Top 42 Kathy Bryson Quotes

I heard ‘naked’ and ‘full of hot air.’ I try not to let that be my first impression of anyone.


I am always a perfect gentleman. If you ever want me to not be a perfect gentlemen, you’ll have to ask and not be crying when you do.


You are never to drive like that,” I told them. “Even if you are ever wealthy enough to own a Jaguar.


How would we get corporate sponsorship if we were just a bunch of thugs?


I love the man,” Megan said as she took a seat, “but honestly he needs to learn when not to agree with me.


I’m an ass,” the voice on the phone said. “A complete and total ass.


It was a sign of how worried and confused I was that I wasn’t completely distracted by the sight of his powerful thighs flexed in front of me.


Jinx, I know you just lost your grandfather, but you straighten out your tone right now or I will smack you one!


Ah, that’s just sean nós singing and dancing. Something to do around the pub of an evening.


Don’t know what I’m talking about? Don’t know what I’m talking about!” My shout hit notes that normally only Wagnerian sopranos can reach. “You think you’re a freaking leprechaun, but I don’t know what I’m talking about?


No, really,” she said. “We get it. Sometimes the guy just makes you crazy, even if you do love him.


You could have agreed to disagree,” Megan argued. “Then you could kiss and make up. That could be fun.


A country road, a gravel road, is a sign of civilization, sure, but it’s just a farm, an easy conquest. Iron means a stronghold, people who can defend what’s theirs.


You can’t have it both ways. Either I’m Irish and can talk, or I’m a man and I can’t.


Mr. Jennings is the one who trapped the fairies here to begin with. If they’re back and wandering around, if they’re loose, then, well, it’s not good.


That’s not Eire. Everyone always thinks that, but we’re not shamrocks and wee men. You should know the difference.


Everyone helping out was supposed to make me feel better, but it actually made me feel more like a screw up.


Now, where had I heard drinking and brawling before? Oh right, Ashley’s father. Well, I wasn’t doing that again.


That was one tiny trailer when both girls wanted to watch TV or use the computer or the bathroom at the same time.


It was easy to imagine he’d just rolled out of bed and then it was easy to imagine him in bed and I wasn’t going there.


Ours was not one of those nice, quaintly old-fashioned mobile homes that senior citizens putter around in. We lived in the beat-up tin can of clichéd poverty.


Take some advice from an old farmer. You’re in business now. Take the money. You’d be amazed at how many don’t want to pay.


My inner bitch could handle this peon without even breaking a sweat.


Everything you’re telling me was just a story, and now it’s real.


A leprechaun did not just kill off my car in a hailstorm.


Grabbing someone’s ass doesn’t count as capturing them!


Oh, you’re hardly one to talk. Look where ogling a man got you.


You didn’t make her sue you, even if you did punch her at that wedding.


No one ever said you can’t have world dominance and a little romance too.


There’s no way to stand up gracefully when your pants are down around your ankles.


You tell me the dead are coming through a crack in my barn, but I shouldn’t worry?


I missed the good old days when phones were sturdy enough to be pounded for emphasis.


This was going to be worse than the time I table danced in the diner in high school!


Banks frown when employees torch the home of their principal account holder.


I knew I would lose my job when I accidentally set fire to my best friend’s house.


This house has enough nooks and crannies for English muffins.


Turns out there’s a reason smoking is not allowed on construction sites.


You pretty much have to take the job since you hit him with the car.


Elvis is in the kitchen and he’s making eggs Benedict!


I’ve worked with freshmen that were easier than this.


I am not going to ask that old man if his family home is haunted!


He thinks you were trapped in a tree in the 1920s. How is that not crazy?



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