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Just as we have been given hope, we carry that hope; and for as long as we carry that hope, we learn to spread hope; and as we spread hope, lives are inevitably changed, and saved. What beautiful meaning hope gives to life!


People come and go in this lifetime. Some merely pass us by. Some stay with us for a little while. Some leave as quickly as they come. However, when real friends come, they stay and never leave.


Change becomes a waste for those who do not desire to learn from it. It pushes us to bring out our personal best. It makes us realize that we are uniquely different with the capabilities to grow and shine brightly.


I choose to be a victor, and not a victim of change.


Change is uncomfortable and awkward at first. It has a ripping effect on those who refuse to go along with it. It is not fixed by crying, or worrying, or wallowing in self-pity and mental anguish.


Change can only work in two ways – for the better, or for the worst. Yet, regardless of whatever manner in which change comes into our lives, what matters is how we view it and how we react to it.


It is said that ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. I say, ‘Perfection lies in the heart of the receiver.


Even if all our senses fail to function − eyes turn blind and ears fail to listen − the heart will still listen, see and beat.


I am so grateful that I have my family and friends on this journey. They are my blessings! I need them; and just the same, I know they need me too. That is why I have never thought of giving up.


Every negative has a positive.” Take my sickness, for example. Being sick is not good, but through this, I have received a lot of blessings in different forms. Because of this, I am able to share everything that God has done for me.


Children who are ill, in their innocence and plight, teach adults many lessons, and one of those lessons is that ‘Life must go on. Face it. Live it. Enjoy it. Despite all the odds.’ That is bravery, in the eyes of a sick child.


Since we have to make choices in life, why not choose the good ones?


Let us keep on dreaming and instead of saying “I wish” and waiting for it to happen, have the courage to say “I will” and make it come true.


Dream, live it and make it happen! As impossible as it may look and sound, this kind of thinking and attitude are what will keep us going.


Keep on dreaming. Keep on believing. It is free. And it is a choice.


As long as I dream, that is enough for me to keep moving forward.


Everyone can dream and as impossible as it may look and sound, this kind of thinking and attitude is what will keep us going.


I believe that the choice not to have a choice is a choice in itself


I believe that the choice not to have a choice is a choice in itself.


Keep hoping. Be patient and diligent. Never give up. Hold on to your faith. God helps us when we show Him that we are willing to help ourselves.


If you are willing to be helped, you will receive help; and for as long as you sincerely ask, you will be helped.


Help does not only come through financial assistance. There are a lot of ways with which one person can help another person.


Through social media, missing persons are found; sick persons are given chances to live a healthy life. I say, that is the modern bayanihan movement.


Faith and Hope are spiritual graces from God; therefore, to look at a situation and to say that ‘it is hopeless’; or to look at one’s self, and to say that ‘I am hopeless’, is closing the door in the face of God.


In life, we have no control over the storms that we encounter. It’s normal to feel devastated and sad, but to continue being sad is already our choice.


I realized that just because “I can’t,” doesn’t mean “I shouldn’t.


Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, God wants us to talk to Him. But are we too busy in our daily lives to speak some words to Him? God reaches out and speaks to us in many various ways. But are we hearing them?


God is alive in each one of us. We just need to bend our knees, hold our hands together and open our hearts to Him.


Life is the greatest chance that has been given to all of us. So how do you choose to live your life? You’ve got a pen. Write it down.


Our little actions of love, when put together, can make a big difference.


Our hands will never be too small for helping those who are in need as long we have the heart to care.



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