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I’ve never, nor shall I ever, mourn the loss of a fool. Losing a fool, is the same as gaining, retaining, and reaffirming my intelligence.


Some people are married to ideas that they do not love, ideas that do not love them in return. They are married to ideas they do not sleep with, ideas that rob them of their sleep.


Most people don’t mind being stupid, insomuch that they do not appear stupid; appearance and being are seldom simultaneous, congruent, and conclusive.


I mind the unmindful, but I mind my own mind too. Mine your mind, and mine the minds of others. Mind.. you are mine!


Beware of fame; for when they come for you, they come not to give, but for to gain.Whoever is needed, wields the most power.Whoever is needy, seeks to wield that power.


Too many are sorry where they should be assertive, and nearly moved to aggressive radical action, where they should be apologizing to themselves first, and then the world at large.


When your cause is noble, you shall never know fear.


Anyone who tries to put fear in a heart, has lost their heart to fear.


If a person cannot protect you, it is because you were meant to perfect them.If they cannot perfect you, you are meant to protect them.


The first stage of ignorance is illusion, due to lack of exposure to reality. The second stage of ignorance is delusion, or the refusal to acknowledge reality. The third stage of ignorance is the rejection of altruism.


Strength conquers weakness through force. Weakness conquers strength through seduction,the look and feel of ease, the illusion of rest without responsibility,and the hallucination of unaccountability in general.


Weakness employs many weapons in its perpetual war against strength. True strength does not attack; it is too busy enduring attacks, and defending itself against weakness.


In business, ruthlessness is righteousness.Seldom are there those, whom are ruthlessly righteous.Listen to these people, before the Earth repents of mankind.


Will, is the precursor of possibility, and the foresight of potential.


Some do not want to create rich experiences for others, others lack the ability to do so, but most just want to experience being rich, with little to no other experience.


A fool believes that math adds up, but also believes that they can master luck.


The seething rage that accompanies the truly despondent, effaces the delusional that mock from the safety of their shared illusion.


They cannot hurt you; their active participation, the enthusiasm in their willingness to try, proves their natural affinity and disposition to ruin, chaos, and sabotage.Some do not learn you to earn you, they learn you to burn you.


To the ordinary, opposite, means hatred. Every person sees themselves as love. To the extraordinary, opposite means opportunity.


Happiness is gleaned from a source, which can be attributed to all experiences; it can be found wherever the individual does not mind forfeiting the option, for some sense of control.


After years in utter darkness, I force my eyes into the light. For I must retain my sight, that I might view the wholeness of the void, objectively.


Do not trust a person without scars. If they have no scars, then it means someone else is wearing theirs, usually unfairly, and usually permanently.


The faithless are surprised, that the faithful put no faith in them; the infidels are astounded that the wise do not put trust in them. After all we don’t entrust cement to grow abundant foliage.


Two times twice now, I have been called arrogant, by the decadent.I’d rather be overly self confident, rather than overly self indulgent.


Some want, to be exempt. They do not want to excel, they do not want to exert. They want to be considered excellent, for desiring to be held exempt, from all accountability.


In league with being graced by greatness, prepare to be greeted, by all that is beneath you.


Most people like mirrors; what they do not like, is people, who are mirrors.


Proper process, should not hinder progress. Too much focus on process, has left many blind to measured, tangible progress.


Social conditioning, accompanied by moral and mental constraints, now serve to render the mediocre mind nearly incapable of unbiased assessment.


Those who cannot have your love, will gladly accept your hatred.


The grandeur of the thieving falsity is larceny, the fall of cities.


The seeking face that does not alter when presented with peace and reason, must bask in its wearer’s prideful ignorance.


People strive hardest to save face, when the beauty they value is solely extrinsic.


Falsehoods, rob the good in the hood, of the good wood. The good wood, that the good in the hood are descended from, is their birthright.


The lies they’ve convinced their eyes that they’re seeing, will not mar the truth in my lens.


The ability to lie, paired with unaccountability, has made a near infinite amount of liabilities.


Greed is taking more than you need to feed. Avarice is hoarding, and stockpiling stolen, rotten goods.


Even the proud in all their boasting, must fall silent before the wise.


They don’t know who I am; what they do know, is that I’m not nothing, and that I’m not noone.


Any constituency that needs amending, is a prototype in error.


Cowards only find courage in the number of their likeness, citing their lofty strongholds as havens for their impunity.


The reluctant will heed wisdom only when the confidence exhibited by the righteous awakens the seed of introspection,and the awareness of acountability, into the psyche of the uncertain.


Some people brag about standing for something so hard and so much, that they do not realize that they are actually sitting.


Many pride themselves, staking claim to the noble virtue that is loyalty. However, many resolve to give their allegiance to nothing. How can one demand loyalty, if one stands by nothing, nor commits to the realization of an ideal?


The right to write is too sacred to be wrong with.


In the average, want overcomes reason. In the magnificent, reason is the want.


A truly honorable person, would never convince another to stray, from their personal pursuit of honor. No, only one lacking this noble quality would try to justify and market, an existence without it.


The United States has never been in a united state, it has never been a united state. It never will. Lines on screens and paper do not change that.


Some are saving their right now for later, when tomorrow could be never.


Service that is purely self serving, becomes a vice.Do not serve, vice.


The honourable are moved, by the nobility of another’s sacrifice. The wicked are moved only by causing it.


Corruption ultimately guilts the corrupt, and it hardens the innocent who suffer as a result of it. It isn’t the young who corrupt the old, rather it’s the inverse.The aim of the old should be to ensure that the young grow up incorruptible.


There are those who are legitimately corrupt, who cannot admit that legitimacy allows them to corrupt legitimacy, and to legitimately corrupt others.


Sending everything they touch to the grave is what they do, but they don’t see it as a grave mistake, yet.


I only care about the helped less, and the helpless, not the helpfest or the hellfest.


Most people do not want to follow a leader, they want to command the leading of a servant.


The problems you have are there for me to help you solve, not to have with you.


The rich and the poor truly are from different realms: one has adapted to become an expert in material forfeit; the other has forfeited all they are to material, and thus is enslaved, by it.


When you raise the most valid of points, you will be grazed by the most hollow of souls, and the most vacant of personages.


If you do not know you are in danger, you are that danger. You do not know me, but I come in peace; if you think that is strange, then you are the stranger.


Greed is mistaken nobility. Instead of robbing all the pain and hardship from people’s lives and rescuing them from danger, greed robs provisions from providers.


If people ever question your loyalty, you never had theirs.


Most races have a finish line, but some racists are running races where since they never hit the finish line, they never finish lying.


Ask anyone concerned with race to fast, and take note of the response you receive.


A critic must be knowledgeable in several fields, practices, and mediums. Brushing off art that they personally don’t understand, is not a critique.


Avarice is opposed to nobility.It believes that by robbing many of all they have, that it (greed) is cloaked in the nobility that is the birthmark of the people.


If you do not love something, then it does not belong to you. For it wont be long, before you destroy that something, exactly because, you do not love it.-


Most are inclined to recline into a reclining position, in order to enjoy the decline.


Turning your back on nothing and walking away is not disloyal, it’s self respect.


Part of my wisdom consists of being a whiz at reminding the dumb, why they should be whizzes, and not just live life to whiz by others.


One of the most liberating notions is learning how many truly do not care about you, and moreover, how the few who do care about you, marvel at your indifference.


It is easier to align our opinions with facts, than it is to align facts with our opinions.



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