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Promise me this. When you find yourself in need of inspiration, bypass the roses that will clamor aimlessly for attention. And focus on the souls who have actually ‘lived’ among the thorns.


If you only knew how many sentences I have withheld in hopes that I will be allowed to speak them into your heart one day.


How is it that hearts hold on to memories with the strength of hope and possibilities.


She’s fire…but she will not burn you. She knows all too well how it feels to live with ashes.


I am often asked what made me the way I am. And my answer is always this: I’ve always been me. It just took awhile to find me under all the rubble.


Trying to explain feelings that are foreign to your heart, make communication daunting, even frightful. How does one express sensations that cower in the corners, fearful they will not be accepted by their inspiration?


I am deep. therefore you can’t wade in the kiddie pool and expect to find me.” – Alfa”And I’ve never wanted to drown until now.” – JmStorm


How to raise sons who respect women:Never give them the opportunity to see you disrespect yourself.


If everyone only gave a fraction of the compassion their hearts are capable of giving… how much suffering could we alleviate in this world?


I used to worry about tomorrow, but that was before I survived yesterday. Now it’s one breath at a time.


Let them howl. Let the wolves pant. You have evolved. You were not fashioned to run in a pack, or to be defined by the opinions of those who wish to limit your creativity. Let them howl. Let the wolves pant.


Show me a little bit of your soul under all those pretty words you spill, and I promise you I will drink every last drop.


And I find myself asking again and again…. What was it about such a beautiful man, who was able to leave such ugly scars?


He thought she was like all the rest… that she’d be swayed by his attention and charm. But she got tired of watching him chase his own ass and dealing with his funny farm.


Every word on every page, represents a love that captured this heart… fully, and never set it free.


Our spirits are connected honey. Wrapped in firsts of gnarled heartache. But I promise not to let go if you don’t.


Tell me about the love you’ve lost. Maybe my story won’t seem so horrifying.


I don’t expect you to fight over me… But I do expect you to fight for me… for us.


I’m tired again this morning. Was I sleepwalking in your nightmares again last night?


She’s fire. But she won’t burn you… she knows all too well, how it feel to live with ashes.


He said he’d never opened up to anyone… But that confiding in me, was like learning to breathe all over again. I don’t know about you, but how do you turn away from that?


I wouldn’t go back in time to erase you… No. I’d go back just to feel you twice. Then I’d press replay – again and again.


I wanted it to be you. I wanted your eyes to be locked with mine during every fear and tear experienced throughout my lifetime.


If you find yourself still clinging to every feeling you thought was lost forever… Maybe, just maybe, it’s the only place you can be found.


The day she realized they were never meant to be, is the day she now calls her – Birthday.


I write about pain so you know you’re not alone. I’ve felt it too. I’m releasing it… in hope that you will too.


I was feeling a bit overwhelmed earlier. Thinking – what if it doesn’t work out this time… again. And then I remembered my rebound rate is pretty damn good. It’s my super power.


All of the reasons we decided to part, elude me now.


How do you know they aren’t the one? At the first sight of total disregard for your hurt, your gut will feel uneasy. I’m reminding you to listen up.


If I had known his favorite game was mental twister, I would have suggested a movie over game night.


Let me be clear. I applaud self love. I appreciate self value. But if you’re not capable of loving another person just as much… you will never experience true love.


I never asked anything of him, yet he gave me everything. he did not run…


She wasn’t chaos. She was more of a slow burn that caught in your heart… and then you had no choice but to engulf her all at once. She was home.


All he did was breathe life into my soul. I was a conquest. An easy one, and you don’t know how badly it hurts to know that I was used and tried for a time. Then thrown back.


I’ve never met anyone who loves in the same way. But that’s the beauty of finding the heart meant for yours. The right love will accept the ‘not so lovable’ parts of you too.


I hear you knocking but I can’t let you in. The last time almost killed me. Love, My heart


I have waltzed with wolves and howled at the moon. But my heart will always remember the slow-dance that ended much too soon.


Love does not pay attention to timetables or knock when it is convenient for you. True love shows up unexpectedly, bags fully packed, daring you to offer it a place to stay.


That you were able to walk away, gives me my answer as plain as day.


Be careful with those promises who whisper while wooing and loving someone. There are those that take them to heart, and some who take them to soul.


We are the kind of Love Story that keeps souls awake at night and causes hearts to have stage fright.


I’m still in love with the parts I believed to be true. All the lies that began and ended with ‘I love you’.


I loved him… much more than I liked him. And therein was the beginning of the end.


Nothing is as endearing as a handwritten letter scribed by the person who holds your heart spellbound.


How I wish I only felt using my hands and not with my whole heart.


…and he will never grasp that what he calls ‘bitching’ is merely my heart talking out loud.


She tells everyone she’s taken. Yet her heart whispers: he’s taking too long.


There are days when my imagination in my enemy. It likes to keep me company in my darkest of times and romanticizes a past that was more of a horror story than a fairytale.


It was in the words he didn’t say… that I found all the answers to my questions.


I wear the words we didn’t say. My heart is clothed in them every day.


You think it’s easy to forget someone who made you look forward to tomorrow… And I hope you never experience convincing a paralyzed heart to keep on beating when it simply wants to die.


Having to explain to someone how they hurt you, always feels like an ass kicking… again.


… And one day it dawned on me that I had spent entirely too much time waiting on you to grow a voice box…. and the balls to use it.


I have no doubt that Taylor Swift will call one day after suffering writers block: “Alfa, I was told that you were the person to call.” I gotcha girlfriend.


He kissed her good morning like she was the reason sun decided to shine.


They beg you for transparency. Yet when you give them a peek behind the curtain shrouding your hear, they run in sheer fright.


There are days when I want to dip my soul in memories and just soak. Then there are others where I’m praying they’ll be washed away.


What is it about those unresolved endings that cause you to question every decision when you’re trying to move forward?


I hurt in places that you brought back from the dead. Now I have to lay them to rest again.


I didn’t have to say a word. My love for him appeared upon my flesh like virgin tattooed skin.


Keep yourself as busy as you can. Try and forget. But even with 7 billion other distractions… you don’t forget me.


He loved me, but in a lukewarm way. I needed scalding, but he loved in one temperature; tepid.


In case you didn’t know… You are her. The one he let get away.


I did not willingly let half of my soul leave my body. It was torn from me. I still hear the ransomed moans. It calls to me for rescue, yet clings to its abductor.


She was a warrior by day… playing her part. But she slept at night with wishes in her heart.


I don’t want comfortable. My heart is not a recliner.


Her mind is a mess, and she has no intention of cleaning today.


There is lonely, and there is alone time. I have found that both have etched character upon my soul.


I scream out the ropes of words that bound my tongue, and the heavens echo back…’I love you’.


She’d been taking care of others for so long that she scarcely recognized herself when she looked in the mirror.


Love yourself. That kind of love can get you through anything.


I am worthy of touch without bartering my self worth.


Experience taught me that when pride wins… we all lose.


How long will you fake at living life? What will it take for you to see the beauty you’ve neglected while wearing the dirty lies expected of you?


Lost is not a place. It’s a soul in paralysis… waiting to feel moved.



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