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Youth is wasted on the young. If it was me, you can be sure I wouldn’t be lazing around thinking I had the right woman. I’d make damn sure and then do whatever it took to make sure she thought the same, too.


I promise it’ll only hurt half as much as I wish it would.” The words came out as smooth and sweet as if she’d just told him that mint chocolate chip was the best flavor ice cream ever.


Just remember your dick is mine to ride, your body is mine to taste, and your mouth is mine to tease, tempt, and enjoy. I’m not easy, either.””No queen should be.


The princess requests your princess at the Kronig. She says…” Bendsten paused, a smile curling his normally taciturn expression into one of humor. “One kidnapping deserves another.


You are nothing but trouble.” If he’d meant to censure her, then he had the wrong girl. Trouble wasn’t a dirty word when you were a Sweet.


I’m just an asshole Marine…I’m not the kind of guy people like you should depend on.


Pride filled him. He’d put that soft look in her eye, the purr in her voice, and given her loose limbed ease.


She’d taken his heart and his virginity and left him more bitter than sweet.


The Sweets rarely set foot on the avenues. They’d always lived on the street-side of town, where duct tape held everything together and WD-40 stopped the squeaks.


West Virginia had the Hatfield and the McCoys. Shakespeare had the Capulets and the Montagues. Salvation had the Martins and the Sweets.


I’ll be damned. Miranda Sweet, is it you or is my glaucoma acting up again?” Ruby Sue sat her glass down on the Formica countertop with a clank. “You always did know how to make an entrance. Who do you think you are, the Queen of England?


Keisha said… I’m going to ride you so hard you might regret seeking shelter here.Gabe replied… IF you don’t, I’m gonna need to go back out and throw myself into a snowbank just to cool off


…Because I have a a serious medical condition. Gabe shook his head ruefully. It’s called foot-in-mouth disease.


He’d been going out with his right hand for so long they were practically common law spouses.


Darlin’, you are all female but not in the least little bit weak.


This was going to be like hunting black cats at midnight on a moonless night.


Trust me, darlin’, I’ve got skills for every room in the house.


So tell me, Tamara darlin’, what other needs can I help you take care of?


Tits and ass and class – that’s how you land a man with money, Tamara Anne. You’ve got two and can fake the last one.


I’m trying to picture you growing up with sisters.” “I can do a double French braid in less than three minutes and I’ve bought more tampons than a thirty-one-year-old man should ever admit to.


I’m always glad to help.” His grin was as quick and easy as it was devastating to her panties. “What can I say? I’m a real dick that way.


She pushed a finger against his shoulder, pushing him so he was flat on his back on the bed. “Now behave yourself and I’ll show you how much fun I can be.


He smiled. “You didn’t think we were going to follow orders from a psychopath and run scared, did you?


Nobody fucks with my girl.” Life snapped back into her mahogany-colored eyes. “I’m not your girl.” “But you will be.


Her skin glowed in dawn’s soft light sneaking in through curtains, and she stretched her arms up toward the ceiling in a move that elongated everything above her waist and below his belt.


He’d started falling for her the moment she walked into Devil’s Dip Gym. She’d KO’d him and there was no going back.


It’s a small closet.”… “It’s a walk-in the size of Rhode Island,” he teased… “Isn’t that just like a man to exaggerate the size of something?


She dropped her head, touching his forehead with hers, and rolled her hips, not bothering or not able to keep quiet her sweet little mewl of pleasure. Her heat seeped into him, trapping him in the moment…


Not Mr. Rasmussen. Call me Dom. I really think we should be on a first-name basis, since you know that I strip off my suit every night and get into bed wearing nothing at all.”.


Everything is going to be okay, Princess Eloise,” he whispered against her ear. “I promise.”But it wouldn’t. She knew better than to ever trust a man who promised happy endings in the middle of a kidnapping.


The man had a smart mouth, a hard body, and questionable motives. In short, he was exactly what made her panties melt.


With an embarrassingly little amount of effort on his part, he twisted the Glock out of her fingers and flung it across the drive…”Going so soon?” he asked.”The company isn’t to my liking.


I’m not an easy man, not even for forty-eight hours.”Keeping her gaze locked on his face, she stroked the hard outline of his dick with the tip of her fingernail. “Good thing I like things hard.


And suddenly, her day turned into the kind that explained why God invented chocolate, comfy pants, and booze.


Time for a showdown with her mutinous brewmaster. She’d tried nice. She’d tried all business. She’d tried cajoling. Now, it was time to try bitch with big brass balls.


In her career, she’d closed multi-million dollar deals without a hint of nerves. Now she needed a jumbo-sized bottle of antacids just to get out of her car. Or a double shot of whiskey. God, she was losing it.


She hadn’t just drunk the Salvation Kool-Aid – she’d started to brew her own.


Being this close to him was like sitting under a hotness heat lamp. In the desert. At high noon.



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