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Remember: the time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself. Life’s cruelest irony.


Time ticks by; we grow older. Before we know it, too much time has passed and we’ve missed the chance to have had other people hurt us. To a younger me this sounded like luck; to an older me this sounds like a quiet tragedy.


Life is boring. People are vengeful. Good things always end. We do so many things and we don’t know why, and if we do find out why, it’s decades later and knowing why doesn’t matter any more.


We are all of us born with a letter inside us, and that only if we are true to ourselves, may we be allowed to read it before we die.


TV and the Internet are good because they keep stupid people from spending too much time out in public.


I don’t deserve a soul, yet I still have one. I know because it hurts.


You’ve seen what you’ve seen you’ve felt what you’ve felt. Ideology is for people who don’t trust their own experiences and perceptions of the world.


I don’t think anyone ever gets over anything in life they merely get used to it.


Sometimes we all forget that the world itself is paradise, and there has been much of late to enourage that amnesia. (Microserfs, p 366)


Maybe the more emotions a person experiences in their daily lives, the longer time seems to feel to them. As you get older, you experience fewer new things, and so time seems to go by faster.


Chronocanine Envy:Sadness experienced when one realized that, unlike one’s dog, one cannot live only in the present tense. As Kierkegaard said, “Life must be lived forward.


We can no longer create the feeling of an era…of time being particular to one spot in time.


Is that all time is – our perception of how quickly it does or does not pass?


Chronotropic Drugs:Drugs engineered to affect one’s sense of time. Chronodecelocotropic drugs have no short term effect but over time give one the impression that time feels longer. Chronoaccelocotropic drugs have the opposite effect.


Books turn people into isolated individuals, and once that’s happened, the road only grows rockier. Books wire you to want to be Steve McQueen, but the world wants you to be [email protected].


It had been drilled into us that to feel fear is to not fully trust God. Whoever made that up has never been beneath a cafeteria table with a tiny thread of someone else’s blood trickling onto their leg.


You know what the best thing is about the end of the day? Tomorrow, it starts all over again.


Humans are part of nature, and nature is one great big wood chipper. Sooner or later, everything shoots out the other end in a spray of blood, bones, and hair.


All families are psychotic. Everybody has basically the same family – it’s just reconfigured slightly different from one to the next.


It is indeed a mistake to confuse children with angels


I think of how people can betray me simply by not caring enough to hide the fact of how little they care.I think of how the person who needs the other person the least in a relationship is the stronger member.


People who advocate simplicity have money in the bank; the money came first, not the simplicity.


Failure is authentic, and because it’s authentic, it’s real and genuine, and because of that, it’s a pure state of being.


As you grow older, it becomes harder to feel 100 percent happy; you learn all the things that can go wrong, you become superstitious about tempting fate, about bringing disaster upon your life by accidentally feeling too good one day.


Their talk was endless, compulsive, and indulgent, sometimes sounding like the remains of the English language after having been hashed over by nuclear war survivors for a few hundred years.


Do you remember how you felt at seventeen? I do and I don’t (…) Imagine you came from outer space and someone showed you a butterfly and a caterpillar. Would you ever put the two of them together? That’s me and my memories.


At what point in our lives do we stop blurring? When do we become crisp individuals? What must we do in order to end these fuzzy identities – to clarify just who it is we really are?-Richard


I think that emotions affect you as much as x-rays and vitamins and car crashes.


Wow. Whoops. Sorry. … I just lost two hours inside a YouTube kitten warp.


To acknowledge God is to fully accept the sorrow of the human condition.


Hi! I’m Ethan, I shop at Ikea. I bought a $300 dining suite and it took me three days to assemble!


The only way to the top is killing and greed. Okay, I’m kidding. But killing helps.


The sixties are like a theme park to them. They wear the costume, buy their tickets, and they have the experience.


Nostalgia for the 20th century brain helps nobody.


And his computer’s spell-check always forces him to capitalize the word “Internet”. Come on; World War Two earned it’s capitalization. The Internet just sucks human beings away from reality.


I hate math. It’s hard, it’s stupid, and it’s nature’s way of separating spinsters from women who end up breeding.


Jason once told me that eye contact is the most intimacy two people can have — forget sex — because the optic nerve is technically an extension of the brain, and when two people look into each other’s eyes, it’s brain-to-brain.


For many people, myself included, the end of the world is happening all the time! It is a form of criticality that paradoxically gives us hope for change and improvement.


Flying dreams mean that you’re doing the right thing with your life.


Everybody past a certain age, regardless of how they look on the outside, pretty much constantly dreams of being able to escape from their lives.


Sometimes the best lighting of all is a power failure.


If a building looks better under construction than it does when finished, then it’s a failure.


Big companies are like marching bands. Even if half the band is playing random notes, it still sounds kind of like music. The concealment of failure is built into them.


Sometimes failure isn’t an opportunity in disguise, it’s just you.


The advent of cellphones may, in the end, be no more relevant than the ability of laptops to change our written documents into ones using cool new fonts.


To have a healthy culture, you have to have stable health care financing and stable arts financing and stable sports financing, and if you don’t have that, your culture becomes a parking lot.


I don’t know how anyone gets anything done in cities. How can you live somewhere like London or New York, when there are 81 things to do every night? Awful. Give me solitude and space any time.


Writing is largely about time, while visual art is largely about space.


Forget about being world famous, it’s hard enough just getting the automatic doors at the supermarket to acknowledge our existence.


We were never supposed to live until 40. We were built to self-destruct at 30, whether from cancer or mental illness. We’re all going way beyond our expiration date.


It’s very strange that most people don’t care if their knowledge of their family history only goes back three generations.


People are pretty forgiving when it comes to other people’s families. The only family that ever horrifies you is your own.


I’ve had maybe 20 jobs, big and small, and I’ve never hated any of them. At the same time, the moment the learning curve flattened, I was out of there.


I know it’s not cat food, but what exactly is it that they put inside of tinned ravioli?


I’m pro-forwards. Do I want the Seventies to come back? No. The haircuts were terrible. Everyone stank. The food was awful.


The time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself.


If cats were double the size they are now, they’d probably be illegal.


You pretend to be more eccentric than you actually are because you fear you are an interchangeable cog.


If human beings had genuine courage, they’d wear their costumes every day of the year, not just on Halloween.


Handmade presents are scary because they reveal that you have too much free time.


I was at Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver for four years, and I loved it.


Aliens didn’t come down to Earth and give us technology. We invented it ourselves. Therefore it can never be alienating it can only be an expression of our humanity.


It feels wistful to imagine a time when people didn’t go about their daily routine with the assumption that at any moment another massive media technology will be dumped on us by some geek in California.


Even when you take a holiday from technology, technology doesn’t take a break from you.


My question about luging is, How do you get into the luge community to begin with? Is it one day like, ‘Mom, Dad, I really want to luge.’ And your parents are like: ‘O.K., I’ll quit my job. We’ll move to an Alpine community.’


Workshops and seminars are basically financial speed dating for clueless people.


Canadians can easily ‘pass for American’ as long as we don’t accidentally use metric measurements or apologize when hit by a car.


If God drives a car, He’d drive a 1973 Ford LTD Brougham sedan with a claret-colored vinyl roof, with oxblood leather upholstery and an opera window.


A bland smile is like a green light at an intersection, it feels good when you get one, but you forget it the moment you’re past it.


Before machines the only form of entertainment people really had was relationships.


The person who needs the other person the least in a relationship is the stronger member.


When you write, it’s just a much more crystalline, compressed version of the voice you think with – though not the one you speak with. I think your writing voice is your laser-guided missile. It’s the poetry part of you.


Men won’t read any email from a woman that’s over 200 words long.


I think that to acknowledge a new generation is to acknowledge some degree of obsolescence in yourself, and that is very hard to do and often comes with undeniable anger.


The capacity for not feeling lonely can carry a very real price, that of feeling nothing at all.


When future archaeologists dig up the remains of California, they’re going to find all of those gyms their scary-looking gym equipment, and they’re going to assume that we were a culture obsessed with torture.



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