Top 31 Sivaprakash Sidhu Quotes

Ordinary people can do extra ordinary things when they create opportunity towards their passion


The reason I’m being positive is to make everyone around me to get the positive energy


You have to pen down and start designing your own destiny”.


Success only comes to who is seeking every moment towards it


Ultimate Truth- “You are not born with success, but you’ve born to success


I believe my success is what I’m going to achieve today and tomorrow not what I did yesterday.


If you are strong enough to face Fear of Failure, Fear of Rejections, and Fear of Criticism, that’s the sign of Success.


Nothing can do with PAST, but if you seriously thinking some good thing at PRESENT, then you can achieve anything in FUTURE.


People will forget what you said, but no one will ever forget how you made them to feel


My most beautiful and best days are ahead of me but behind me.


I love to connecting with people to help others who’s exactly like you.


Sales professional is a profession deals with people, it’s a people business not a selling job.


If you want to do something great, remember someone out there trying already to get that, I want you to be that some one.


Pain is temporary- The pain you feel today is only to get strength to face tomorrow.


Fail early as much you can so that you can succeed early as much you can.


Every failure is an opportunity for your personal growth.


Don’t work for appraisal or appreciation, work for your personal growth


If I can change the way you think, I can help you to incredibly success”.


Money is not only the motivating factor, most of the time powerful positive words do


Life is a test from universe, if you are not willing to take the test, you won’t give or get testimonials about your life”.


Life is part of negative, and full of positive only wise knows it.


I’m blessed when someone who I loved and trusted dropped me off, because I have a good choice to think and great lesson to learn


Always you have to train yourself to swim with sharks.


When I asked for help, no one is there except me. “Helping yourself is a great help you ever get it from anyone”.


Transforming Moment” yes I got it. I Committed. I Tried. I Executed. I Failed. I Motivated. I Succeed.


Most people I met they have more potential than me, but I don’t know why they are not using it to step up.


I want to wake dead people to live alive”. Seriously, I can make you living.


I don’t want to say something and walk away, I want to wake you up and walk with you to achieve your dreams


Self appreciation is a sign of maturity, seeking appreciation is a sign of immaturity


Getting rich is not real and staying rich is real.


I have a bad grammar, but I do have a good message in it.



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