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Everyone comes into your life to give you something even if it might as if he/she is taking something from you.


Moving on feels heavy because you have been weighed down by fear


It’s better to move on now and feel a pinch, than hold on and later treat a wound


When your world gets stripped down to nothing you may feel empty and naked—but this is when your space can be filled with what is new, and maybe even upgraded. Dr. Jacinta Mpalyenkana


Sometimes the best solution is the most painful option


You are only susceptible to break easily due to occasionally bends if you are inflexible


All hurt is founded on attachment to anything regardless of its nature. When we detach we vibrationally send ourselves back into the flow of life.


Emotional intelligence is making a huge mistake, but learning from it, forgiving yourself, and setting new and higher related-standards below which you will never operate.


The older I get the more I realize that the only permanent thing in life is what we have within us


If we can benchmark nature on how it operates, then we never have to worry about how, and when God takes care of us.


As you run towards your desired destination, if you turn to look behind and see no one running with you, keep running: because it’s evident that you have no competition and therefore, you are destined to get to that destination.


Don’t let what you fear stop you from pursuing it. For the most part, what you fear doesn’t even know that you are afraid of it.


Being “nowhere” is a step towards getting somewhere.Today, if you feel like you are nowhere, you are in a powerful position to choose the “somewhere” you want to go.


When you consistently hold onto your passion with faith and unconditionality regardless of what anyone says or does, the very fire that ignites your passion, will pave a way for your dream to manifest in the physical universe.


What comes from the soul, you can’t fake or learn. You be it, by letting it.


The only un-distractable, un-destructable, “thing”, yet also the foundation of all pure creation, is “nothing.


I will take all the action there is, and even if I fail and fail and fail and fail and fail, I know like I know, that the door to this opportunity will one day get weakened by the forces of my attempts, and break wide open for me to get in.


Whatever our fears are, reflect on our deep core beliefs and insecurities.


Loving someone who doesn’t love themselves is like farting for someone whose sense of smell doesn’t exist


There’s nothing that’s eternally satisfying except unconditional love.


The only true, unchallenged, and un-legalized free-will we have is internal.


A positive anything however small is something towards your goal. It’s better than nothing.


All definitions are the interpretations of contrasts. What is, helps define what it is not!


Let’s do everything that we can, and let the good Lord do everything else that we can’t.


Getting to that place of no thought, is not only a spiritual workout, it is enthused bliss for the soul.


Just as art is art regardless of the colors, a human being is so regardless of race.


Money is like a river. It flows where the conditions are conducive to its flow.


Tapping into the power of love in your heart, will ignite your desires and activate your actions towards creating life on your terms.


When you finally decide to face all your fears, then be assured that success is knocking at your door.


You would rather opt for death than give up. Because, what a way to live a mediocre life by choice?


It is easier to deal with one with an empty bank account than with one, with a broke mind.


The only place where to experience the invisible future is in the mind. The relationships we have with our minds make all the difference.


Grounding is taking a conscious effort to retract oneself from the world’s distractions, and then focusing on listening to isolate the voice of God within from the voice of the ego. The voice of God within is where all the answers lie.


A spirit without an outlet for its passion, is as good as dead.


Staying in an abusive relationship for the fear of public judgment is like allowing to be buried alive to impress a coffin maker


An emotion is the result of a brain’s strategy to manifest a heart’s decision.


The fear of judgment is the ultimate robber of self-expression and authenticity


Staying in a relationship with someone who doesn’t love him/herself, is a direct reflection of how much you love and value yourself.


It’s only when you find yourself that you will live authentically


It is only when you don’t want to do something that you never get the time to do it.


Even when we earn a lot of money, how we earn it should be a pleasant experience.


Boredom is a kind reminder that we’ve shadowed our creativity


The only consistent and unconditional happiness that we are promised can only be found INSIDE each one of us


It is only when we first do what we are SUPPOSED to do, that we set ourselves to be successful at what we WANT to do


When we discover that nothing and no one has the power to define or confine our inner light, then we understand that no one can limit our divine plans.


Just as you can never squeeze water out of the water, you can never squeeze the good out of goodness: You simply tap into the good by positioning yourself and allowing it.


When you remember that you are a unique and very important person created by a divine being we call God, and in “His” very image, then you relax well knowing that your life is a divine plan, and your job is to surrender and allow


Do not let anyone define who you are, due to who they are not.


When we are unable to shine that natural light within, it burns us from our very core.


We, the human race, are so accustomed to having instead of being. What wastage of the revelations and magic in every moment.


Searching for what’s beyond appearances opens our divine eyes to see the concealed facts in experience.


Thinking about what’s beyond thought, is opening up your mind to tap into infinite intelligence designed to expand your consciousness.


It is what you think it is that makes it so, and not necessarily what it really is.


The chaos around you is none of your business: your business is how you feel about it.


What you truly own, is what you have inside you. Everything else can be destroyed, robbed or wasted.


Envy is the slow poison that finally slaughters peace.


Getting into the habit of changing who you are to please others, is setting a lifetime marathon of running away from yourself.


Just as a star can’t be seen behind a cloud, you can never shine and be seen behind the clouding of your insecurities.


Sometimes, the only cost to experience an ecstatic moment is a decision


The only reason why our minds are controlled is due to the fact that we don’t make the conscious effort to control what goes in them.


An intelligent, informed mind is more powerful than a loaded gun.


Life is nothing other than what we internally translate it to be.


When you are always present in the now, you will never be shocked or surprised by anything: because you will see or sense the signs of the change or changes in something or someone as it/they happen right in-front of your very eyes.


The real problem is not the down time that you experience: it is what you do with it.


Sometimes breaking down is the only solution to stepping up.


Hitting rock bottom is the most precious level of our lives: because then we can choose which foundation to build, direction to take, and mental programs to embrace.


If you want to avoid emotional mediocrity, be on time for every present moment.


If you are going through hell, why the heck are you stopping to worry?


Setting our living standards and expectations based on the status of others is like wishing that apples were onions.


The first person to fire out of your life when you take your power back, is the one you abused the most, and he or she did not stand up for him/herself.


Before “THOUGHT” there is only YOU and your MIND. Thought, is what assigns meaning to things. Also implying that you are not your THOUGHTS; and with your mind, you have the POWER to assign new meanings to things.


We only get to receive what we internally give to ourselves through the programming of our internal representations.


Walking in shoes bigger than your feet, will inspire gravity to pull you down.” Let’s be grateful for what fits us…for what we have.


Success in whatever format it prevails is founded on how deeply we master the inner workings of our minds.


When you are in a dark place, you tend to sit back and wait for the light to come. But it won’t: because, you are the only one who can find your inner light.


Having accessible options restricts us from utilizing what we have exhaustively


The most powerful way to maintain a steady supply of inspiration and unconditional peace is to find and pursue your calling.


You know that it’s a spiritual connection when you look in someone’s eyes, and instead of seeing them you start seeing yourself. This then creates a magnetic overpowering connection that you just cannot resist.


If you don’t know what to do, do what you know and soon, what you’re supposed to do will feel more appealing.


The only cost to happiness is, choice. Remember, happiness is exclusive of materialism and/or the external worldly influences


When you keep seeking to improve, you will never get bored with your craft.


If you can’t open it, it’s not your door. So, don’t force it.


It’s only when we understand that who we become during, and after hard times is more important than the challenges, that we embrace messes are channels of important messages meant to upgrade our lives.


An insecure person will attempt to make you think that your strengths are weaknesses so that you can also feel insecure.


We don’t posses time. But we can own whatever we do with it.


Sometimes stepping away from what you desire the most, is the best action to take: because it gives the process the momentum to take its own course.


Sometimes breaking down is the only solution for stepping up


Influence is independent of numbers. Influencing positive change in one person is still influence.


The more we get attached to any relationship, the more we lose the grip on our emotional freedom.


When you feel at peace with your troubles, they turn into lessons and ladders to help you climb to the next level of your evolution


Don’t ignore your discomforts about a place or person. They are normally vital signs for you to change.


Nothing in your world is going to change unless you change. Because even if something changes you won’t recognize it. You will still perceive it with an unchanged and out-dated vision.


When your world gets stripped down to nothing you may feel empty and naked—but this is when your space can be filled with what is new and maybe even upgraded.” Dr. Jacinta Mpalyenkana



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