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A dragon just gave me a piece of jewelry,” she said. She took another swig and handed the bottle back to Graydon. “Have I been added to his hoard?”He shook his head and drank too. “No, cupcake,” he said. “I’m pretty sure you’ve replaced it.


She called me ‘my lady,’ ” she told him in a plaintive voice. “I don’t know who that is. I’m no lady.” The last of his fury faded away to be replaced with a quick gleam. He peered under the sheet. “I can attest to that.


Screw pretty. I’d rather be strong. Pretty fades over time. Strength gets you through the bad shit.


Behold the Power of the peanut. His body mass may be small, but his influence is mighty. The last holdout in the Tower has officially fallen to him. (Said by Pia about the effect her son ‘peanut’ had on the Sentinel Aryal)


Her music ran through him with electric energy, more joyous than anything he could remember and more painful than silver.


Your music hurts, the way sunshine hurts when you’ve existed for a long time in darkness.


He cupped her head with both hands. “You’re full of your own kind of magic, and it’s much more rare and beautiful than all the other spells around you. They are commonplace. You are unique.


Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.” “Unfortunately,” he said as gently as he knew how, “it would appear so.


Giving her a slow, coaxing smile that turned the heat in the room up by a thousand degrees, he stroked her lips with the balls of his thumbs as he murmured, “Can we get back to talking about possibly inviting that werewolf for sex?


Lifting his head, he whispered against her wet, throbbing lips, “Too much?” Wasn’t that sweet, Consider even. But oh, hell no. She gasped, “Not enough.


I want to do everything to you, all at once,” he muttered. “I want to stroke you, fuck you, hold you down, lift you up, pin you, take you. I want you to take me. Lord and Lady, Sophie, I don’t know that I have any gentleness in me tonight.


There was nothing else in the entire universe, nothing but the two of them together. Her curves, his angles. Her light, his darkness. Her softness, his exquisitely aching hardness. Male. Female.


What do you think about having some orgasms to celebrate?


London was littered with social clubs and houses of chance, but Malfeasance was not just any gaming hell. It was located in the most notorious part of London and, Graydon had heard, was run by a pariah Djinn named Malphas.


He had not become a sentinel by worrying about what he should or shouldn’t do. He would live or die as he always had, by making decision he knew to be right…Graydon didn’t hide from life. He flew at it with everything he had.


Great, numbskull. Just bloody great. You’ve already managed to piss off the Queen. What’s next on your agenda, setting fire to Disneyland?


Tiago turned to survey the large, crowded ballroom. “Good job not killing anybody.””That’s what Pia said,” Dragos told him. “Night’s not over yet.


Do you have to take note of every little thing I do? I mean every tiny, little thing, Dragos?””Yes,” he said simply. “When I look at you, even when things are going to hell, somehow everything is all right.


I’ll make you eat those words.””You are very welcome to try,” she whispered. Her attempt at cockiness had turned breathy and yearning. “Please, try very hard.”A smile lit his hard features. “Trust me, that will be entirely my pleasure.


So, is that your long scaly reptilian tail, or are you just happy to see me?


Maybe your sperm is so mighty, you shoot magic bullets.”His intent expression splintered, and he burst out laughing. Almost as quickly, he sobered again and told her with a completely straight face, “Of course I do.


She crooned in his head. Honey, I’m so proud of you for not killing anybody.His gaze flashed to hers, and that flat, assessing expression vanished as he laughed. Squeezing her fingers, he told her, Week’s not over yet.


He was the darkest of voices inside her head, the Night-kind King, and when he turned his gift of persuasion onto her, she wanted to take her soul out of her body and hand it to him.


Personal growth was damn hard work. It also took a lot of time, so it was going to have to take a backseat for a while.Because right now, he had a battle to fight and Vampyre ass to kick.


Blood tricked down Molly’s neck from the stinging cut Justine had given her. She thought, dear lords and ladies, all I want in the whole wide world is a bath, a pina colada, and the chance to stake this bitch in the heart.


Tell me what the fuck you want me to do, and I’ll do it.


We could cut loose, you know. Every man for himself. I look after my orgasm, you look after yours. Right here, right now. Quick and dirty.



”We could cut loose, you know. Every man for himself. I look after my orgasm, you look after yours. Right here, right now. Quick and dirty.


Been there, done that. I’m sure I’ve got a T-shirt somewhere to prove it.


…he didn’t know when he was going to get the chance to play WoW again. And it was damn important to do his bit to save all life on Azeroth while he could.


I didn’t know I was looking for you, but I was,” he whispered.


Stop looking at my mouth.” His eyes darkened, as she saw his pupils dilate. He mouthed back, just as silently. “What if I don’t want to stop looking at your mouth?


His true nature, leopard, knight, and prince…“Just as you see the Wyr in me, I see the Djinn in you.


You can have all the right reasons in the world. They don’t mean shit, my friend, if what you do causes harm.


Hope and carbohydrates were a powerful combination.


I can’t get enough of you,” he said against her neck. “When I walk away from you I feel like I’ve cut myself off from breathing.


If your life is a blank page, that only means you have room to write your story. You have the power to tell that story the way you want to.


Kids these days,” Dragos said quietly. “They grow up so fast.” “Supersonic fast,” Pia said just as quietly.


He was surrounded by people who loved him, yet he had never felt lonelier.


We have to get you a haircut sometime today. You’re starting to look like a sulky rock star.” “Well, I am a rock star,” he said, deadpan


Dragos never lifted his head from his task. He said in a quiet voice, “Tell me you’re in control, and I will believe you…” Straightening his shoulders, Liam replied steadily, “I’m in control.


Liam can’t be a rebellious son and expect to be a sentinel at the same time. I won’t allow it. Sentinels obey orders. They have to.


Love is like a lion. It’s fierce and strong. It conquers fear and uncertainties, and it knows how to fight. Love fights to win and keep its mate, to do the right thing, to give to others in service, no matter what the cost.


Dragos reached for his coffee cup. “You are always going to be one of my highest priorities.


Hi, my name is Cuelebre, Liam Cuelebre. My code name is Double Oh Peanut, but you can call me Rock Star for short.


Mom’s smiles were the most beautiful thing in the world, and they almost always made things better. They almost even made an early bedtime okay, but not quite.


Suddenly, she burst out, “I want to punch her evil, lying face.”Liam caught a flash of hot gold as Dad looked at them, narrow-eyed, in the rearview mirror. Dad said, completely seriously, “I can make that happen.


That night he ate so much spaghetti, Mom said he was in danger of turning into a big noodle, which made him laugh so hard, he fell out of his chair.


Try not to be too stupid, will you?”That sounded like some great advice…


What was the point of spying if you couldn’t keep it a secret?


She asked, “Is there anything I can do to help?”He buried his nose in her hair, took a deep breath and sighed. “You help just be being here.””Well, that bit is easy,” she told him with a smile. “Because I wouldn’t be anywhere else.


You are mine. You are always going to be mine. It doesn’t matter what came before, the only thing that matters is what is now and going forward. There will never be anyone else for you. Only me. Me.


She was the real treasure, more precious than sapphires, diamonds and gold.At the core of his ancient, cynical heart, he was an acquisitive creature, after all.


He clenched his teeth and muttered, “I can’t get deep enough.”….Putting her mouth to his ear, she whispered, “Try.


His father read aloud, quietly, his voice steady and gentle, while he pressed a hand to Liam’s delicate back, supporting his position….She realized Dragos was reading the quarterly profit percentages from a stockholders’ report.


Well, dude,” said Khalil, “sometimes you just have to get over shit.


He had taken to asking himself WWPD? (What Would Pia Do?)


Aryal whispered, “If I start slapping people, I might not be able to stop.


Dragos, I’m beginning to feel like we’re travel cursed. Something always happens when we go away.


Avoid stress, the doctor had said. Eat lots of good food and enjoy this little mysterious bun cooking in the oven. Ha!


She smiled and whispered, “I’m kissing you right now.” He swore softly, frustration evident in the snap of his voice. “I’m kissing you too.” With that she had to be content enough to walk away.


He told her, You are a wise woman. Pleasure warmed her voice. I do have my moments, don’t I?


What do you have in mind? It was too dark for her to see his smile, but she could hear it in his voice. Probably too many things for the amount of time that we’ve got, but you never know. I’m an ambitious man.


The universe can bring it. We’ll deal with whatever may happen together.


How exactly does one break the news to her husband that she’s standing in a closet with the dead body of one of their dinner guests?


Why use a sledgehammer when a butterfly net will suffice?


The stranded Daoine Sidhe knights of the Dark Court gathered at the ring of ancient standing stones under the pale light of the harvest moon. Whenever the Daoine Sidhe gathered, they raised the natural energies of the world around them.


I want you too, so much,” she whispered. He murmured in her ear, “Then take me.



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