Top 39 Nilantha Ilangamuwa Quotes

The main element of true reconciliation is the public education system.


Reconciliation without truth is nothing but a smokescreen


Nothing can be changed in the system when the system itself is revolting against those who opposed violence.


How can you cry for others’ struggles when you are facilitating mayhem in your own land?


A society is driven by “social fear” always produces the seeds of doubt and unhappiness.


The era of revolution by military means produced a greater degree of desperation and frustration. This was brought to an end by the people.


The most fundamental problem is not that we don’t have a system to run but those with knowledge are cynically manipulating the system for petty personal desires.


When the day to day life is suppressing you, how could you put your moral values and will power to the realm of life?


History has taught us that the idea of superpower is for a political maniac to design the art of control over other countries.


Foremost, step one could take is avoiding the cheap behaviour of compromising principles with decorated lies which assails the moral power of common sense.


The victory is not only the pathway of celebration but also to take the greater degree of responsibility for those who were victimised.


Peace without truth is nothing but an illusion – a deceptive misguidance which generates opportunities and problems to chew the sweet and bitter tastes of evil respectively.


Fear has become normal and is covered by the idea of “patriotism”.


As things stand the “intellectuals” only come out to lick the bones left over by the tyrant.


Patriotism, currently, is nothing but the deadly evolution of narrow minded politics which has distorted language.


It is a smokescreen if someone believes that they can make change without identifying the root causes which influence social disorder.


When man lost touch with his humanity he had no reason to walk along the higher path.


We have created our own fake world in order to satisfy our imagination through the illusion.


Mr. President, not only are you disastrous for the land, you are the man who must be held responsible for all the sins of the cowards, the cowards who were fooled into electing you as president.


We lost our country somewhere along the way. We know where we lost it but we do not appear to have the strength to eliminate those blocking our view to enable us to develop our common identity.


Mr. President, it is time for you to give me back my country. You can either continue to make fools of the people who elected a tyrant like you or let the country rise phoenix-like from the ashes.


The man on the top of the hierarchy has created social fear in order for us to accept him as the leader.


The tyrant has power to play as long as he is the master in his surroundings.


That the military have the power to manipulate personal liberties while cocking a snook at justice and freedom in Balochistan is a fact.


The decrease in the number of killings doesn’t make any difference if the society has to sleep with the ghosts of the old devil.


Will there be people who will have the conscience to contribute to the country by changing themselves first? That is the need of the moment.


We are not subjects of an autocratic King, but are citizens of the country contributing to the advancement of our people who pay taxes out of their hard earned income.


We are citizens who love to fake life than dig deep into our reality to discover the truth and make amends and correct our own wrongdoings, because we are reluctant to learn from our past.


What we can see in most societies is the gravity of suffering, tears of sorrow and nightmares of hopelessness.


Mr. President; give me back my country. Allow people to have their humanity. If you do not do this, history will never absolve you!


Let us applaud the howls of the ignorant extremists as we stand on a knife-edge, not glad, but in acknowledgement of the bad, sad, mad gifts that the regime continue to offer us.


Failed coup has put the people in general on a long trudge to freedom while creating a situation to consolidate more power to exercise the legitimised arbitrariness of Erdoğanian democracy.


Balochistan was refused legitimacy for its nationhood with the creation of Pakistan due to the geographical location and the rich natural resources. The story would have been completely different if this has been a barren land.


Trump is a counter-product of the traditional political scheme.


It’s true that journalism in reality is not the journalism that we learnt in the university. It is far from it.


We are naked, but we think we are not; we are wrong, but think we are correct. We are misled but we think we are properly guided. We think we have leaders but in reality we do not. What we have are tyrants.


We have passed some of the dirtiest chapters of mankind. Perhaps we are heading towards further inhuman treatments in many places such as Syria and Palestine.


We once again see the painful reality of the spineless political intelligentsia


If you want to denounce impunity then you have to start with denouncing the impunity that the regime enjoys.



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