Top 33 Bidemi Mark-Mordi Quotes

Stop praying that God should make you a leader if you are not ready to do hard work.


Success is possible to anyone who sets his heart to it. Whatever we dream of can become reality if we put ourselves to work.


To move from here to there, sometimes there is a need to suspend the present realities; they can be a distraction.


No person wakes up and finds themselves on the world stage. When that happens, it is in the movies.


Success should be an ambition within the parameters of Purpose.


Your experiences, past, gifts and abilities are tools for purposeful living. Harness them and destiny shows up!


Where you have been isn’t half as important as where you are headed. Keep your sights and focus on the future.


Erase those negative tapes playing in your head. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you forget. He can cast your hurt in forgetfulness.


Though your dream may be birth by you, it has eternal potential to impact lives and generations even after you.


In walking or working your dream, arriving is a bad thing, because arriving makes you do things you said you wouldn’t do when you started.


Remember when your dream was just an idea; never forget when nobody could see what you saw, when there was no win in sight.


Grace is an empowerment to be above and beyond reproach, to live your life at a standard that pleases God.


Anything done without character can only end in catastrophe.


No matter how hard we try, we are at best imperfect people. When we allow sin, we allow our imperfections to show.


No matter what you seek to achieve, perspective makes a difference. All. Perspective comes from reflecting.


Mistakes are a combination of your choices and has nothing to do with your capacity.


The core of my being is the trigger for the choices I make. With each choice, my personality is enhanced or degraded.


For impact, tell your true story -challenges, victory, all. Build hope by helping others find themselves by your story.


In your journey of life, stick to relevance, don’t stay stuck! Keep improving yourself until your opportunity comes.


One win is not enough to rest on our oars especially where there is room and opportunity for other wins and successes.


Opportunity is being in God’s place, at God’s time, following God’s instructions, to obtain God’s results.


Repentance is the highest form of worship that a man can give to God.


The human spirit is like an elastic band. The more you stretch, the greater your capacity.


Purpose is a higher level of living, where you live more for others than you live for yourself.


A sacrifice is not convenient. If it is something we can easily do, then it is not a sacrifice.


First achieve small things and you will achieve great things ultimately… and no one will forget.


Activity never equaled productivity. Inspect every activity to ensure you are producing right.


When we begin to see our differences as opportunities rather than threats, then we can work together.


Every transaction has its process. Until you submit to it, you will always be living below potential.


Your strengths are the raw materials that God needs to make your dreams happen.


Your success is determined by the principles upon which you live your life.


A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. A woman must do what he can’t.


Ideas are God pulling up the frame of the curtain to show us what can be.



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