Top 45 Goethe Quotes

For a man to achieve all that is demanded of him he must regard himself as greater than he is.


But one must know where one stands and where the others wish to go.


So lively brisk old fellow don’t let age get you down. White hairs or not you can still be a lover.


The artist alone sees spirits. But after he has told of their appearing to him everybody sees them.


Beautiful is greater than Good for it includes the Good.


Ordinary people know little of the time and effort it takes to learn to read. I have been eighty years at it and have not reached my goal.


A man can stand almost anything except a succession of ordinary days.


Talents are best nurtured in solitude: character is best formed in the stormy billows of the world.


Talent is nurtured in solitude character is formed in the stormy billows of the world.


If children grew up according to early indications we should have nothing but geniuses.


Unlike grownups children have little need to deceive themselves.


People may live as much retired from the world as they please but sooner or later before they are aware they will find themselves debtor or creditor to somebody.


We know accurately only when we know little with knowledge doubt increases.


From desire I plunge to its fulfilment where I long once more for desire.


Thou must (in commanding and winning or serving and losing suffering or triumphing) be either anvil or hammer.


It is in the half fools and the half wise that the greatest danger lies.


It is better to be deceived by one’s friends than to deceive them.


Genius develops in quiet places character out in the full current of human life.


I make presents to the mother but think of the daughter.


We can always redeem the man who aspires and strives.


It is said that no man is a hero to his valet. That is because a hero can be recognized only by a hero.


He is happiest be he king or peasant who finds peace in his home.


We accept every person in the world as that for which he gives himself out only he must give himself out for something. We can put up with the unpleasant more easily than we can endure the insignificant.


If you treat men the way they are you never improve them. If you treat them the way you want them to be you do.


There is nothing more frightening than ignorance in action.


When an idea is wanting a word can always be found to take its place.


And here poor fool with all my lore I stand no wiser than before.


One man’s word is no man’s word we should quietly hear both sides.


He alone deserves liberty and life who daily must win them anew.


Cursed Mammon be when he with treasures To restless action spurs our fate!


If a man thinks about his physical or moral state he usually discovers that he is ill.


Mozart is the human incarnation of the divine force of creation.


Every day look at a beautiful picture read a beautiful poem listen to some beautiful music and if possible say some reasonable thing.


There is not a single outward mark of courtesy that does not have a deep moral basis.


Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten but they may start a winning game.


Science and art belong to the whole world and before them vanish the barriers of nationality.


All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire but my heart is all my own.


There is no crime of which I do not deem myself capable.


Let him who believes in immortality enjoy his happiness in silence without giving himself airs about it.


He who is firm in will molds the world to himself.


The society of women is the foundation of good manners.


Who does not know another language does not know his own.


When an idea is wanting a word can always be found to take its place.


Most people work the greater part of their time for a mere living and the little freedom which remains to them so troubles them that they use every means of getting rid of it.


Everyone believes in his youth that the world really began with him and that all merely exists for his sake.



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