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You discuss philosophy about what you read but never really live the wisdom.


All you have to do is decide moment by moment which voice you listen to: the Truth of Love or the nightmare of fear.


The only way to make your dreams a reality is to live your truth. To embrace your truth, and embrace it with love.


To love is to communicate, and you can communicate only in truth. Speak the truth, and speak it with love.


Your heart doesn’t care about being easy. Your heart only cares about what’s true for you.


If you lie to yourself, you become your worst enemy, attacking from inside. (from The Amazing You movie)


God lives in the Now. There is always peace in the present moment.


If you are open to life’s lessons and do not feed on beliefs and prejudices, you are like a blank sheet of paper on which God writes his messages to you in holy ink.


Many things are impossible for men to do alone, but everything is possible with God. Regardless of how big your errors might have been, you will find forgiveness when you truly seek for it.


When you judge another, you judge a child of God, and when you condemn another, you condemn your Heavenly Father.


You are the masterpiece of Love Itself framed within a body. And so you are.


The most powerful affirmation you will ever find is this: “I am as God created me.


You find God by looking within. Looking at the outside world trying to find God is like looking through a telescope at the Moon trying to find atoms and molecules.


The fear of God is an insane idea. God is love and “there is no fear in love, because perfect love casts out all fear.


If you are now facing difficulties in your life, don’t focus on them but rather focus on God because when you keep your mind on God, you remember that nothing can stand in the way of His Power.


When we give all to another in a love without conditions, we get to understand how much God loves us.


Religion and God have nothing in common. If you focus on what people did in the past, you lose what God can do for you in the present. When you focus on Spirit, you find love because you know you belong. Focus on Love.


The only way to heal is to help others heal, and the only way to find love and keep love in our lives is to give it to others.


When your pockets are empty, go where your heart is full.


If you cannot find a reason to be grateful for today, be grateful for you have the sky.


Thinking about the future is the worst way of thinking about the future. Working on your future is the best way of thinking about your future.


The most tragic and deviant behaviour of all is that we live our lives like we will never die, and nonetheless we never live at all.


Beauty becomes beautiful only when it is shared with others.


The only barrier that’s blocking us from living an abundant life is our unwillingness to share what we have


In moments of great change we suffer, somehow hoping deep down that our emotions and our dramas can change the future or prevent it from happening. Future happens regardless.


It’s always your assumptions about you, about others, about future that make reality worse than it actually is.


In the pursuit of dreams, we all have different beginnings. Your past is not negotiable. You must let go of the hope for a better past.


Your commitment shakes the very foundation of this universe. (from The Amazing You movie)


Our heart calls us one way, the mind pulls us the other way, and we do the opposite. We cannot find peace when the mind rages war against the heart, when we fight with our thoughts the pull of our love.


Our task is not to find love but to remove all blocks that we have built against it.


He who has little problems, shows little love. He who has overcome huge problems, has giant love. Because he understands what it means and won’t have others suffer like he did.


For thousands of years humanity has been trying to answer the question: “Do we have life after death?” Maybe for the first time you must now answer the question: “Do I really have a life before death?


If we don’t express truth and love in relationships, they simply become a state of isolation with somebody (some body) still around.


With every dream and with every love, you have to die to the old, and be reborn to the new. You must leave what you know behind, and surrender to the unknown.


THE MOST HURTFUL BELIEF: We live in a world where we are taught that we get by taking.


The holiest place on Earth, is not a temple or a church, but our relationship to one another.


When you enter a relationship, ask yourself: Will I be prisoner to an idol by seeing the body, or free in relationship by seeing the soul?


Love is what remains after the falling in love is gone.


Take a tram ride today.
Recognise a dear friend in everyone around. 
Speak kindly to yourself.
It is only your thoughts that bring you fear.
You’ve been through a lot. 
There is perfect peace in this moment.


People who just float around in life without any direction will tell you that your dreams are not possible. Their knowledge is the perfect mirror of their results. Logic makes perfect sense.


Social context trumps reason and social context drives your behaviors with an influence akin to an invisible force. We naturally adapt our behaviors to the context.


As humans, we unconsciously embrace the group’s beliefs and behaviors without questioning them or surrender to their opinions.


Failure opens the door to the most powerful lessons and discoveries – but it does so only if you have the courage to accept reality and look failure in the eye.


Building something that matters is a marathon, not a sprint.


Every step we take toward the top is possible because of all the little steps we took in the past.


When you act against gravity, you break your body. When you act against Love, you break your heart.


The person you fall in love with only holds a mirror for you to see the pieces of yourself that you have lost, given away, or were taken away from you in the process of life.


When we fall in love, we recognise in the other the fragments of ourselves that we have lost.


Lift up your eyes from your books, from your past, from your hurts and look upon all people with love, because when you look into another’s eyes and see innocence, you find it in yourself.


Sometimes “Good bye” is just another way of saying “I love you


The fundamental emotional need of every child is being-with.


If love is what we are, then every human interaction is an opportunity to express ourselves.


A relationship is about recognising (re-cognising or re-knowing) in every moment the other as the beautiful soul that he or she is.


Human relationships are binary: they are complete and fully loving when both people are authentic or they are not at all.


When we see somebody in a difficult situation, we can understand them only if we had the same experience and had lived through it. Otherwise, we just think we know.


All of us suffer in life, but the ones who bring the suffering find the greatest pain. The wounds we inflict upon others are the most painful for us.


If you’re tired, if you’re in pain, if you’re worried or afraid – you’re human. Remember that Superman is not your patron Saint. Be kind to you.


Science and spirituality are not opposed entities that try to claim ownership of the universal truth but rather different layers of awareness about this world.


Seek not outside yourself for love, because what you are looking for is what you really are.


You cannot be afraid of the unknown. In every moment and with every step you take, the unknown becomes the known.


Your dream is the prayer the Universe makes to you, because in its fulfilment it grows together with you.


You find your purpose by putting the mind in the service of the heart and not the other way around. (from The Amazing You movie)


When you think and act opposite to love, you find yourself powerless and life becomes a frightening nightmare.


There is only one way to make your dream a reality: make the decision and then not change it.


With every dream and with every love, you will have to die and be reborn, to leave the known behind and surrender to the mystery.


n the pursuit of dreams, your unshakable commitment is the only force more powerful than your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Commitment will pull you towards the fulfilment of your idea even when you doubt yourself.


In the pursuit of dreams, your unshakable commitment is the only force more powerful than your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Commitment will pull you towards the fulfilment of your idea even when you doubt yourself.


Your mind can find all the excuses why your dreams are not possible but you will not be able to fight with your mind the stronger pull of your heart.(from The Amazing You movie)


When you embrace the mystery and refuse to give in to temporary stumbling blocks, you will not receive what you think you deserve, but rather what you deeply wish in your heart, even though your mind doubts it.


The door to your heart opens inwardly. Only you can open it.


Sometimes, sleepers turn up as common people who do everyday things, and create a new destiny for themselves when nobody’s watching.


Love is not an emotion. Love is the only constant in the universe, the substance and the truth of what we really are.


When you decide where you turn next in life, look beyond your thoughts, do not trust your emotions, and listen to your heart.


The more you share unconditionally what others most need, the more you will receive what you most want.



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