Top 31 Kalyan C. Kankanala Quotes

To achieve patent commercialization success, every inventor must think like a business man


We live in a world where value of creativity is measured by commercial success, and copyrights are mere instruments of financial benefit, not creative progress


Can you think of a better way than slavishly copying and removing attribution to disrespect an author


Patent Law cannot afford to sit and watch while technology advancement changes its dynamics


Pirates of Bollywood, or Bollywood of Pirates? – Tough to say.


Why Are Terrorists into Piracy? Well, they are movie buffs too!


I am Not a Pirate, I merely watch movies and delete them. Never store them on my computer.


Copyright Promotes Creativity by Proscribing the Right to Copy


Abraham Lincoln said, Patents Add Fuel to the Fire of Genius. What the great man did not say is that Too Much Fuel Can Burn the Genius


Entertainment Law is not as Entertaining as Entertainment


Value of a Trade Mark is directly proportional to your Aggression and Risk Ratio.


Copyrights do not and cannot trump publicity rights, they are mutually exclusive


Moral rights form the essence of copyright law. When they conflict with economic rights, moral rights must always prevent


Creative Commons has a lot to offer to the entertainment industry provided it is strategically merged with copyright commercialization strategy


A Trade Mark is a company’s persona and identity in the marketplace


Patents stand for you when everything else is lost


The strength of a patent doesn’t come from its claims, it comes from the invention


Patent Validity is a figment of legal interpretation, it can be contested, reversed and cancelled any time before expiry


The right to be attributed as an author of a work is not merely a copyright, it is every author’s basic human right


You can derive value from the Indian patent system, provided you know how it works. Stop cribbing about how it is not like another country’s system, and start thinking about how you can gain business value


Representations that do not make sense are the best Trade Marks


Every Trade Mark you Build adds to the financial value of your business, much more than your tangible assets


We love patents, but not unconditionally;We believe in patents, but not mindlessly;We value patents, but not at the cost of our core values; andWe are serious about patents, but saving life always comes first


Grant is the beginning of the Patent Game, not its end.


Patents need inventors more than inventors need patents


Inventors do not invent for financial gain, they invent simply because they love to invent


Inventions cannot be judged on patent parameters, but patents have the ability to take inventions very far


India’s IP policy reflects the confusion in the minds of the policymakers .


To take a stand on IP, India needs to have a stand first.


We Live in a World Measured by Piracy because Piracy means Access.


Piracy of Bollywood; or Bollywood of Piracy, Tough to Say.



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