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She had been given a wonderful gift: life. Sometimes it was cruelly taken away too soon, but it’s what you did with it that counted, not how long it lasted.


Yesterday was a closed book, tomorrow, however, was another story.


at your weakest, you end up showing more strength; at your lowest, you are suddenly lifted higher than you’ve ever been. They all border one another, these opposites and show how quickly we can be altered.


At moments when life is at its worst there are two things you can do: 1.) break down,lose hope and refuse to go on while lying face down on the ground banging your fists and kicking your legs, or 2.) laugh. Bobby and I did the latter.


Shoot for the moon, even if you fail, you’ll land among the stars


Time cannot be packaged and ribboned and left under trees for christmas morning.Time can’t be given.But it can be shared


sometimes we have absolutely no idea where we are, we need the smallest clue to show us where to begin.


Holly’s theory about the army,” Sharon explained.And what is it?” Denise asked, intrigued.Oh, that fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.


I’m trying to make some sense out of the phrase “Everything happens for a reason,” and I think I’ve figured out what the reason is – to pissed me off.


Memories were fine but you couldn’t touch them, smell them or hold them. They were never exactly as the moment was, and they faded with time.


what a luxury it was for people to hold their loved ones whenever they wanted


There are certain kinds of silence that make you walk on air.


Two lost things that had survived the seas and arrived on a coastline. What did they do? They implanted themselves in the sand and grew into trees and lined the beaches. Sometimes a lot can come of being all washed up. You can really grow.


Believe me, when you die, it’s everybody else’s but your problem


Aim for what u want and the year will all make a sense.


…sometimes it’s best not to know, because even when you know, it doesn’t matter anyway. Ignorance is bliss. Knowledge is often a responsibility nobody wants.


I can’t be afraid of someone whose human side I see and know.


Truth is, something that I thought was perfect was taken away from me, and I never wanted perfect again. I wanted middle of the road, stuff I didn’t care about so that I couldn’t lose anything I really loved ever again.


That’s the thing about lessons, you always learn them when you don’t expect them or want them.


Time is more precious than gold, more precious than diamonds, more precious than oil or any valuable treasures. It is time that we do not have enough of; it is time that causes the war within our hearts, and so we must spend it wisely.


I don’t want to beone of those easily forgotten people, so important at the time, so special, soinfluential, and so treasured, yet years later just a vague face and a distantmemory.


Every single time you crossed over for me and met me on my side. I realize now, I don’t think I ever met you in the middle. And I don’t think I ever once said that you for that.


He tried to tell me week after week to accept things as they were and move on with my life. But if there was one man who had put his life on hold to wait for something or someone, it was him.


the important thing is not what we (look) like,but the role we play in our best friend’s life.


That somehow dreams are a blurred line between here and there, like a meeting room in a prison. You’re both in the same room, yet on different sides and really, in different worlds.


I felt that my views and philosophies had been changed overnight. The philosophies that i had gladly carved in stone, recited and danced upon.


Power. It’s all about that, don’t you forget. People want money or power.


Just as when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.


I’d live anywhere, – in one room, in the castle ruin right now – if it meant we could all just be together.


Maybe love is thinking that every time your partner does or says something mundane that you want to start a Mexican wave from here to Uzbekistan in utter delight.


The most painful moment in my life also became the moment I showed the most strength and courage.


The tattoo is there not because I believe there is something wrong with me. It’s there to remind me that our flaws are our strengths


Our minds do unusual things sometimes, Tamara. When we’re looking for things it takes it upon itself to go down its own route. All we can do is follow


Never trust a man who sits, uninvited, at the head of the table in another man’s home.


I never wanted anything new; from the age of ten, I was convinced that you couldn’t replace what was lost. I insisted on things on having to be found.


I don’t know why men like to barbecue so much. Maybe its the only thing they can cook. Or maybe they’re just closet pyromaniacs.


If you have a dream, you want to at least be able to try to achieve it in some way. Something that is seemingly beyond your grasp but that you know that with a bit of hard work you could possibly achieve.


I don’t know why, but there’s always the part of you, the part that hides in the shadows protecting the self-destruct button, that doesn’t ever want to leave the dark behind.


Courage does not take over, it fights and struggles through every word you say and every step you take. It’s a battle or a dance as to whether you let it pervade. It takes courage to overcome, but it takes extreme fear to be courageous.


Oh, it’s called, em…’ Kate thinks, ‘I can’t remember what it’s called.”You’re the same as me,’ Dad says to her. ‘You’ve got CRAFT too.”What’s that?”Can’t. Remember. A. Fuc-


How extraordinary the ordinary really is, a tool we all use to keep going, a template for sanity.


I know the difference between right and wrong. I understand the rules. But today I feel that the rules have been blurred, because today they were literally on my front doorstep.


Not like a heart, which let people in without permission, held them in a special place she never had any say in and then yearned for them to remain there longer than they planned.


If invisible people eat invisible food does invisible wind blow invisible trees?


They say a story loses something with each telling.


People tell stories and it’s up to those who listen whether to believe or not.””Shouldn’t the storyteller believe it.””The storyteller should tell it.


I guess when you’re trying to find all the parts of yourself, it’s difficult to be with someone who’s already fully intact.


I am girl of definitions, of logic, of black and white.Remember this.


He was comparing you to the butterflies that you both adore and cherish, and he said you were special for the same reasons: you were rare, exotic and entirely you. He said you’re beautiful exactly the way are now.


Life is a series of moments and moments are always changing, just like thoughts, negative and positive.


You are responsible for your own life and what happens in it, so are the other people.


You know, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.”And yet it is still extremely funny.


It was the most perfect moment in my life.It was the last perfect moment in my life.


Fairy tales are such evil little stories for young children.


But with your life you make a few bad decisions, get unlucky a few times, whatever, but you have to keep going, right?


SpringThe season between winter and summer, comprising in the Northern Hemispherethe months March, April and May.The ability of something to return to its original shape when it is pressed down, stretched or twisted.


SummerThe seasons between spring and autumn, comprising in the Northern Hemispherethe warmest months of the year: June, July and August. The period of finest development, perfection, or beauty previous to any decline; the summer of life.


AutumnThe season between summer and winter, comprising in the Northern Hemisphereusually the months of September, October and November.A period of maturity.


WinterThe season between autumn and spring, comprising in the Northern Hemisphere the coldest months of the year: December, January and February.A period of inactivity or decay.


Above Constance’s desk were nude photographs of women in 1930s France, draped in provocative poses. She had put them there for Bob’s viewing pleasure and in return he had placed African art of naked men above his desk for her.


Most of all she loved that when she hugged him her head would rest neatly just below his chin, where she could feel his breath lightly blowing her hair and tickling her head.


For the yesterdays and todays, and the tomorrows I can hardly wait for – Thank you.


oh well, is it hurting anyone? Because if its not and you’ve been given it, I’d as soon stop calling it a thing and start referring to it as a gift.


I’m a million different things every day of the week.


I always pushed myself. Whenever I felt I needed to stop, I made myself run faster.


I try to focus, but I can’t. I know why I’m here, and then I don’t know why I’m here. I understand, then I don’t. I think it’s fair, and then I don’t. I wish I’d never done what I’d done, and then I’m glad I did.


Sometomes that’s all people ever really need. Just to know.


I never grew up thinking the goal in life was to be a millionaire. All the way through college, I had a part-time job. I worked hard to get the things that you need at that age.


Discover your own style. Don’t try to repeat what has already been written – have the courage to do your own thing and don’t be afraid to do something different.


I would love to write a mystery – a romantic, funny mystery.


Oh, I talk about things; I drive my husband insane. And I can’t tell a lie. Everyone knows. I do this smile thing.



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