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Would he find her?Without question.Would he save her?Always.


Fight for the only thing she knew was good enough, noble enough, powerful enough to be worth risking everything… Love.


The only way to survive eternity is to be able to appreciate each moment.


Rule number 2 – don’t listen to me!” Arriane laughed, “I’m certifiably insane!


Now lemme get this straight,” she said in a throaty, nasal voice. “You put the lime in the cocanut and drink ’em both up–whoa, long faces. What am I interrupting?


Cam’s wings were so bright they were almost blinding as they pulsed. “Holy Hell,” Callie whispered, blinking.”More or less,” Arriane said


And Daniel?” She asked.”Daniel was a player-“”Hey!” “That’s what they called the actors.” Bill rolled his eyes.


What if you find your soul mate… at the wrong time?


L’avrebbe trovata?Senza il minimo dubbio.L’avrebbe salvata?Sempre.


Sometimes beautiful things come into our lives out of nowhere. We can’t always understand them, but we have to trust in them. I know you want to question everything, but sometimes it pays to just have a little faith.


I’ll always choose you.” Yes that was the word. “Every single lifetime, I’ll choose you. Just as you have always chosen me. Forever.


I’ll love you with all my heart, in every life, through every death. Iwill not be bound by anything but my love for you.


I will wait for you as long as it takes. I will love you every moment across time.


LUCE: You really beleive this? That someday I’ll live through this?DANIEL: With all my heart and soul, I will wait for you as long as it takes. I will love you every moment across time.-Daniel & Luce, PASSION


One day, our love will conquer this dark circle. That’s worth everything to me


The voice sank through luce’s skin and straight into her heart. Daniel’s voice. He was calling to her. He wanted her. Needed her. Luce moved towards the sound


Nothing is real. There is only what we believe in and what we reject.


Silence is what causes most of humanity’s problems


There is no dark, darker than the distorted great light.


The last thing we expect others to do is the last thing they do before we learn we cannot trust them.


The last thing we expect others to do, its the last thing they do before we learn we cannot trust them.


Sometimes beautiful things come into our lives out of nowhere. We can’t always understand them, but we have to trust in them.


Then the angels, the demon, and the Nephilim flew to distant corners of the sky, leaving a moment’s brilliant flash of light behind them, as below, Luce and Daniel fell in love for the first-and the last- time


Loneliness in a crowd of people was the worst kind of loneliness, but she couldn’t help it.


The past is important for all the information and wisdom it holds. But you can get lost in it. You’ve got to learn to keep the knowledge of the past with you as you pursue the present.


Silence is what causes most of humanities problems.


You said a curse is only a curse if I allowed myself to me cursed by it. You said… I had it in my power to free myself of any curse – that curses were preludes to blessings…


He still loved her—and every moment that he didn’t have her hurt him deeply. That was why he’d spent the past nine days with a shadow of her soul, why he’d sought to reset the entire universe to have her back.


I will alway catch you when you fallDaniel Grigori.Fallen


If the hero does not match the story, it is the hero, not the story, who must be rewritten.


i”ll always catch you when you fall.” -Daniel ,, torment


Stars grounded her. Their distance offered perspective when she couldn’t see beyond her own pain


First kisses were about discovery, transformation, wonder.


THIS QUOTE CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM UNFORGIVEN”This whole time, I’ve been in Hell?” She stepped away from Cam, out of the spotlight and into darkness.”Because of you.


I try to hook you up every day. What’s the point of calendars without dates?


I know that whenever I feel my world turningupside down, nothing grounds me like a manicure.


And while Luce dreamed below of the most glorious wings unfurling-the likes of which she’d never seen before-two angels in the rafters shook hands.


Luce blushed. “Then what kind of angel are you?””I’m sort of in between gigs right now,” Daniel said.


I can’t wait to make you the love of my mortal life.


Letting go of someone you loved wasn’t hard. There was no word for what it was, because even if you didn’t let them go they were still gone.


How could it be? For weeks he’d run himself ragged, his only goal to keep her safe until the moment when he could no longer offer her protection. Now that moment had come and gone- and so did Luce


She didn’t know that loss was alive in the world, a thief always about to slam you and steal everything you had.


The starlight, which seemed strangely bright tonight, wasn’t starlight at all. Instead, Lucifer’s demons had gathered high in the firmament above. It was their eyes that shone like stars through the wildfire smoke.


Wisdom holds a candle to experience, but you’ve got to take the candle and walk alone.


He dipped her low and kissed her fiercely, as if he were angry, and each time his lips left hers, even just for half a second, the most parching thirst ran through her, making her cry out.



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