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Follow your heart. Then root its longing with the facts.


No moment is too small to claim. Strung together, moments fashion a life.


Taking risks to create the life you want is an act of trust. It means believing in your ability to create a new reality while you are in the process of creating it.


As your training integrates Mind, Body and Spirit, enjoy the process. Your journey to the marathon finish will last a few hours. Your journey to the start will influence a lifetime.


Practice makes comfort. Expand your experiences regularlyso every stretch won’t feel like your first.


Mistakes help to sharpen your next steps. They don’t prove that you shouldn’t try again.


Each of us has our definition of adventure: ending an unsatisfyingrelationship, returning to school, parachute jumping or training for amarathon. Go ahead. Get your thrill on.


Stand up for yourself by not standing yourself up.


We can talk about it, dream about it and dissect the fine print.In the end, only action satisfies our longing.


To believe that we can have what we want is an act of trust – not only of others but also, ourselves.


If companionship is a mandate for all of our experiences, then we will miss out on many of life’s blessings.


The study book for life’s tests is the whole of our experience. Though we mayfeel unprepared, tests appear only when we are truly ready to ace them.


What would happen if you gave yourself permission to do somethingyou’ve never done before? There’s only one way to find out.


What do you resist examining up close?How can you ground yourself so you feel safe enough to try?


The notion of the perfect time is more than myth. It’s the ultimate self-delusion.


Feeling lonely? Wish you had a special someone to help fill the void? Reconsider your definition of romance, reconnect to your passions and be swept away.


Cultivate the art of maximizing serendipitous opportunities.


It’s tempting to believe that a break from life’s routine will only cause chaos. But regimen does not ensure security. The only constant we can count on is change.


Forgive someone today. Especially if that someone is you.


One of the best kinds of thrill is defining, honoring, and achieving our goals.


To commune with your heart and soul, be willing to go out of your mind.


Much of our lives consists of a series of choices over which we have absolute control.


No matter. I was single, no children, a handful of plants and at 39, young enough to regroup. If I hit ground before I finished building my wings, I would not take anyone with me.


I knew I could always earn money from a job. What I didn’t know was could I extend the dream of writing beyond my trip?


Ten years ago I wondered, “How does one travel around the world? How does one step out of a well-established life to follow the dream?” I’ve answered those questions. But now new ones emerge.


Then I’d go home, return to a pattern of worry, unable to tap the surrender core to travel’s inspiration. What was different?


In these pages, traveling “solo” does not necessarily mean “alone.” The absence of other people often suggests regretful isolation. “Solo” by contrast, is a willful decision to be the architect of our own experience.


Embrace those parts of yourself that you’ve skillfully avoided until now. That’s your true adventure.


Take time for yourself. If you feel guilty eating lunch away from yourdesk or lingering in a bath, let the deprogramming begin.


Let your body move. It will give voice to a language that can heal.


When your safety is in question follow your intuition. It will help you balance along the precipice between vulnerability and adventure.


Call it walking meditation or a neighborhood stroll; by whatever namesuits you, rediscover the art of meandering.


Is there a place you can go to break away for a little while? If you haven’t yet built your tree house, it’s never too late to start.


Adventure, opportunity and reward extend beyond our field of vision, and are made known to us only when we test our wings.


Experience is a master teacher, even when it’s not our own.


Few experiences are more satisfying than becoming someone we always imagined we could be.


If you can’t remember when you last basked in your own glow, it means you’re overdue.


At times, productivity means doing nothing at all.


The next time someone tries to make you feel bad about feeling good,respond by continuing to live well.


Life lessons are not journeys traveled in straight lines but are crossroadsformed years and miles apart.


Distinguish between getting lost and losing your way. The first is a shift in direction. The second is the absence of perspective. Cultivate perspective and you will be able to steer home.


What we seek when we wander usually leads us back home.


The help we give to others creates the ripple of good feeling we give to ourselves.


Sharing our story is one way we create intimacy. And like a good novel, it’s more engaging – and lasting – when we allow it to gradually unfold.


As you consider your next move, practice this definition of trust: the willingness to take steps while simultaneously waiting for “instructions.


Don’t wait for a genie to grant your wishes. That power is yours.


Sometimes our dreams are affirmed in the most unlikely ways by the mostunlikely people. That’s why we need to speak our commitment out loud.


Large bodies of goal achievement research encourage written goals for good reason. When we write down our goals, we transform what we imagine into reality.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to feel like a million. A good night’s sleep, a quiet walk by the river or a hug from a favorite person will do the trick.


When we establish human connections within the context of sharedexperience we create community wherever we go.


When we write down our dreams we transform what we imagine into reality.


When actors encounter a mishap during a stage performance,they transform it for good purpose by employing a technique called,“use the difficulty.” How can you “use the difficulty” in your life?


We often mistake letting go for giving up. Knowing the difference betweenthe two can make all the difference in the end.


Never underestimate the lingering effects of a dash of spontaneous comfort.


Life only plants the seeds. It’s up to us to help them grow.


Stop now and always wonder. Press forward and tap the wonder.


If we never challenge our shortcomings, we ensure that they remain our Achilles’ heel.


Turn off the radio, TV, DVD, iPod, computer and cell phone. Then, listen.


What do you believe about who you are? About your capabilities? When was the last time you trusted yourself enough to test them?


It is our beliefs, more than our experiences, that determine life’s possibilities.


Stay open. You may find your tribe where you least expect it.


Increase the number of adventures you act on and you’ll lighten the weight of regret.


Those who receive the blessing are those who see beyond its disguise.


No matter how many strikes are hurled at you, only you decide when you’re out.


If “Been there, done that” isn’t your mantra,then make haste down your “bucket list.


An unlimited supply of wonder and trust, bolsters life lived as a process of discovery.


Like flowers blooming through cement,we, too, can grow beyond our cracks.


Be who you are. You may not always please but you will never go wrong.


Whether by plane, bus or carpet, own the magic in your ride.


When life hands you lemons, why stop at lemonade? Create an entire product line.


If it’s true we only live once, then raise your red velvet curtain every chance you get.


Keep moving. Your next big thing may be just around the corner.


Till your inner garden and your outer landscape will flourish


Give full attention to life’s moments and the images you capture will be everlasting.


Whether you need to make a call or answer one,don’t put your passions on hold.


Fear not your flame as you flood your caverns with firelight.


You’d be surprised who will back down when you speak up.


No map? No problem. Let commitment and determination lead the way.


Practice trust in small matters for huge returns in the large ones.


Nothing is lost in a stumble, only in the refusal to get up.


The alchemy of diamonds from the rough is to mine every moment.


Experiment with grounding yourself with who you are, not what you do.


As long as you’re breathing, it’s never too late to reconnect with a long-held love.


If you’ve broken any promises you’ve made to yourself, now is the time to make up for it.


If you are feeling constrained by a group that you belong to, ask yourself,“How can I participate in this community and still be who I am?


Body follows mind. If the mind compares itself to others this could lead to overtraining. Tune out what other runners do and how fast they run. Tune in, instead, to how your body wants to increase speed and distance.


This is your first marathon. Possibly, you’ll want it to be your last. Focus on future races draws energy from the one in front of you. Like the mileage that comprises them, train for marathons one at a time.


Rest and repose are as much a part of life’s journeys as seeing all we came to see.


Indulgence comes in all varieties: a mouthful of gourmet chocolate, a hot stone massage, a week in Paris or 20 uninterrupted minutes to getlost in a book.



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