Top 44 Natasha Tsakos Quotes

The Magician makes the visible, invisible.The Scientist makes the invisible, visible.The Artist stands in between, indivisible.


Science is no longer fiction,but Reality may become one.


We should resume our language to science and leave the rest to silence


We can’t fear the future with a present mindset. We must ask ourselves questions we do not know the answers to, we should disrupt ourselves to grow.


I do not feel any obligations toward my lineage, or environment,but an inclination to what feels right.


Let’s create positive change on this planet; With either: the hyper sophisticated tools we have, or the mobile device we are


Innovation is the result of a process that brings radical ideas to create positive change


You know you are changing when you no longer have points of references. Mapping a new life.


It is strange a difference comes from a subtraction.


Because the new the stories we tell, the art we make, the rockets we build, will influence the future that shapes our present.


Theatre is a voyage into the archives of the human imagination


It’s no longer history in the making. It’s our story we are making.


We’ve now become the spectators of our own mutation. We may not die human anymore. But what makes us human?


To create different work, one needs new tools and materials


It seems that nonsense is the only sensible recourse to remedy the nonsense of society’s accepted normalcy


Creativity is the DNA of innovation, the virus of evolution, the antidote to automation


Creativity is not a gift, it’s a mindset that you practice


The only thing I knew was that I would give myself permission to imagine anything, and reverse engineer my way from there.


History is made by those who see beyond what already exists. They see all the things that don’t yet.


As we begin to internalize the technological kingdoms we have built, as we progressively become more superhuman, what will differentiate us from machinery?


How will the performer-audience interaction change, now that we are so used to participating in the lives of strangers?


Our vocabulary may become a real time algorithmic word bank. Could you imagine having a conversation like that? Where the meaning of words constantly adapts?


Once we’ve become Gods, And Superheroes, and Spidermen(ed) through the web of potential, what will be next?


The only substance that goes in and never leaves, are words


Theatre is pure teleportation by means of suspension. It’s a voyage into the archives of the human imagination. A passport to all what ifs.


Impossible is only two letters away from being Possible.


Perfection is dangerous. It leaves no room for range.


You’ll know you’re doing something right if you feel you don’t know what you’re doing… if you know what you are doing, you are doing it right- but you might just repeating yourself…


I have been under the influence- of boggling information over the years.


Running wild in a field of exclamations, chasing question marks


If we were fossils of two snails caught in a rock for millions of years.Would we know we were together?


If your callswere measures of Time,a day would last a centuryand in between us would beAn Eternity.


What if Theater was the Pong of the the digital Ping?A place where the live experience has an function?


Patience and Impatience are having tea discussing Time. The conversation goes on endlessly.


There is a Revolution, it’s a human and technological revolution


There are 2 types of artist:those who create for others in mindthose who create for themselveseither way, none are truly independent.


It’s about running wild in a field of exclamation points chasing question marks


If Da Vinci had to tweet 5 times a day, we’d still be riding bicycles.


We are not here to question the possible,we are here to challenge the impossible


I have Shakespeared my Moliere to Tenessee, and I am Wild for Becket! But I got a little tired of the redundancy.


Content” ranges anywhere from the logo on a can of soup, dogs dancing on youtube, to the coding of an app:it’s confusing!


I Guess there is a Limited Gap in this Republic of Bananas due to the DeKay N Y is Le Vice such an alarming Exchange when you Express your Benetton? Ask Tommy, he’ll figure!


There is no such thing as an “independent artist”. All artists are essentially co-dependent of the audience.


Artists are social sensors and transmitters of ideas



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