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If we don’t see real changes in the world, it simply means we are not serious enough about creating those changes. We cannot a!ord to entertain superficial changes any more. The changes we need should be deep, real, and thorough.


As the gift of the Creator, natural healing power is ours. That’s why no special method is needed for recovering it. There are no perfect methods, no matter how effective or powerful they may be. What is perfect is our sense of life itself.


The joy you feel when you become a small life particle sun and share its brightness and warmth with those around you is indescribably great.


It’s a wonderful paradox: only when you have a changeless sense of who you are, can real changes take place. It is the ground of your absolute value and everything that is truly worthwhile.


What appear to be depravity, injury, or extinction are merely traces of memory and experience obscuring the soul. These are merely shadows of the soul, never its substance. The soul itself is always pure and whole.


Meditation need not mean sitting in a special posture. Nonetheless, we can use certain physical and mental exercises to calm the noises of the mind and body, and sensitize us to the sound of the soul.


You can encounter the great life within you when you recover the zero point. When you encounter that great life, all limits created by the thoughts and emotions vanish and infinite creativity springs forth.


Observing is not just seeing. It is watching with attention.


The innumerable phenomena of life are temporary manifestations of LifeParticles.Once we know that everything comes and goes in a flux of LifeParticles, we can watch ourselves and the world with tranquility.


My beloved jay, give me a name now. call out the name you give me, looking into the deepest place in your heart. Everytime you call my name, I’ll fly to you and be your wings.


Sedona is beautiful, but your soul is even more beautiful.


If you look within your heart, I am here, and you are free.


He had forgotten how to soar upon the wings of his soul…


The key to meditation is to exist one hundred percent in the here and now.


Everything in existence undergoes constant change. The things that surround us, even our selves are temporary manifestations of Ki energy.


Our exclusive dependence on rational thought and language has obscured our natural ability to sense the flow of energy.


Choice is the doorway to our creative power. To unleash this power, we must begin from the state of beingness.


Everyday, Jay would sit under a giant elm tree and imagine the adventures his life might bring.


With the muscle of integrity, we can turn intention into powerful action. That’s how we can earn trust form our conscience, and can truly believe in ourselves.


By balancing your breathing, you can control your emotions and calm your mind. From the quiet mind arises the wisdom and insight that help you make good choices.


Add these affirmations:”Bright LifeParticles are energizing my body.””Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and health.


Let us give future generations the gift of Earth citizenship by first giving it to ourselves.


When we acknowledge our greatness and start living it, when we open our hearts to the natural kindness and caring for all beings that resides within us, all these necessary transformations can begin.


Now the choices you make are not about finding your path. Rather, they are choices to open the path you have found.


Because everybody has a conscience, whether or not we can be great beings is not determined merely by its presence in us . Instead, it is determined by the choice to acknowledge its presence and follow its lead


If you say one thing, and do something different, how can your conscience trust you? Self-trust comes from integrity.


I know you . . .That you hold insideVast possibilities and dreamsAnd limitless love.


It’s only natural for people to fall, but there are people who, even if they fall, jump right back up right away and run forward, and there are people who just keep sitting there, crying.


The sensation of energy expands with increasing relaxation.


…we can choose to be truthful even when the choice means personal loss. We can choose to undertake a great action – unselfish, courageous, daringly creative – that looks unreasonable and irrational to the eye of the Ego.


And most importantly, the next time someone asks you “Who are you?” you must answer in this simple way, with sincerity and conviction: “I am an Earth Citizen


Jay replied to the bird, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, my little bird. I’m sorry for leaving you alone. I’m sorry for hiding you away. Only now do I realize how much I’ve missed you.


You can encounter the great life within you when you recover the zero point. What you encounter that great life, all limits created by the thoughts and emotions vanish and infinite creativity springs forth.


Drinking the energy of the universeBreathing along with the CosmosWith each breathI am rebornInto a brand new existence.


. . . when you are stressed, if you take three deep breaths before you say or do anything, this will help prevent you from making choices you might regret later.


Conscience is the manifestation of our divine nature, the absolute truthfulness that we all have inside, that resides beyond the instinctive desire to survive.


With the muscles of our body, we can lift and move heavy things. With the muscle of integrity, we can turn intention into powerful action. That’s how we can earn trust from our conscience, and can truly believe in ourselves.


Our true nature doesn’t need any explanation or demonstration to know itself. It just knows because knowing is part of its nature.


Conscience, the divine nature within us, sees everything as connected, what’s good for all is always its priority.


The ancient teaching of Tao tells us that knowing what you really are is wisdom, and living it is virtue.


The intention to be absolutely truthful and the willingness to put the benefit of all before personal benefit hold the power to change the world.


The essence of enlightenment … is a big understanding, which gives you a deep and wide perspective to see the world as a whole, and a capacity to accept with compassion all that is. 11/26


What is enlightenment? In the Korean tradition of Tao, it is known a Mu-Ah (Mu means “No” or “Nothing” and Ah means “Me”). It is no-me-ness, or egoless-ness. It means realizing the true, unchanging nature of the person you happen to be.


Behind our behaviors are our beliefs. They determine how we think things are and what is possible. The foundation of these beliefs is our conception of who we are, whether we are conscious of it or not.


Thoughts become things through action. The most powerful tool for creating changes in your life is attention and action. No action means no creation.


Meditation is a powerful way to enhance your attention, develop your ability to think mindfully, and to use the unlimited creative potential of your mind.


Action is something you do purposefully with attention. If you really want something, you will use as much energy for it, and you will use it through action.


The only thing you need to be present here and now is your breathing. When you feel your breath, your mind is with your body.


When your breath is slow and deep, your mind calm, raise your hands and focus on your palms. You will feel the subtle energy that connects body and mind: LifeParticles.


Be aware of your breathing and breathe naturally. This will lead you into unity with the great flow of Life, your true nature.


The deeper and slower your breathing becomes, the more space you will create inside you. Eventually, it will become so big that all your thoughts and emotions look trivial in the vastness of your inner space.


By attuning your breathing, you can become one with the natural rhythm of life that flows through you all the time.


You are infinite intelligence, creativity and Energy-Consciousness which gives you the power and wisdom to attain fulfillment and completion in life.


How do we meditate? It is not thinking about the past or future. It starts with being present.


The life I am experiencing, good or bad, is the collective result of the choices I have made, knowingly or unknowingly. When I accept this, I acknowledge that I have the power to create my destiny.


Make your mind quiet of disturbing thoughts by focusing on subtle energy on your palms, inside your body and all around.


When you experience being present, there is no separation between you and other things. If you feel separate, you are already out of the present and returned to your familiar land of names and concepts.


The common factor in all our experiences is wakeful consciousness which turns what happens into an experience or a meaningful reality.


Consciousness is not confined within an individual brain. Otherwise, how can it cause changes in the physical state of things outside the brain?


Consciousness can travel through space or can be present at multiple locations simultaneously. A conscious mind here can create a material change there, and is not limited by time and space or any physical forces.


Consciousness has power to create physical changes and requires no other medium than itself. It can reach the entire universe, inferring that consciousness energy is the very nature of the universe.


Because consciousness has no mass and extension, no parts or physical properties, it is Nothing, which on the other hand, can generate the matter and energy of the entire universe.


LifeParticles are the particles of Nothingness that have attributes of being and nonbeing, and the particles of energy and consciousness, which are the essence of Life.


Many of the most profound discoveries were reported to have come through intuition rather than sequential analysis processed by linguistic understanding.


As a phenomenon, life has a beginning and ending, but life itself doesn’t. So, which one is truly me – a phenomenon that lasts only between birth and death, or life itself that underlies all phenomena?


If people begin to use the full power of conscience in all the choices they make in their everyday life, from presidential elections to purchasing things in the grocery store, the world will change.


A more truthful perception may be seen from the perspective of the whole – what we really are, beyond names, roles, education, religion and other information added to our true nature.


We need to look carefully at what we value, what we have, and what we desire to make sure these are really important to us and represent what we truly want.


To recover the purest Zero mind, and cosmic consciousness, we first have to attain an earth consciousness.


We use our minds in a way similar to how we use a scale – it tells us its worth, its value. But what if the scale has not been accurately recalibrated to zero? What if you had forgotten to remove mental and emotional baggage?


Recalibration of the mind means clearing our perceptions and recovering our capacity for pure observation.


When we look at something, we are often not aware of who is perceiving, and unaware of the mental-emotional filter created by past experiences, hopes and expectations.


Conscience is the absolute truthfulness perceived, which comes from Nothing, our true nature, and as such reflects things exactly the way they are.


Recalibration comes from experiencing Nothingness, being open to emptiness as the ultimate reality and our nature. It is the purest mind, the Energy-Consciousness itself.


Religion is not God himself or herself. It is a system of teaching about God, an explanation of God’s way to human minds. But God doesn’t need explanations to exist.


If somebody asks me what enlightenment is, I say that it is simply recovering conscience.


What is missing in our economic system is a central value that can encompass everything that can be transacted and used to assign the proper relative value to everything.


Relatively speaking, science can provide reliable standards to verify truth in a physical, material sense, but values are not its strength. What one generation takes to be true is debunked and made obsolete by new discoveries.


If we see our relationship to this planet in a wide perspective, one thing is clear: we belong to this planet, not the other way around.


Rather than the kind of change that takes what we already have and augments it, like power to our cars and speed to our computers, I believe the kind of change we need now is a change of direction.


Breathing well means breathing more slowly and deeply. Relax, feel your breathing, and breathe comfortably. Once aware, it naturally becomes deeper and slower.


By becoming aware of how you eat your eating will become a rich experience blessed with tasteful flavor, joyful texture, a deep sense of gratitude, and pleasurable contentment.


While sleeping, we’re free to be what we really are, nothing more, nothing less.


Before you sleep, experience yourself as what you really are by recognizing the vast space inside you, and feeling the Energy-Consciousness, LifeParticles, overflowing through the space and through your body.


There is much work to be done, and we are the ones privileged to do it.


We did not – and could not – purchase Earth with money. We have just been granted temporary stewardship.


We are currently too attached to our worldly toys, rather than to the lessons our playing could impart to further the maturity of our collective soul.


Before we ask the cosmos for the power to have all our thoughts manifest, we need to train ourselves to become more aware, or mindful, of our thoughts, and think wisely enough to use this power for the benefit of all.


Given that you desire to change things in your life much bigger than particles, how long do you maintain your observation and how much mental power do you invest in observing those things?


Consciousness is part of our nature as sentient beings, but doesn’t mean we are aware at a particular moment. By perceiving our consciousness – becoming conscious of consciousness, we become aware.


You know what awareness is only when you are aware. Awareness is the perception of your presence in the now.


Awareness, when managed and directed, becomes attention. By turning into attention, awareness becomes localized, and attains a focal point. Because of this feature, attention has the power to direct energy.


Attention has its most powerful expression in purposeful action.


Thoughts become things? True, but that analysis is not complete – we need to add two more words: thoughts become things through energy.


When your mind is still and undisturbed by stimulation, the true nature naturally shines out and you can directly see what you really are.



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