Top 31 Anuradha Bhattacharyya Quotes

Love was indeed a big responsibility. One must use the word judiciously. One cannot love one day and take away love the next day. It is total caring.


Maybe, peace was preferable to pleasure. Maybe, peace is one’s first love.


Sometimes we have to wait for years to seek a really exceptional thing. I always wanted to give you the best thing in the world but …


We are on a stroll, hand in hand, in a garden, in the moonlight and the sole purpose of such a venture is to come together in love.


I always feel that one should be loved passionately, not as a matter of course.


An incomplete fulfillment of a sweet dream can slowly turn it caustic.


What common people call beauty is essentially nature. The moment nature abandons you, your beauty is lost forever.


Beauty is like the storm. Beauty has its natural motions. A calmness of spirit signals its arrival. Its departure is marked by misery.


Beauty is not static. You cannot point your finger at something and say there’s beauty. Like all natural things beauty comes and goes. You have to capture it in your heart. See if you can retain it long enough to give you happiness.


That kind of pursuit is not beneficial to mankind: art for self aggrandizement at the cost of love.


That day I behaved like a good artist, one whose job is to build rather than break.


Many a times, doctors, the worshipers of science, are helpless. They know a few technical things and perform their duty diligently. But they wait for nature to take its course as well.


If they had given in to passion, throwing caution to the wind,they would have lost everything.


Misunderstandings arise only in undefined relationships


Literature has become merely a tool for culture studies.


Only very few people can remain unruffled by trouble.


God knows how many times we miss nice things near at hand!


I shout at him to remind him of his duties. That does not mean that I do not trust him at all.


Sometimes, on duty, if one trusts a stranger, one’s nerves are on edge. What if I am making a mistake!


It was love, the real thing, nothing less or different.


Only the goodness of heart and an intellect to match can produce such a perfect woman in nature.


Each oneFrom one’s little nooseCranes outYells and shoutsGroans aloudAnd grows stoutAnd the noose tightensLeaving no way to creap outTill at the endSwollenSpent outBecomes silent.I am also having my turn among all.


The author is impacted by a hidden insistence that takes the shape of different combinations each time adifferent text is produced but the underlying problem remains the same for him.


Love was a desire to cling to something difficult to get hold of in day-to-day life. It needed more attention and dedication, not always pleasurable, she concluded. Sensuality was by far easy, like food.


It did not occur to Adya that like being competitive during exam times, while being competitive in matters of life also the boys would actually tend to ditch their female counterparts in little little matters and get things their way.


Any mistake in life is likely to show its ill effect one day.


If we put aside the practicality, we may find our wishes to be very innocent.


Had there been no sun, life would have found some other means of illuminating the world. It is odd that we give the sun so much importance.


I love you. I know what a body suffers, but I cannot forget my lessons.


It sounded so proper to lie for the sake of a beloved.


The beach is a natural park, without the greenery but the sand is a natural toy.



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