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When your footsteps and thoughts carry you down the same path your heart and soul are directing you, you will know without a doubt that you are headed in the right direction.


Focus on faith and grow your roots strong and deep so no one can make you believe in something that is not good for your soul.


When we live our life as if it is an open book, we are free in body, mind, and spirit and allow anyone to read from our pages.


Fear is an illusionary place we travel to in our minds when we allow ourselves to move away from the heart.


Whenever we make the choice to bring fear into the light with truth-seeking questions, we shall find soul-growing answers.


Whenever you feel your light dimming, you can snap yourself back into feeling good with the simple mantra, ‘I’m getting brighter and brighter and brighter and brighter!


Find the gifts of goodness or service you have agreed to bring forth to the world and then start sharing those gifts as quickly as possible with as many souls as possible.


We must be willing to expand the heart in order to be able to expand our thinking.


If anything viewed as negative has happened on your journey thus far, turn the page, create a new chapter, and write your own positive story. Then, bless humanity with the wisdom you have gained by traveling through the experience.


We can assist other souls’ hearts and make their world brighter when they are traveling through a difficult experience not by lowering ourselves to their level of sadness but by lifting them up with the light of our joy.


God never leaves His children to wander alone. We are always surrounded with unconditional love.


One of the nicest things you can do to kick-start your children’s day is to tell them honestly they look nice as they head out the door. This easy, five-second exchange says to your child: “I see you; I notice you; I love you.


Love and kindness are the hammer and chisel that gently chip through barriers and long-held beliefs to reveal the magnificent soul contained within every human.


When we face our fear of death and slow down our busy lives, we come to realize our relationships are precious, a part of life’s foundation. Knowing this fact helps us to understand that death’s true purpose is to teach us how to live.


Never allow fear to keep you from creating your own miracle. There are unlimited options at your disposal for creating any magical experience safely if you access the wisdom of your heart and make the choice to walk in the light.


We can honor our emotions after any traumatic event by moving through the experience centered in the heart with the goal of reaching the light on the other side.


Those that choose to walk in the light will experience light.Those that choose the opposite path create for themselves the opposite experience.


Love and truth are intimately connected. You cannot have pure love without pure truth and you cannot have pure truth without pure love.


People who tell untruths are easily deceived because they have placed their energy in that negative vibration location and are now a match for that behavior.


Truth demands progress and change, and is always for the benefit of all souls—even if you must travel through a difficult learning process or make a shift as a result of facing the truth.


Hold each moment you create on your sacred journey close to your heart, for that is the location where your memory will be deposited.


An act of kindness may take only a moment of our time, but when captured in the heart the memory lives forever.


If someone is facing a difficult time, one of the kindest things you can do for him or her is to say, “I’m just going to love you through this.


When we involve others in spontaneous acts of kindness, we go from being strangers to becoming a united team connected at the heart level.


Having a vested interest in other souls unconditionally creates a ripple effect that produces miracles in the lives of those around us.


A person can put up any kind of protective wall, but love and truth always find a way around it.


A simple truth delivered in kindness may be the impetus that ignites a passionate fire in another’s soul and goes on to become the source of motivation for positive change.


One of the nicest things you can do is to speak kind words about someone behind his or her back.


A purposeful act or extension of kindness to another is never wasted, for it always resides in the hearts of all involved in a chain of love.


Kindness always leaves a timeless deposit on the heart.


There is great power in our words, because theyare thoughts to which we have given additional energy by speaking them aloud so another person can know them.


Speaking kind words starts a wave of love in motion that brings more love upon your shores.


When you want your message to be heard, always speak from your heart.


Spread LOVE and KINDNESS wherever you go. Then you can be sure you are never far from it!


Your joy can be the impetus that motivates others to find their way to joy.


Focus on keeping faith and growing your roots of light so strong and deep that no one, not even yourself, can make you believe something about yourself that is not good for your soul.


Sometimes all we have to do is make the simple choice to stop being angry or fearful in order to discover the infinite wonders of the Universe that await us behind a door we shut long ago.


Reflection is a good thing. It allows us to look back in time so we can connect the dots between specific memories to reveal the purpose and meaning behind synchronistic events.


Spending moments with another in earnest presence is one of the simple ways we can show unconditional love. It is the memories created from these impressions that survive after all else passes.


If we take the time to silence the chatter in our minds, it gives our heart the opportunity to awaken from its slumber. Peace of mind begins with peace in the heart.


Lies are like anchovies in a Caesar salad. You may not be able to see them, but your soul knows they are there.


Deception can only live in the darkness and shadows. There is no place for it to hide once it is illuminated.


There is always a TRUTH to be revealed in any situation where your emotions have shifted.


When the truth is dispensed it is for the good of all, always.


Extending gratitude to another says, “I see what you’ve done and I thank you for the energy you put forth.


Create simple ways to prove the Divine exists in every aspect of your life and then make the choice to cast your gaze only upon those things that make your heart sing loudest.


Angels do walk among us. Sometimes the only thing we may not see are the wings resting upon their backs.


It is through love that the door to Heaven is opened on earth.


We are not perfect. We are here to learn. Earth is one big classroom and God is our heavenly guidance counselor and teacher.


Any time a stipulation on love is present, unconditional love is not.


When someone wants to give you a “piece of their mind,” ask them to give you “peace from their heart” instead.


There is no fear in love. Live with the foundation of LOVE in your heart and you will become FEARLESS.


If we could all love each and every person that crosses our path a little bit more, we could attain inner peace with the knowledge that many people on this planet would be hurting a whole lot less.


The only thing that keeps us from a place of joy is an illusion, the illusion of fear.


A soul must gain wisdom by gathering information in whatever way works best. It is impossible to force wisdom on another, because each person has a choice to determine how and if it will be received.


When two or more hearts unite, anything is possible.


Our personal stories of perseverance contain immense wisdom that can assist others in finding their way to peace and illumination during difficult times.


A Spiritual Samaritan lives knowing that if we were to leave this world tomorrow, we were the best humans we could be and we touched the lives of as many souls as possible. We are not asked to be perfect. We are asked to make a difference.


Assuming is a form of giving away your power to another regarding an outcome that concerns you.


During any experience placed before us, we can stay in alignment with positivity, truth, and goodness by asking the question: What would honor and love do here?


Spend as much time as possible with positive, joyful people and as little time as possible with negative, unhappy people.


Life is about enjoying the journey, not the end destination.


Staying in alignment with truth will always illuminate the path of another soul’s journey.


Digital publishing allows an author a new platform for which the words of one heart can be shared with all souls of the world.


If you are ever in doubt about which way you should travel, make a choice that contains the essence of goodness and love and then go in that direction. This way, you can have absolute faith that you made the right decision.


There are no coincidences, only synchronicities: mini miracles placed before us by the Angels with love to inspire the mind and expand the heart.


Angels only care about what you look like on the inside. A pure heart is the vessel that contains a soul’s true beauty.


Angels walk among us, Sometimes the only thing we may not see are the wings upon their backs.


Conscious humility is the decision to live from our hearts.


It may be difficult, but there will be times we need to pick up our brooms and do some spiritual house cleaning. It is through this process that we find our true relationships, our true heart, our core integrity, and our life’s purpose.


TRUTH serves a great purpose for all that want to see. It will help uncover your life’s mission in order to reveal what your soul wants you to be.


Conscious positive wording assists us in maintaining our joy and a positive outlook on life. It allows us to make the choice to be consciously joyful and consciously grateful for all life experiences.


The spiritual things that you may not be able to see and feel are just as real as the things you can. God puts faith in place so you can believe in Him and all things spiritual without have it set before you in physical form.


Have peace in knowing, dear ones, that we are all composed of energy. Energy never dies. It is always changing and transforming.


When an Angel whispers in your ear, it is your heart that hears thy message.


If you know someone that has given up hope, try giving that person some of your peace, joy, and faith!


A feather when viewed separately may seem like only a feather,But when seen through the eyes of truth it is a sacred instrument that lifts a bird in flight.


It is an honorable charge to shine the lightand stand up for what is true, just, and right.Guardians of Light know innately that whenever we insert honor, love, and truth into any experience, we shall always remove pain.


Let us do those things that our heart is asking us to do and from this day forth allow all souls that leave our presence feeling honored and deeply loved.


If you want to know if someone is lying to you, start by living a truthful life. Once you live in the truth, you will not be easily deceived.


If we want to grow, the way to break a pattern of negativity is to face anything negative with love.


We have soul contracts with every person in our lives to live in the vibration of truth.


Fear has no place in the lives of those who choose to be victorious.


When truthful knowledge is dispensed, soul growth is accomplished every time, for all parties involved, in every situation.


Pure truth is always present, but it is each soul’s choice to decide when he or she wants it to be revealed.


When we realize every moment is sacred, we understand that every footstep is sacred, too.



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