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The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies.


There’s a big difference between the head and the heart. Fear lives in the head. Love lives in the heart. The head thinks it knows it all but the heart is always right.


Love is the most powerful force on earth. The end of fear is where love begins. Then nothing can overcome you.


If we are not taught about love when our brains and hearts are forming, we may never even recognize it when it stands in front of us. We may even run from it. We would miss out on the one thing that makes life worth living.


True friendship has no checks or balances. Once someone starts Keeping Score, the game is over.


You change for two reasons. Either you learn enough that you want to or you’ve been hurt enough that you have to.


Beauty is being who God made you to be. Make the most of what you have. He gave you what you are. Nothing about you is by accident. The right people will love you unconditionally, just as He does.


If there’s anyone we are sure to learn something from, it’s the one who pushes our buttons.


Some of us have deeper feelings for one over another. It can’t be helped. It’s chemistry. It’s inherent. You can’t make yourself love someone you don’t and you can’t make yourself stop loving someone you do.


Life’s too short to lay in wait. A soul is meant to love and love is all there is.


Shoes are like society. Once in awhile they have to replace the worn out souls.


Do we miss out on love because we are working so hard? Or are we working so hard because we missed out on love?


It takes love to hold on when you want to let go. It takes love to let go when you want to hold on.


If you are filled with guilt and shame, it’s because your heart remembers God but your head seems to have forgotten Him.


We must keep our heart open in the very moment our instinct tells us to shut it down. When we transcend this critical point, we are finally and truly able to deepen our love and strengthen our bond.


True love is not practical. True love doesn’t always follow the rules. When you are truly in love, you can lose your mind over it.


Love lives in the humblest of places. It doesn’t matter how big your house is, how nice your car is, how big your bank vault is…it only matters how much your heart can hold.


We don’t see the truth with our eyes, we see the truth with our heart.


I’ve poured my heart out on this page. Now burn it and destroy the evidence that anyone ever cared this much for you.


The heart can never break if you believe love never dies.


When you lose your mind you may as well forget it.


Life’s just a dream. It isn’t real. I know that you can’t see that yet. You want me to wake up but in my death I did wake up and I saw you were still sleeping.


Why do people feel better when they blame someone? I don’t know. Maybe it just feels better to be angry than to be sad.


Love can be found in unexpected places. Sometimes we go out searching for what we think we want and we end up with what we’re supposed to have.


When you cling to something from the past, your hands cannot be open to receive the gifts of the future.


I fear I have praised you too much too soon. Will I lose you in your shame of believing that you can never be what I think you are?


Those who are arrogant and controlling are determined to cling to spoken words but peaceful hearts are unafraid to go deeper beneath the surface.


…why, when people write words do they capitalize “I”? Why not capitalize “You” too? For You are as important as I am. It’s hard for me to understand the human ways.


I prayed for someone to love me as much as I love you. Eventually I came to see that that “someone” was me.


God should always be our first thought, not our last resort.


By loving the broken parts in youI learn to love the broken parts in me.I learn that we are not broken after all.


Try to stop Rewinding and Fast Forward into something better.


Once someone learns what a relationship comes to teach, the relationship can move on to make room for new teachers to come in with new lessons and new levels of love.


When I made you my Everything, you gave me nothing. If I made you my Nothing would you want to give me everything?


Sometimes we want to keep the battle going…until at last we we cut ourselves free. I don’t forgive you to give to you, I forgive you to give to me.


I know it sounds so simple but Love Is All There Is.


Grief leads you to believe that life will never be ordinary again, and it never really will be for it is made extraordinary as it is touched and transformed by our greatest loves and deepest losses.


Grief is an emotional rollercoaster.You will have your ups and downsand moments of terrorand brief moments of peace.You can only go as fastas the ride will take you.Just remember:It will end and you will be okay.


I miss you so much. Maybe if I say your name over and over again, it will eventually feel wrong to me. Like a word you write too many times suddenly doesn’t look right anymore. I will try that.


The more we love the more we lose. The more we lose the more we learn. The more we learn the more we love. It comes full circle. Life is the school, love is the lesson. We cannot lose.


You can’t make someone your everything because when they are gone you have nothing left.


All the love you ever gave is waiting for you there at Rainbow Bridge.


It was something new for her. New roads, new people, new places, new opportunities and new perspective. This is the one thing that inevitably moves a person through the grief. Growth heals grief.


Men have healed me. Men have wounded me. One man healed me by wounding me.


Some humans are so consumed with trying to control the outcomes of their own lives that they don’t have any idea the part they play in the outcome of someone else’s.


When love is part of a game, it means nothing. When love is love, it means everything.


Love is just a word until you meet someone who gives it meaning.


You think you know what you want and how it’s all supposed to turn out. When all is said and done, you get what you need. You know in the end that what you need is what you really wanted all along.


I prayed for someone to love me as much as I loved you. Eventually I came to see that that Someone was me.


It is when we are completely fulfilled and want for nothing more that we are given everything.


Time can heal and time can help forgive and forget because in time the memories fade. The time will go so slow so fast and love will stay if it’s right.


I’ve got some bad news and I’ve got some good news. Nothing lasts forever.


We can make our earth a heaven or a hell based on the choices that we make.


We tried to make a heaven of earth,But the earth is just a stage, a school,Where we wear our masks and play our rolesAnd teach each other how to love.


Once you know this kind of love, you will never question love again. You’ll know it when you see it. You’ll know it when you feel it. You will never be confused by something that is something else.


Deep within every crisis is an opportunity for something beautiful.


The whole point of life is to learn love. Life is the school, love is the lesson and we are all here to teach each other.


If you have to ask yourself if it’s love, it’s not.


There are not enough words in the English language to describe the experience of this. Death is more than life. Humans put their animals “to sleep” when it’s really waking them up. Everybody has it all backwards.


Everything we do in life is creating everything that’s coming. Our thoughts and our words become things manifest in our lives. Each time my Master sent me to the right place at the right time.


If you take care of everything inside of you, God will take care of everything outside of you.


By loving the broken parts in you, I learn to love the broken parts in me. I learn that we are not broken after all.


Like a car idling, I gave of my energy until there was nothing more in my tank to give… all the while going nowhere.


When you lose yourself in love, you find everything.


Vehicles are one of the best modes of transportation. Relationships are one of the best vehicles of transformation.


Just follow your bliss, that’s all you have to do. Be willing to be disappointed, for if you risk nothing, you’ll have nothing worth having.


Seeking answers to questions is what draws us forward. When you have no more questions you live in the satisfaction of the present moment. You have no more questions when you finally learn that love is the answer. Love is always the answer.


I don’t need anyone, I said.Then you cameI need I need! I NEED YOU. I needed you.What did you teach me?Not to need you.NOT TO NEED.


It’s funny, the very things I needed to learn are the things I was trying to teach you.


Why does he strive to reach for that star? It’s the very star he lives upon! He works. He reaches. He struggles. He seeks. He finds! …Never knowing he possessed it all along.


It’s not that they don’t want you. It’s that they aren’t ready to be transformed by your love.


The people who seem to need love the least are the ones who usually need it the most.


Love has a timeframe all of its own and love never dies. It is eternal. There is no end. There is no rush. There is no hurrying it. It waits patiently. It waits because it knows that there is no end and that like the sea it comes and goes.


Love is like the sea. The waves of life, they ebb and flow; they come and go. Time sweeps us away from each other. Love always brings us back.


If I keep myself busy I don’t know how lonely I am. I only know how busy I am.


I get so concerned that someone will think I don’t care about them that I don’t even see they don’t care about me.


Seeking answers to the questions is what draws us forward. When you have no more questions you can finally live in the satisfaction of the present moment. You have no more questions when you finally learn that love is always the answer.


The cops will break down your door to save you. God will break down your constitution. Brokenness is not the opposite of wholeness. It’s how He gets in.


I always thought that soul mates were meant to be forever but I learned that soul mates are only Meant To Be.


You are the creator. Get out that old box of paints and brushes and start drawing love into your life.


Sometimes what seems to be the ending of something is really the beginning of Everything.


When you give everything, you have nothing to lose.


I wanted to give you everything, to withhold nothing from you, but then one day there was nothing left to give.



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