Top 120 A.D. Posey Quotes

Sand lines my soul which is filled with the breath of the ocean.


The gift of knowledge is empowering, but the gift of wisdom is life-changing.


Greatness is achieved through kindness, compassion, and love.


Like a flower, feel yourself rise above and begin to open.


When a writer’s heart is filled with the music of her soul, her words sing.


One day, your light will silence the darkness, and you will be surrounded by the beauty within.


Believe so brightly that everyone sees the beauty in believing.


When your heart is open, your eyes see the beauty that is all around you.


We are artists. When we can’t find the beauty, we create it.


Time unfolds beauty, wonder, and mystery to reveal the auspicious tapestry of life.


A loving heart, determination, faith, courage, trust, belief, truth, and a solid soul create the wings with which we fly.


Every day is not a day to master but an adventure to experience.


Film gives us a second chance at a first impression.


Close your eyes. Hear the silent snow. Listen to your soul speak.


Give all of life’s oxygen to the fire that is your soul.


Fly with a kind heart, a light spirit, and a resilient soul.


I have the heart of an artist and the soul of a writer.


If you don’t think screenwriting is a work of art, good luck in your life without a soul.


The personal screenplay- where you dive into the terrifying depths of your soul, unearth the most intimate details about yourself, and put it on paper for the world to see. Proceed with caution, for madness lies ahead.


A writer’s uniqueness glows and transforms the heart and the soul of a reader.


Writing in the dark is hard, but you have to light your own candle and do it anyway.


All art is a form of vulnerability because at least part of the artist goes into the piece.


Film is the ultimate canvas, the elixir of art, and the magic of life.


The only thing a closed book is good for is a table that wobbles. Be an open book.


The more you read, the more you write, and the more you free yourself to do so, the better writer you will become.


Cry while writing it, and readers will cry while reading it.


How you feel after reading something indicates not what you’ve read but where you are at.


Believe in people, they fly for a day. Teach them to believe in themselves, they soar for a lifetime.


Happiness is individualized. Don’t box it in. Let it fly.


Vulnerability is the portal to feeling. Feeling is the portal to strength.


Walk into the unknown with what you know in your heart.


The flower doth not worry, and the tree doth not waver.


Take a deep breath. Inhale peace. Exhale happiness.


In love there is truth, and in truth there is peace.


Hold on to your heart and life will give you wings.


I think today is a day for the heart. What do you think?


Speak from the heart and feel your tension melt away.


As long as it comes from the heart, in the end, it will be good.


Write truthfully, write from the heart, and your words will live.


You have to validate yourself first, and then you will receive the much-deserved healing validation from the rest of the world.


Don’t wish the world demanded less of you. Rise up and exceed its standards.


A great director gives life to a work of art- gives it a heartbeat… a pulse… opens its eyes to the world.


To my words: There was once a wall between us. Now we walk together and greet the world.


Don’t let the world tell you who you are. You get up and you tell the world who you are.


How could people not believe in magic when the whole world is made of it?


Have the courage to walk in truth, the strength to love always, and the integrity to never stray away from doing so.


Writing fiction is fun. Writing non-fiction is life-changing.


Learning is essential for living the life you love.


You can’t undo the past, but you can remedy it by creating a better future.


Don’t let the poison of the past spoil a fruitful future.


The power of classical music turns my words into fire.


Wherever you are, wherever you go, be sure to spread the light.


A day’s brightness is determined by the light in our hearts.


Don’t confuse the darkness that’s leaving with the light that’s coming in.


Sometimes you have to take a shot in the dark to discover the light.


Have the discipline to listen to and to trust your instincts.


Once you realize life is magic, you will never look upon the world with dimmed eyes again.


Don’t just write a strong female protagonist. Be one.


Some days you live in pajamas, and your hair kind-of has that Albert Einstein look.


I want to lay under the blanket of sky and laugh while the stars wink and we write our story.


Your life should always come with hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry on top.


Your life is a story. Write the one you want to read.


The best stories are like the best burgers: big, juicy, and messy.


I chose to be a writer no more than I chose to be female.


Anytime I was denying my inner self, I knew absolutely nothing.


Everyone has scars. Cowards conceal them. The brave reveal them.


Fame is neither something to value nor to view as a threat.


Sometimes you just have to hold each other’s hands and walk through it all.


Surround yourself with those conducive to you being your highest self.


Allow your mood to be sweet and your day will be sweet too.


A great snow is the calm death of struggle and the transformative birth of life.


The muse is the mystic force, but you are the master.


We all just need to be real. That is what will save us.


Sometimes you just have to have a can-do fuck you attitude.


Only by creating out of love will one achieve true greatness.


You will find the greatest happiness in letting yourself be.


It’s amazing what you can do when you get creative.


All answers to life’s key questions are found within.


Energy will go into what you love, and what you love will grow. Go for a walk and watch it bloom.


The greatest artists see what is invisible to the masses.


Look through the eyes of your highest self. What do you see?


Live in the now and the how will take care of itself.


Always let life be wild. Forever have life be interesting.


If someone tells you something is impossible, make it possible.


How you feel after watching something indicates not what you watched but where you are at.


A masterpiece does not unfurl its wings immediately. It takes time. It will fly when it is ready.


Comedians are people who embarrass themselves in style.


The more of those little light bulbs that can turn on the better. Eventually you’ll have enough to light up a movie screen.


Don’t just hit a home run. Knock it out of the park.


One is far better off feeling than one is thinking.


You paint the picture of your surroundings. Paint it beautifully.


All the geniuses and greats are really just nerds with experience.


As long as you’re with you, that’s all that matters.


A writer’s breakthrough is a breakdown with a smile.


A good preview makes you can’t wait to see the whole movie.


A film that is a true work of art transcends theatre and heartwarmingly changes lives.


Don’t look. See.Don’t think. Feel.Don’t hear.Listen.Pay attentionMiracles really do happen every day


At least I’m not afraid, and no one will ever call me boring.


When life gives you a second chance, don’t just run with it…fly.


You are happy and kind; therefore, you are successful.


If it’s not gonna matter tomorrow, it shouldn’t matter today.


I always like the story behind the story more than the story itself.


Everything is going to be all right. Miracles happen everyday.


Once you are at the point where you can call yourself a writer, there’s no turning back.


You are your own magical elixir. Waste not one drop.


Sometimes writing is like playing with fire… like trying to tame an uncontrollable beast.


Not everything can stand the test of time, but a story can.


Once you are at the point where you can call yourself a writer, there’s no turning back.


In the equation of life, the limit does not exist.


Everything is going to be all right. Miracles happen every day.


When we write, we discover answers, though the key is not in the discovery but in the timing of the implementation.


Screenwriting is like poker; in the end, you have to go all in.


Storytelling answers questions and solves mysteries.


Sometimes you’re the protagonist and someone else is the hero.


At the end of your story, you get down to the purity of it all. It’s like distilling something.


One must learn the rules so one can break them properly.


You can tell the number of hours spent on a work by counting the number of coffee rings on your desk.


We write until we find our way. Then the real fun begins.


When life gives you the gift of a great story, to not partake in the telling of that story would be a crime against humanity.


In the end, you have to make love to your story and see what happens.



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