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Gratitude is uplifting and helps you glow, stay beautiful, and feel eternally young as it churns up zeal and undying enthusiasm.


All the answers i seek lie within me, but inner quietude is mandatory before those become loud and clear.


The light that colors the embraces the gods is the light that resides in your heart.


We have to believe that our prayers, if pure and powerful can transform any catastrophic situation, regardless of its magnitude.


Every answer I seek lies within me. Any outward seeking for my answers can only take me as far as my inner self permits.


Awakening others is an impossible endeavor until I myself am awakened.


Through powerful and heartfelt communication with the universe, you can create a new world everyday-you can be proud of.


Live each day like you are celebrating your birthday—that is what life wants for you. Engage with family and friends. Indulge in good food, music and dance. You are precious to life.


Let your faith in the Universe deepen, purify and strengthen most on your troublesome, dark days. If you close your eyes in prayer, surrendering every problem and desire, you will find a way out without fail.


Trust life. Trust your Creator. He will not deliver you to anything but the best.


Be the light. Be the love. Not to one or two selectively, but to each person who crosses your path today and every day.


Look for excuses to celebrate others, and life will find a way to celebrate you.Make your life a prayer and be the light that touches lives far, wide and beyond.


You are beautiful, brilliant, perceptive and pure beyond compare. Your folly lies in being unaware of your inner power and living a mediocre existence.


The shift in thought frequency of a single individual has enough energy to light up the world’s lighthouses—we hold that much power within us.


Truly worthy are those who become brighter as the days get cloudier so that their light shines through, regardless of how hard the clouds are working to block their radiance.


Where there is a blanket of hate, uplift it with the strong arms of love. If there is pain, heal it with your kind words and gentle touch. In the face of anger, stay so calm and unfazed that anger leaves the room.


Cherish every person and all opportunities. Have no fears, no doubts and no regrets. Focus on what you can give, not on what you can get.


Practice unfettered living from the heart, abandoning all self-imposed limitations to emerge a new, creativity unleashed, giving of yourself like never before.


Delivering everyday greatness, or not, is up to you.


Pave the path. Inspire. Make sure you are missed by the people who matter long after you have gone.


Being a messenger of love is all about caring for every person in your orbit unconditionally and ceaselessly. The harder the other person makes it for you, the more love you need to send their way.


The instant you take the lead in the tug-of-war with your ego, enlightenment becomes your state of being.


Prayer is a connection from your heart with a force that is powerful beyond measure, loves unconditionally and impartially, and embraces you whenever you turn to it.


Within you exists the same power that rests with the Universe, for you are not separate from the source you pray to.


Do not turn to prayer only in times of grief, suffering and rage. Make prayer a habit whether you are blissful or sorrowful, serene or upset, clear or confused.


A clear prayer for which you take sole responsibility has no option but to manifest, if not today or tomorrow, then the day after that.


When in prayer, there is no need to implore, beg or repeat. You have been heard, and your wishes will be granted perfectly at the right time. Relax, be patient and do not fret.


The power to accomplish the life of your dreams rests with none other than you. Whatever holds you back is also within you.


You have been called. Know that. Understand that. Imprint it deep in your heart and set out on your mission in whatever way you can, here and now! The world is waiting for you.


If today is the last day of your life, the one thing you want to say is that you showed up for life. You showed up for your dreams. You showed up for the people who mattered to you. And above all, you showed up for yourself.


Be thankful for all you gain. Be thankful for what you lose, too. Find a reason each day to celebrate your life.


The theory of karma exists not to bring fear to your heart but to ensure you do not lose hope and give up at the first obstacle that hits your path.


Be open to surrendering all preconceived notions, well-thought-out plans and annual to-do lists.


Success is not about getting it right the first time but about not giving up even if it takes a lifetime of effort.


Success is for those who are persistent in the face of reality. The harsher the truth, the stronger they hold on to their dreams.


Prayer elevates and transforms you. Nourish your soul using this powerful communication tool every day, and you will never be the same again.


Life is beautiful. Like a beautiful blue wave, it ebbs and flows, sometimes gushing forth and sometimes receding quietly.


Live gratefully. Express it constantly. Expect abundance.


Master the attitude of gratitude and the pathway to abundance will open for you.


You are enough exactly as you are, whether you believe it or not.


Where love is absent, violence is a glaring possibility. Introduce love into any situation and violence gradually evaporates.


Join hands with other protagonists of love and peace and become a love commander.


The canvas of your life can reflect infinite beauty depending on the colors you opt to splash on it.


Whatever you do, listen for your inner voice. Do not ignore it.


The key to finding your mission lies in listening to your heart and dancing to its beat.


Somewhere there is a drummer calling to you too, and playing your special beat.


You have been crafted with utmost care and creativity by your Creator. There is none other like you in the world.



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