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The bottom line is, insults only hurt when they come from someone I respect.


You leave me tied up like a dog? Then you had better remember that this bitch bites!


Darwin says people like you need to die.” (Carrow)


When she absently worried her bottom lip with one of her adorable little fangs, he sighed..Dear gods, it’d finally happened to him.Happiness.Then his own fangs sharpened.I will kill anyone who tries to take this feeling away from me.


You’ve maddened me for you…have changed everything. So, I’m going to f*ck you long and hard, beauty, because if I’m to be enslaved by you-I want to be your master as well.


Emma turned to him, bottom lip trembling. “For me?” “Always for you. All things for you. He coughed into his fist “All your own.


What’s your favorite place to visit?” He absently answered, “Wherever you are.” “Bowen, five things about you can’t all be about me.” But you’re the only good thing that I’ve got.


He pointed a shaking finger at her. ‘You,’ he growled. She jerked glances over both of her shoulders looking for the unfortunate You he was addressing. Her. Holy shite, this madman had settled on her.


Was it just her, or did lovers look more adoringly at each other in this city? Especially in the springtime.’Die, bastards.’She sighed. It wasn’t their fault that they were bastards who should die.


I said alone!”He nodded in agreement. “Aye, you usually say that, and I still stay. It’s our way.


Ah, damn it, lass,’he called after her. ‘I’ve busted my stitches wide open.”What?’she cried, hurrying back to him. ‘Let me see!”Ah-ha!’ He snared her around the waist, dragging her down with him to his lap.’You still care for me!


I take no actions that I wouldn’t publicly recount. If you can’t speak your deeds, then don’t do them.


When she absently worried her bottom lip with one of her adorable little fangs, he s


You said you’d give me half an hour!”And you said you’d satisfy me whenever I wanted it. I want it now.’ He removed is jacket. ‘Drop the towel.”I-I never agreed to be naked!


Nix had told Emma before she’d left for Europe that on this trip she would ‘do that which you were born to do.’ Apparently, Emma was born to get kidnapped by a deranged Lykae. Her fate sucked.


She’d made him watch every Alien movie. Most of the goriest scenes were accompanied by his dialogue: ‘Ach, that’s no’ – that’s just no’ right…. Bloody hell, this canna be right.


She stretched, pulling out her earbuds, which apparently in Lykae was code for ‘Interogate me,’ because the questions, they came a-calling.


Jackson asked, “Where’d the water come from in your house?””A pipe.” Then he explained to Jackson, “Water travels in pipes.


When Matthew merely stared at him, Jackson reached into the weapon box and pulled out a sheathed machete, handing it to the boy.Matthew laughed and dropped it.


Now you’re just being silly. He’s a mercenary- he’s not going to go about penning love letters, and really, what would he write? ‘Anna…love you…grrr?'” Olivia to Annalia


Torture?” she asked with a laugh. “My first piece of information I’ll divulge to you? I wouldn’t recommend trying to torture me. I dislike it and grow sulky under pincers.It’s a fault.


They desecrate Riora’s sacred temple! She will be enraged.”“Oh, gods, look at the marble. We are all beyond doomed.”“Somebody put a plant in front of it!


You dress her in a wet T-shirt and make her carry the bags? Damn, Cade, I like how you roll” – Rok


Illusion is Reality’s coy lover who cheers him when he is grim. Illusion is cunning to his wisdom of ages, weet oblivion to his knowledge. A bounty to his lack. [Sabine]


I can draw you a diagram. Hint: I’m slot B, and you’re tab A.


Nixie, every party is an orgy waiting to happen.”Nix opened her mouth, then closed it, dragging Neomi and Mari away. “Well, you can’t argue with reason, can you?


Too bad,Elizabeth. You’re Stuck with me.Not for a few decades,not for centuries. You’re tied to me forever. That boy and girl offspring you talked off? They’ll come from me–or no one.


She’d thought there was no greater connection than destiny decreeing them joined. But there was – the choice they’d made to love each other.


His debtors always assumed he’d demand their firstborn. Like I’m fucking Rumpelstiltskin? What would Lothaire do with countless squalling babes? Raise them in a kennel?


Straightaway, she’d called to the guard, “Oh, boys?” She’d sauntered to the glass in only her black lace bra and panties. “I need some assistance,” When they slowed, agog, she’d purred, “Can one of you help me find my orgasm?


Seconds passed, then … La Dorada skulked into view. She was half-mummified, but sodden.


Don’t get pissy with me leech.” With a glare, Carrow pressed her print to his torque. “Even tapped out, I can still do a love spell to make you fall in love–with the sun.


Yo, Dekko, who do I gotta blow around here to get a shower?


Lothaire is very much alive.”“You swear?”“Often. Though not as much as foul-mouthed Regin. I try not to in front of Bertil.” She petted the bat.“I meant—will Lothaire live?”“He will.


She murmured, “You’re unfinished.””Aye, precisely.””I need to go.”When she moved to get up, he shoved her against his side and slapped her arse to keep her there. “You stay with me.”She snapped, “What do you want from me, C


Apparently unaffected, she rose. “Yeah, you’re probably right. I should be going.” She feigned a yawn. “You’ve gotta head back to work and I’ve gotta head to jail. Big night for me. I’m planning to shiv someone for a bar of soap. —


He sat up, going still. “Am I wearing a wife-beater, Lizvetta?” He gaped down. “Oh, come on!”Lothaire


It felt bizarre to be ignored in general, much less by an embodiment of Aidan–who used to stare at her so hard that he’d run into trees.


He shot to his feet, faced off against her. “No more mercy for ye, Valkyrie.” Holding nothing back, he launched a haymaker at her


Kneeling before him, Regin murmured, “Don’t let that Fegley worm get to you.” Still staring ahead, the kid slowed his banging. “There’s a good … male of indeterminate species.


When Thad began nuzzling her neck, pressing his opened lips against her, she smacked him in the back of the head. “Don’t go vamp on me now!””Whaa!” He shot upright, his fangs sharp. “Where


I can’t believe you’re going to sacrifice your archery mojo for MacReive.” Lucia would forfeit her fantastical skill with a bow if she was unchaste. “Who am I going to hang out with when your a talentless nobody?


There’s no poetry in me, Reginleit. No fine words.” He stared down at her, his gaze seeming to consume her. “I come to you as a man unfinished.


Tell me, if I take you to my room and put you in my bed, what do you think would happen?””I can draw you a diagram. Hint: I’m slot B, and you’re tab A.


No ale for the girl, Birgit,” Aidan said to the woman. “Do we not have milk?”Regin’s face heated. And all the worse, because she would dearly love some milk.


Warlord, you once told me I’d always know what you’re thinking. What are your thoughts now?””Partly, I’m thinking that I might shame myself in my trews, just from the feel of you next to me.


When they passed the centaur king’s cell, Volos pointed at Regin and slid his forefinger across his throat.She replied, “Hey, didn’t I see you in a donkey show down in Tijuana? No? You’ve got a twin then–


Face it, Nat, this is one tiger who will never be jumping through your flaming hoop–


Regin:“I finally understand what a dickie-do is. Your gut does stick out more than your dickie do.


The game seemed to be speeding up, building on itself. Right around the deaths of Tess and Selena, I’d met the Sun.Were we spinning to an end?


Tell me, Lothaire, I want to know. Convince me why I should love you.”“Because any other female would!


I don’t get it. I’m sexually attractive to a remarkable degree-“”And humble.””It’s not bragging if it’s true. And I’m his-which means, this is in the bag. Or should be.


Evangeline,” he sighed. “It ain’t ever goan to be easy with you, is it?


Please put your penises away, gentlemen. Dinner is procured. By a woman.


Wroth, darling,” she purred, smiling so sweetly. “I can’t wait for the next time I get to put my mouth on you.” In an instant the smile faded and she snapped her teeth and yanked her head back as if she was chewing something free.


He swallowed. “Have you no modesty?” Never in his life had he encountered a female so quick to be naked. Of course, he’d never in his life encountered a female who should so utterly be naked at any chance.


What about the old standby of kicking a guy in the groin?” “Try to.” Love to…


I believe in times of adversity there’s a line that is sometimes drawn, a line that separates your old life from your new. You cross the line, you’ll never be the same.


Well I am young.” Just as he felt a flicker of ease, she murmured in a sexy voice, “But, baby, I’ve been busy.


Why am I letting you comfort me?” He stared over her head. Because I’ve made sure you have no one else to turn to.


Mel exhaled. “Why are you forcing me into the voice-of-reason role? You know that never works out for us.


Aww, did we masturbate through the tears last night?


A king of a kingdom no one fucking knows about! I’m the tree in the forest that silently falls–when no one is around to be crushed! [Lothaire, Enemy of Old]


In other words, he was the tree in the forest that silently fell–when no one was around to be crushed.


The demon was turning out to be an unpredictable, feral, bone-and-head-collecting, sexually ravenous happiness battery. She swallowed. All I have to do is plug him in.


You stay on me like my godsdamned shadow, vampire.”Mirceo’s lips curved. “Eternally, demon.


Jackson snorted. And Selena play-slapped his chest, like he was her mischievous boyf


You wouldn’t recognize a good thing if it was spanking your ass.


Hey! When he dug into it, rifling through her things, she snapped, “Go Yoda someone else’s supplies, asshole.



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