines your greatness or failure


Do not give them a piece of your mind but a piecepiece of God’s LOVE


delays,closed doors are not setbacks but setups God uses to move you forward


Every negative effect needs a positive cure (solution)


Your retirement does not mean you are tired but you have learned more or acquired more experience.


concepts means with structure so build structures in ur life.


Thoughts, intentions or feelings cannotcomprehend God but they can see and acknowledge the works of God.


Those who know ask to receive.Those who understand seek to experience or find.Those that are wise knock on open doors


if you expose the wrong then also preserve the are d salt of d earth


You may GIVE UP in self-denial but you GIVE–IN in denial of self.


when u stay behind ur children their confidence rise


Remember not to complain about the matter but construct, compose, compass and conquer the matter


-About potentials, ,decipher(decode),discern, decide and determine what they are


Sometimes d worst that happens to u produce d best in you


-. Every destiny comes with a destiny activator or proof producer. Someone God will use to bring out he best in you


You have only 3 days-yesterday is won or lost-today is just with you.Tomorrow you have not.Act now, unlock your potentials


Like David: Let not your age limit what God can do. Go confront the Goliaths of life.


Remember who you are by Gods divine plan and strive to fit into his divine pattern.


About potentials, ,decipher(decode),discern, decide and determine what they are


Self-identity is about content not the container that carry the identity,contextual value and not a solo island. It is about conception and not just a birth process.


Character is the real you-“the you in you that makes you the you, you are”. “the hidden man of the heart


Polish you potentials so as to shine your credentials


Old age is not a limitation or that your time have expired. Retirement is not that you are tired.You have more experience


You can create viable ventures out of turbulent adventures.-You can creste prosperity out of adversity


In every problem there is a lesson to learn, an asset to acquire, a rest to restore, a bitterness to sweeten, a load to lighten or a price to pay.


Champions are made and not born. Champion’s feat are acquired and not inherited, earned and not transferred, attained and not deposited


You can create tomorrow’s peace out of today’s crisis


Great faith surfaces in great problems – have faith


The sinner runs when no one is pursuing himMeaning: one’s guilt will always haunt or live with him


You are the most priced before God.Acknowledge this


I will bless thee -His Beatitude is Your Beautification


No victory without war. No prize without price. No winning without contest.


children need love most when they don’t deserve it


do not get back to the womb u came from bcos u need to grow up


flashing ur light in sunshine fails bcos ur light is needed elsewhere darker


God designed u to fit an architectural edifice. Discover your real self


They tore Joseph coat of many colors as evidence of his death and dreams but God brought together his life for his People, to prepare them posterity


Joseph moved to prove his sincerity in his vision-they moved ahead to invalidate his sincerity and what they think is his imaginative illusion.


Discover d strength u are made of not d worst that are coming


It takes time to figure it out.Give yourself sometime.It took Abraham 100yrs


When you marry you marry the known and unknown man or woman


understand and value ur minute.God increase my value


The problem is not just the wrong ormistake that you did but the correction,/right you refused to do.


There are raw materials undeveloped burning inside you but need a platform to materialize and manifest.


Re-position yourself.To change your situation change your position


A critical point: Is an inter-phase between crisis and normalcy, life and death, danger and safety, failure and success.You decide what nextike


Fear is an enemy to fight and defeat and not an enemy to fear. Fear of falling, fear of the unknown, fear of making mistakes, fear of trying new ideas, fear of failure or fear of those already there.”~ Ikechukwu Joseph


Your drawbacks is not just the evil you did but the good you refuse to do


Adversity or time of trouble is an opportunity to either fall or stand, fail or pass, faint or be strong. The choice is yours.


Remove your blindfold-you can see bread or gold where others see stone


A leader in the leader is your positional status in the body while the leader in a leader is Christ in you the hope of glory


The race may be rough and tough, hard and hash, rude and crude, but only the pure and tough comes out clean and victorious


The Bible informs, reforms and transforms. Other books merely informs


The seal marks you out as royalty determines how you carry yourself


commitment stays on, both in good and in bad, for better for worste


dedication is consistency, consecration and separation


The Joseph in you must rise to the challenges of life and turn them into gold


Gold is found in the deep rough soil, so go for gold


when your life is out of balance your cheque bounces


there must be instinct on d inside to have an increase on d outside


No one is exempt from pain.u got all d stuff and no peace or all d peace and no stuff.


True leaders demonstrate initiatives-They lead the way for others to follow


God does not call the “qualified” but qualifies the called


Every problem has an effect – every deserved curse has a consequence or result, an outcome or effect.


leaders don’t watch things but make things happen-initiate change


What do you have (talents,idea,contacts,a voice,strength)? God uses what you have to give you what you don’t have.


Light inside of us can overcome, withstand or overshadow any darkness outside of us




Your call has atime frame,a price to pay,urgency of attention.Your call has a purpose, a pursuit, vision, commission,honors and even excellency. So what are u called to


Those who never confront obstacles live with delays and postponements


Big shots are only little shots that keep shooting. I can see your sun rise out of obscurity. Keep shooting


Character is the real you-“the you in you that makes you the you, you are”. “the hidden man of the heart” (1Peter 3:4).


You are God’s design to decorate this world. You are a repertoire of wisdom and an encyclopedia of God’s knowledge.


if God starts it as alfa then he will end it as omega


Children need your LOVE especially when they don’t deserve it


Attempting the impossibility with a possibility God breaks the impossibility barriers.


There is no victory without a war, no prize without a price, no crown without a cross


Character is the real you-“the you in you that makes you the you, you are


Every destiny comes with a destiny activator or proof producer. Someone God will use to bring out he best in you. Elisha needed an Elijah, Joshua needed a Moses, Lot needed an Abraham, and Timothy needed a Paul


His Magnificence – Your Manifestation.I will make of thee a great nation


in life it is better to be a supporting pillar than a destroying caterpillar


We need to touch the fountain of life to draw in living lasting strength.


learning to live in the spirit of prayer hour by hour decorates your life with insight and blessings


Don’t ignore or drive away your God sent Davids for you will need them when the life threatening giant Goliaths go on rampage in your life


Strategic spiritual warfare is war in the spirit with your spiritual man to address the physical problem


Ordinary men with extraordinary powerCommon men with uncommon resultsUsual men with unusual anointingUnschooled mortal men with immortal visionWeak men with mighty deeds-Insight for Fruitful Living


Poverty Effeciency Syndrome are multiple negative poverty effects (Self induced effects,acquired,inherited..)


No matter how big a hen’s hut is, it must bow to enter


Your destination should determine who you choose as friend


if u dont sow right u will not reap right.God attaches resources to a purpose


God want u to use what is buried in you to show your greatness


Excluding the God of providence in your life’s configuration and design is like removing the thermostat from a thermodynamic system.


stars shine brighter in the blackness of darkness.Cheer up no matter your pains


God is available in your thinking, impulses, and impressions on your mind, so login


It is the crow of the cock that announced the break of the dayMeaning: It is good to act in time…ik


quality input determines a quality output and feedback.


feed ur destiny and not ur history. stop dwelling on your disappoinments but prepare for your Appointments


Don’t waste a good idea or allow it to die inside you. One idea can bring you to the top, make your day or spark off chains of success chain reactions.


Your unlived tomorrow is more important than your Lived yesterday


Do something,get something. Do nothing,get nothing. Doing is the beginning of being. Being is the beginning of achieving. Achieving is the essence of living and living is the spices of life


You cannot win your future if you cannot forgive your past


You can create viable ventures out of turbulent adventure.


Lift your eyes and look on the FIELDS (Jon 4:35),there are viable opportunities


People are your responsibility and character is the hidden powers that cause the miracle people


Stay with and pursue your dreams, and history will tell your stories in golden, glossy and embossed shining foils


You need to understand your potentials to transform it. look in to Yourself, upwards to God then outwards to your environ


Every problem has one immediate cause, many remote causes, long term and short term effects


The difference between the ordinary and extraordinary is the extra. Go the extra mile and enter your extraordinary success


You can create opportunity out of importunity.You can create prosperity out of adversity.U can create something out of nothing


a burning light(light having oil) will burn to a glowing light which will grow into a shining light to become an illuminator


Your ability to consummate Leadership or follower-ship brings fulfillment at each appointed time in life


It was the call for animals that have two horns that brought out the snail


Joseph went from prison toprime minister from trials to triumph, from scar-weary to stardom.



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