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Humans are at their best when alleviating the suffering of another living thing.


Our work is not about transcending this world to get to a better place; our work is to be fully present here; to heal ourselves, and our planet in the spirit of service and compassion.


If knowing something got you where you needed to go, you’d be there already. Put your hand to your heart, take a deep breath in…listen to your heart. It knows.


You can’t get rid of fear, you must learn to move through it.Know that deep in your soul, that fear is just a door to a room filled with something so big, so important, so life changing, that it scares you a little.


What is it that you want to do, or put out into this world that is greater than your fear?


What is it you want to do, to put out into the world, that is greater than your fear?


You can shine as a light in this world and you will be safe. The divine has your back.


At all times we are either in fear or we are in love. We are either open or we are closed. Expansive or contracted.


Love, positivity and gratitude are the most essential ingredients to a happy and fulfilled life.


Your dreams will remain just a dream unless you take small and realistic steps towards achieving them.


We are all creative beings. The act of creating puts us in direct connection with the greatest creator. The master artist that is our Divine Creator.


All the Creator’s children are blessed with gifts. We are all given special skills to assist each other her, including animals, plants and insects.


Nature responds to your respect and gratitude by creating a magical energy of blessings in return.


The heart has a deeper intelligence than the mind ever will.


All of the the books, the readings, the workshops, the ah-ha moments won’t change your life unless you put actions behind them.


Your imperfections should not stop you from moving towards your dreams. If you wait until you are perfect, or “good enough” your dreams will remain just a dream.


If something is truly important to you, you will find the time.


Create new daily choices to embrace that you are good enough and you are worthy enough, just as you are, right now.


No matter how different you are, your idea is, your art, your writing, your product, your concept, show it to the world. Just do it. Show who you are to the world. This is what you are here to do.


You are part of God’s plan and if you stop yourself because you don’t think you are not good enough, we lose your unique and needed contribution to the world. Your life was a gift, and what you do with it will be a gift to God.


All of our relationships and our interactions, the life affirming ones and the challenging ones, show us how far we have come and where we still need to go.


Our soul longs to be of service in some way. It’s why we are here. If you weren’t meant to touch the world in some way, you wouldn’t be here.What act of service calls to you? Even the smallest thing has an effect in eternity.


The difficult people who we encounter can be our greatest teachers.


Accept all of you, the good with the bad, the successes with the failures, the times you shone and the mistakes you made. It will bring into a place of peace. It will help you to move forward with your life.


Empowered girls will be the women that change this world.


Being in your head is when you analyze, control and overthink. Run on thoughts, worry, talking but not listening, taking all the workshops and reading all the books, but not experiencing it’s message.


Be kind to all living things. Nature notices everything.


As you awaken to the new day, put your hands to your heart, breath in and say: I am loved. I am love. I love, I love, I love.


God works through angels, people, nature and animals.


David Bowie was my creative northstar, a muse, an inspiration to me from the age of 8. He was a special soul on a mission, and the mission is now complete. I know he is truly home now among the stars.


Prayer is powerful, but prayer combined with action creates miracles.


Globally, our soul lessons have become more frequent and intense as we are called to evolve.


We have brilliance in the world. What the world needs is your heart.


Let me be of service to all living beings. Let me be in faith that all my needs are taken care of.


No problem is trivial to the angels. They want to help you with problems big and small. You are worthy and you are loved. And bottom line, is your problem is important to you, it’s important to them.


God would not have brought you to this place to leave you here without the archangel’s help.


All my relationships and all of my challenges are opportunities for my soul to evolve.


Archangel Zadkiel, help me to remove, clear and replace old patterns that no longer serve me. And so it is, amen.


My life’s work is to create tools to empower and elevate life on the planet. To create global change, one heart at a time.


Your soul does not give you your dreams if you don’t have what it takes inside to achieve them.


Following a spiritual path doesn’t mean we won’t feel emotional pain. But faith gives us the grace and the courage to get through it and the knowing that we will heal and be a better person for it.


Calling upon the angels when we are in need, helps the angels fulfill their heavenly mission. We are truly co-creators with them.


Believe in yourself, because God’s angels sure do.


The angels will help get you where you need to go.


We all have a mission. And that mission is to love ourselves, love each other, help one another and leave this world in a better place because we lived on it.


Your heart has a deeper intelligence than your mind ever will.


As you lay yourself down to sleep tonight, think of something you are grateful for. Bless someone who was kind to you, and forgive someone who wasn’t.


Forgiveness frees up your heart to allow more positivity into your life. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.


Who do you need to forgive? Letting go of what you have been holding onto will bring energy to everything good you want to bring into your life.


Allowing yourself to forgive will fuel your goals and life vision with new energy.


A peaceful heart forgives, and forgiveness will transform our lives and our planet.


Heal yourself, heal the world. To change our world, we must heal and open our hearts.


No amount of money can fill your heart up with what kindness and compassion can.


Your words to yourself and to others should uplift, never tear down.


The question to always be in your inner dialogue, asking yourself…is it kind?


Everyday my life gets better and better. I make loving, life affirming choices daily to create an amazing life.


When you engage in people pleasing you are out of integrity with yourself, your goals, your dreams and your life’s mission.


Discover how wonderful you are. Love who you are, with all your faults. Focus on the unique gifts you bring to the people around you, to the world. Making this a daily practice will shift your life.


When you learn to love yourself, you teach those around to love themselves. And that will be what changes our world.


We are on a journey not to be perfect, but to be whole.


When you awaken and are self aware, you heal. When you heal, you heal the world.


You have the love and support of God and the angels, but only you can take responsibility for your life, for your dreams. Only you can make the daily choices needed that create the life you want to live.


I have faith that all is well, that all good things come to me in Divine timing. I can relax and surrender to the truth that I am divinely guided and cared for.


What are you grateful for? Get in the habit of being grateful, even for a small thing. It opens up your energy for positivity and blessings to flow to you.


Unclutter your life. Unclutter your home. We feel best when everything and everyone around us is in harmony and in balance.The peace and the beauty of your home will raise you up, and give energy to your goals.


You are the Magician.You are the alchemist of your life. You have the power to manifest the highest vision of your life.


You have the power to manifest your dreams.You are fully supported by the Divine.Take action. Do what you need to do.Heal what you need to heal.Create your magic.


The angels know who you truly are and all that you are capable of being.


Angels were created into form so they can interact with Earth in a physical way.


A feather is a sign from the angels. It is a response to a question, a thought or an emotion. It’s their way of saying; “You are loved and are being guided through this by the angelic realm.


I write, heal, paint and coach with the Archangels to create global change, one heart at a time.


Your soul is powerful and wise. With the support of Divine love, and the assistance of the angels, you have the power to create the highest vision of your life.


Know that you are divinely guided and watched over in every moment of every day.


Our guardian angels love us unconditionally, and they never leave us.


Beloved angels, watch over me. Walk beside me, lead me, comfort me, enfold me in your divine love.


December is full of the beauty of Light and love we can bring into our life.You can chose to be stressed or you can choose to let the small stuff go and be peaceful this Holiday season.It really is a choice you make.


May the light illuminate your hearts and shine in your life every day of the year. May everlasting peace be yours and upon our Earth.


It’s going to take all of us, gathering our voices and acting together. Saying,”Not on our watch” to create a future for humans, animals and the environment.


Giving back is so important. Give back to your communities in whatever way you can. With donations, items or with your time. The Universe blesses a generous heart.


Winter is a time to pause, reflect and renew for the coming Spring.


Sometimes miracles happen in this world simply because good people take action and decide to do something, and never give up.


Calling the earth activists, lightworkers, spiritual warriors. Stay awake. Take action. Spread awareness.


The pain of being in the stress and anxiety of control and fear must reach a point where you don’t want to feel it anymore and then you are ready to truly surrender and let go.


Surrendering and letting go isn’t not taking action.There is a difference. Taking action is moving forward and surrendering is letting go of fear.


Where there is poverty, there will be destruction and exploitation by the corporations and governments benefitting from destroying our rainforests and trafficking wildlife.


I was born for this moment in Earth’s history and if you believe you are a lightworker, so were you.


Voices joined together for a cause are like a wave that changes the shore.



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