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God brings wonderful people into our lives. He also takes people out to protect us from harm. When we roll with God’s grace, we feel his wisdom.


We will never find the perfect job, relationship, or situation. What we can do is search for happiness. Our ideals in life are set by others, and it’s because they haven’t mastered the art of the happiness search.


The reason a lot of people can’t find happiness is because they don’t look for it. They allow themselves to be stuck in the same situations. Sometimes happiness comes with the courage to break free.


Never adjust your day to suit someone else’s happiness. When riding on God’s good grace, roll with things your way.


The whole world would be much happier if everyone was just average.


When you surround yourself with wonderful, productive people, you become enhanced. Your level of happiness increases, which is your success.


May today find you happiness and a calm in your heart from God you can’t explain.


Constant thoughts of money, possession, and control are a personal prison. Thoughts of God, family, and happiness are freedom.


When we face every challenge with optimism and learn to fail with our heads up, a great attitude is always success, no matter the outcome.


With all our reasons for living. Through our love and laughter, there’s an unmistakable truth. The most valuable love in the world is a healthy relationship with our children.


When I look at your smile, I can see your heart. When I look at your heart, it makes me smile back.


Being in a bad relationship is like trying to dance when you’re sad.


The right path in life will always come with patience. It’s when we reach an understanding that everything happens in God’s time that we walk the right path.


It’s best to have a small boat of friends where everyone rows than an ark of friends where no one does. At least you’re getting somewhere.


I think we spend more time thinking of things to deal with than just letting them go. When we quiet our minds, that’s true freedom.


We all reach a point in our lives where time is the most expensive thing we have.


Being a good parent requires being an outstanding sales person. Direct communication and motivating our children, or young adults with our ideals isn’t easy. It’s a lifetime job and job of a lifetime.


As we get better at knowing God’s love, we grow into better things that surround our lives.


People spend way too much time with hatred, jealousy, and drama when kindness is so easy. Grab a hold of the good things in life; they’ll take you to places you’ve never been.


Our self-worth is not who we know or what we know. Our self-worth is in what we do.


People are never going to act exactly like we want them to. So if we stop expecting things from others, we’ll find peace in our hearts that will last a lifetime.


There’s calm in the mind of the humble. An unmistakable peace of not having to prove anything to anyone.


When people judge they completely lose sight of the blessings on their own tables. Jealousy or conviction is a very dark room.


If we think about each other’s feelings, then we’re never alone.


Attention serves a person better when he or she works for it and then lets it come.


Worrying about things that haven’t happened yet is like riding on the hood of your car—what’s the point?


It’s always the people who strive to find, and tell you about one of your imperfections, that want to feel one step above you. The truth is their ten steps below you with nothing better to say.


Sometimes in life we must slowly distant ourselves from people and places we feel unconformable. Don’t feel bad feel freedom.


When we choose to love people and the wonderful things around us, it always puts us one step above the people who choose not too. There’s a peace we’ll carry in our hearts. A feeling of being worthy of all situations.


Never give up on your dreams! When you’re good at something, and there’s love in what you do, passion will always bring success.


Freedom of the mind is the most important liberty we have. Our belief in God’s grace gives us that freedom.


There are days we all live with defensive thoughts in our mind. Without losing these thoughts we can’t totally be ourselves, and enjoy life’s freedom of the heart.


There will always be a part of your life that’s not quite in order. This is the growth part, the area where lessons come from. Embrace this! Learn from it, and then move on.


True peace of mind is calm in your heart that you can’t explain.


Demonstrating verbal kindness looks better on everyone know matter what the situation. There’s a peace in the heart of the kind person who handles everything with love.


The greatest accomplishments in life come from the heart.


Dear God, I ask that you help me with the darkness I’ve been feeling and that you help me make today a changing day in my life. I ask you, dear God, for calm in my mind and your light in my heart. I ask these things in Jesus’s name, amen.


There’s a reason we’ll all end up with just a handful of true friends in our life. These are the people that have taken the time to look at our heart, so despite any flaws they’re forever in our lives.


It’s nice to begin each day with an open mind but a wonderful fulfillment will come with an open heart.


If you desire romance then give some it’s equally heartwarming. There’s many ways to satisfy one’s heart, and feel special.


Each day we hold things in our heart, sometimes these things are heavy. Carrying God’s grace with us each and every day lightens life’s load.


If we are wonderful parents and family members, then there’s really nothing else to prove.


For all the things we do in our lives and the people that surround us, its family and those few loyal friends that God has blessed us with.


I think we all keep irritating situations in our head to long, until we finally realize it’s taking up valuable space.


We all have our times of anger. It’s when we hang onto that anger it becomes a poison to our heart and mind.


I think the greatest sound in the world is hearing one of your children singing when they think no one is listening.


The greatest compliment in the world is your adult children telling you they had a wonderful childhood.


The worst thing about being unhappy is not being strong enough to leave the situation.


The truly important people in our lives are always in our future.


Sometimes things happen in our lives that wake us up to the truth, about how short life is. It’s then we wonder why we spent so much wasted time looking too far into the future.


Unless we can predict the future, we shouldn’t be worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. We can place these thoughts in God’s hands then let them go.


Dear God, I don’t ask that my life be perfect but that you allow the myriad of emotions in my life to end each day with calmness. May I sleep peacefully to do your work again by morning light. I ask for these things in Jesus’s name, amen.


One of the most exciting things in life is when you can’t get enough of learning something you love.


Many people seek popularity and want everyone to know their name. It’s not important for everyone to know your name, it’s important that some of the people you know don’t forget your name.


Dear God, let me find calm in every situation. Let me look at others with pity instead of anger. Let me pray they make it through life’s fog they’ve created for themselves and find you. In Jesus’s name, amen.


Seeking revenge is like reaching out for your own personal turmoil, it’s never worth it. Righteousness will always come through Jesus Christ.


Our own random acts of kindness allow us to receive a gift each day in our hearts.


Right on the other side of our fears resides hope and happiness. We get stuck in our lives afraid to walk over there when it’s a much kinder place.


If we occupy our minds with self-loathing or negative thoughts, then maybe we don’t have enough to do.


Set out to be the person you know you can be. Thinking about it, and talking about it is the first step. If you can imagine it for yourself then you can do it. Take action!


With God’s help in the grasp of addiction you’ll find the truth. When we understand this and its purity, then true healing can begin.


We can decide our fate every day, when we love we will be loved.


Starting your day with anger is like locking yourself in jail. The outside world is enjoying life, while you’re locked in your own frustration.


We all have anger in our hearts at times from past situations or even present. These thoughts hurt one’s self more than anything. Without the effort of washing those thoughts from our minds there can be no inner peace.


When a man truly loves a woman he will always try to make her life easier.


How we think is so important. There has to be a time when we stop just dealing with life and think about enjoying it.


When we look and feel happy, it’s beautiful and more attractive than anything we could possibly imagine.


I’m surrounding by beautiful sounds, my son singing in his room and a gentle rain. There are so many simple pleasures God gives us we just have to listen for them.


It doesn’t cost anything to be a good person, but yet there are toxic people around us that will try to tax our lives.


We tend not to look at the bigger picture of our lives and instead dwell on the small things that irritate us. When we focus on the bigger picture, those small things fade away.


It feels good not to think about anything that wears on me. We all need that kind of of room in our lives.


A woman’s smile will always make a good man’s day.


The appreciation of your success will only come with your perseverance.


Each day is a blessing, and I awake wondering what wonderful thing, no matter how big or small, will happen to me today.


Jealousy is a normal human emotion. When people act on that emotion, they then become a hater.


When we first wake up every morning, there’s a calm in our minds. The challenge is to keep it there all day.


Unkind acts are like giving a piece of one’s self away for cheap.


The most important influence is all our lives are love. If we’re never taught to love, then showing and accepting love becomes difficult.


Feel pity for the person who judged you rudely. For they are selfish in their judgment, trying to make their life feel just a little bit better. It was never about you it was all about them.


Every lie a person tells is an emotional dead end road that puts weight on the heart. Satisfaction is always in the truth.


Having happy kids is far more important than anything they’ll ever accomplish. Without happiness success and contentment is always hard to reach.


None of us are perfect, so a true friend will never look for defects in you as a person, it won’t even cross their mind. Your happiness will be their main concern.


Never make an excuse for being yourself, no one’s going to do it better.


We all have a different answer to what defines our happiness and fulfillment, but for all of us it begins with inner peace. Without inner peace, happiness and fulfillment is hard to reach.


You never know when someone will come into your life and change things, for good or bad, let them in. They don’t have to always stay but, human interaction is the pinnacle of life’s lessons.


The greatest person to know in life is yourself. There’s no one who will treat you better.


People will stop trying to prove their something special when they finally realized their already unique in God’s creation.


Regrets are a terrible thing to live with but, if we take a good look at them, some are not regrets at all, they’re situations that taught us a valuable lesson. Don’t be so hard on yourself it’s not a perfect world.



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