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People need to stop accepting the evidence of reality, and start questioning it.


Why does truth carry such a dreadful face? Why does subjugation carry such a happy mask? It becomes sad when people understand that they can lead a better life as long as they bow their heads, ignoring the truth.


Those who reach for the Sun, usually drop the world.


Sometimes, you have to step into oblivion, in order to paint success.


I am not a man of fear, but I am a man that knows how to fear. Without fear, we become lazy. Without fear, we become reckless. Fear doesn’t limit a man, it keeps the man sharp.


A man who does not doubt the courage of a woman, is a man that is subjugated by her will and allure.


The mind is a universe, and it has the power to completely create any possibility.


Power is the gem of necessity. Without observing power, identity remains undiscovered.


The illusion is reality. The only contradiction is the observer.


Isn’t it funny how ignorance is the source of strength of so many?


You only know of existence, once you rebel. You only know of life, once you die.


One with true creativity can erase their one past, and replace it with an infinite number of pasts, creating new possibilities for the future.


Just because a prediction is true, doesn’t mean that it is not false.


Learn how to think a few moves ahead at once. In life, if you can anticipate the human mind, you can anticipate all possible futures.


You can truly value life, when you have looked Death in the eyes and held its hand.


Ideas that don’t even exist have the power to destroy the world.


People tend to misinterpret imagination for being willing to do everything, instead of having the capability to put your mind to anything. There is a difference.


If you cannot build from nothing, then you’ll have to destroy in order to create.


I am usually more impressed with people who are artful in shuffling a deck, than those who can masterfully play chess.


I don’t wear armor. I don’t carry weapons. An emperor needs only his imagination.


When people wish for harmony, I wish for chaos. I’d rather see imaginative means of self-destruction, than to see laziness and wasted potential.


Intellectuals that approach me, only serve to feeding my intellectualism. Imaginists that approach me, only serve to enhancing my Imaginism. It’s impossible to feed my I, for I am the Greatest ‘I AM.


He who doesn’t fear his own imagination…is not worthy to envision.


When God broke his deal with me, I turned to the Devil. In the end, I wasn’t happy. I realized that the imagination of a perfect being was more limited than that of the imperfect one. Color me unimpressed by the Actus Purus.


I never assume anything. I anticipate the possibilities and allow my imagination to create the future.


Imagination doesn’t always mean looking outside of the box, but taking a closed box and seeing a different world from within it.


I believe in giving kindness, regardless of how unreasonable and self-centered a person is. Kindness is a gift of sanctity for a person. It has the goal of making the soul smile.


Your ultimate goal should be partners with your ultimate fear.


Invest in yourself. Invest in self-discipline. Invest in self-satisfaction. Have complete control over your own thoughts and convictions, and never stop aiming to outdo yourself.


I do not wish to travel around the world. I already have the world trying to travel around me.


I know that I am not always right to the perception of some, but I am not daunted of being wrong. That’s the effectiveness of confidence.


Do you know what the difference is between knowing a bird and knowing about a bird?


Peace is a flawed logic. They believe that communication and understanding will create peace. However, just because you know and understand the nature of something or someone, does not mean that you will come to terms.


When comparing 100 years of experience to 1, there is a way to close the gap. One must simply understand the choices that were taken, the roads that were walked, and that there are no guarantees to an unseen future.


At the center of a man’s purpose rests the hunger for competition, war, chaos, and calmness. You take it away, there is nothing but a self-reflection of stagnation for him.


Evolution is a part of nature. The world has strayed away from God, and now interprets its conception for the benefit of blissful ignorance.


Perception is blind to the knowledge that you cannot understand.


The reason God exists is because ignorance is bliss, and God is true bliss.


When you value someone, it merely shows that you truly have no idea about the person that they aren’t showing you.


To make a statement that one knows is false is more honest than to make a statement that one knows is true.


Every time the sky cries, it is because an angel has died… Lucifer started a war in Heaven, and it persists even now. So if God cannot keep his angels under control, what makes you believe that he can keep humanity under control?


Unlike humanity, my mind isn’t so frail as to simply climb under gravity and submit to God.


Have you ever wondered why there are so many Gods and so many religions? It is because in the Land of the Gods, there is not a single hand to guide the Gods on a proper path.


God endlessly fails to extend his blessings. That is because he no longer sits on the throne.


The reason why God doesn’t show his face is because he stands behind a wall that can be broken.


If pride is a sin, then love must be the mother of sin.


There are times when Pride must transform into Vanity in order to reach the astray echo of the reflection of self.


We have to try to control what we can or else we cannot judge progress.


I do not take advice or listen to the words of hypocrites or beings that are not self-realized. It’s nothing personal. I am simply no fan of beings that try to sound wise, while trying to mask their imbecility.


You lost your ability to choose the moment you started to use your eyes to see, and your heart to feel. Choice has become nothing but an illusion for you.


Free will and choice implies that you are able to even re-write your record of memories.


At the end of the day, if pride is your greatest strength, turn it into vanity.


Patience is the gift of possibility. Time is merely an illusion. People lack patience, which is why time becomes their enemy.


The arrogance of the human mind is too fragile, as well as the patience of the human character. It is because of that, they fail to see the power of mere observation and systematic analysis.


The greatest weapon that one can have is a simple…smile.


People often find comfort in ignorance of illusions, but rarely find solace in the truth of reality.


It takes discipline to turn illusion into reality.


There are times when the truth can only show you an illusion.


If you know something is an illusion, why pretend it is reality?


We are who people think we are. The reality is irrelevant.


Reality is a changeless concept that only perception can mask.


I stopped living a long time ago, in order to simply exist. Now I am trying to leave existence, in order to step into nihility.


I am often impressed with those that admit their ignorance, for it is the first step towards breaking out of the prison called freedom.


The stage of Creation is a Timeless Marche. The three measures of Nothing, Possibility, and Chaos will eternally ensure that the script continues on.


I find the concept of Hell to be more honest than that of everyday life. In Hell, no one can lie to you, because you already know what to expect for the rest of eternity. Nothing more and nothing less.


Sometimes it takes bravery in order to be a coward.


Just because a path never existed, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there…


It’s improbable for me to become lost, because I am already self-realized. A blank scene is a portrait of a glass kingdom to me. In order to become lost, one must not be able to realize their own identity, ego, and self.


The only way the weight of the world can break you down, is if you carry it the wrong way.


Once you hold the hand of Death, the only thing in life that can scare you is a sense of humor.


Most will regret opening up the doors to truth, while others will cower at thought of living an illusion. In the end, does impracticality defeat curiosity?


People need to deviate away from the role of imitation, and start filling the role of innovation…


…But living creatures are idiosyncratic. They are created in such a way that they can actualize only what their microscopic minds wish for. The concept of limitless is bound heavily by the minor actualization of what perfection is…


People need to learn how to take the role of leader out of God’s hands.


If you cannot predict the betrayal from the ones that you love and trust the most, then you are living in a fool’s paradise.


Isn’t it funny how freedom is only another word for slavery?


Expectation and fact are two different things that people usually cannot differentiate.


Insanity is the greatest gift of humanity, for insanity talks to the mind of the delusion.


Sometimes, I think that I love life so much, that I make death jealous…


People wear masks in the light because true happiness are the agents of deception and delusion.


It’s hard for a masked man to hide behind a mask when he isn’t wearing one.


If your enemy has the power to see into the future, make sure you are the author of that future.


Every step in life is merely part of a game. Every piece is necessary, but if you do not know how to control the game, then you become one of the pieces that are meant to be sacrificed.


When God plays chess, you will notice that he never has to move a single piece…in order to win.


Strategy is methodical, but the one who steers chaos and randomness can steer God.


Sometimes, in order to find happiness, one must allow some old bridges to collapse, in order to build better ones.


If you want to find a reason to smile, to find a reason to be happy, learn to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.


Isn’t it funny how true peace describes war and chaos?


It appears to me that one defeats God precisely by not trying to stand above God, but on the contrary by using God’s own existence against God.


When one needs an answer to life’s greatest questions, look towards either Chaos or Nothingness.


In order to create an idea… to become an idea, it is a necessity for you to believe that it is your own idea. The idea will grow to define your entire life. And when you die… you don’t.


Confirming what you see as reality…is a true sign of your arrogance.


Making an effort can be equated to not doing anything at all. You don’t make an effort to walk, you just walk. It’s the same with winning. You don’t make an effort to win, you just do it.


The value of an opinion is only measured by its user. It’s ironic that the value of a fact is only measured by its observer.


In life, if you want to be happy, choose to be optimistic.


The truth is that we live in a world that diminishes possibilities.



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