Top 39 Vishwanath S J Quotes

Not everyone can decode a dream! Dreamers are those abled minds that can read the intent of the dream in terms of energy, frequency & vibration…!


The past was “built”, the present is “assembled” & the future – “programmed”!


Intellectuality” silences OTHERS! “Intelligence” keeps YOU silent!


Your brain is an accelerating gravity free zone. While Intelligence leverages it, Intellectuality erodes it!


If the future historians were to digitally unearth our generation, they would decipher the facial expressions on the “Selfie’s” as the generation of people suffering from wide spread constipation!


If the race isn’t over after you have won, then it wasn’t your game!


A Genius always admires the choices of the most Confident Fool!


Fear doesn’t let you fail, it releases you from illusion!


Love” is a brilliant defying logic that thrives on human weaknesses!


Universe is expanding to infinity without a center in space. How come humans claim a direction to their life?


Take a closer look at the word “Change”. You never “Changed”, instead, you were ‘Manipulated’ by illusion.


To awaken quite alone in a strange parallel universe is the priceless moment to a time traveler!


Time is a strange phenomenon that understands the physics of our world, but never the chemistry of it


Time has witnessed events even before it’s own birth without energy.


An answer gone unanswered will be answered in a parallel universe. Existence is classified in unrecorded dimensions.


Time, as such doesn’t travel! It’s the paradox & uncertainty inside you that makes it travel.


The mystery in “Eyes of your Eyes” can never be found in the interstellar space unless you encounter timelessness.


Time is a creation of vague mind used to describe an unknown dimension in the 3D world.


Time cannot put anything in your hands until you let go off the time.


If you can successfully embrace the Anti-Matter version of yourself, Time would cease to exist for You. You are God!


Time is an encoded pattern of fabric woven with information & energy.


A creative design to everything demands a Time Keeper to exist. It was born out from the womb of primordial time!


Explore, Dream & Discover are 3 secrets which the time traveler is unaware. They demystify as the journey advances!


Every strict progression of an uncertain event is cease of movement in time and a birth of new space.


Time throws you out of its dimensionless planar like a boomerang. It unites with you again in death.


Time endorses the complexities of a zeigarnik mind!


Imagination is a place where a rational mind travels in time to meet it’s god, “The Infinite Mind”!


Between the streams of probability & possibility, lies the timeless, spaceless realm where time gets created!


Anything that was created today were once an unknown insecurity far beyond the next chapter of your life!


I do not derive out of the evolution, but the act of creativity inside of it!


Neurons are built to better remember the incompleted, the unfinished, the uninvited & the unwanted!


The first time can always lead to a second chance. But, the second choice can never be the result of the first change.


Time, without inception, instilled in one’s spectacular mind of the mind, produces highly contagious thoughts that can kill you!


All the thoughts that drive you are created in a spaceless and timeless medium. Connect to your innerself now!


Science was born, when religion failed to find the God!


Your “look-alike” may be the result of one of the various possible futures happening simultaneously!


Nothingness is the basis of everything that exists today. It’s the mother of creation & consciousness!


Lucid Dreaming is the ability of a brain to download the information of a possible futuristic state of an event from a Parallel Universe.


Science & Love have progressed “either” ways with growth of violence!



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