Top 30 Sahara Sanders Quotes

Promise yourself to achieve lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of… and dare to achieve it!


One of the main secrets of success is the ability to foresee the situation a few steps forward.


Often, exactly big complexes force an individual to achieve their big goals and massive success.


To be successful, any business requires a concentrated investment of time and energy; wherein each stage of the development has its tactics and priorities, in regards to which activities and when it makes sense to invest the efforts in.


Life IS a competition. ALWAYS. No matter whether any of us want it to be or not!


It’s not a big deal to fall madly in love with someone bright, extraordinary and charismatic; a big deal is to become the matching person, who is worthy to be loved back.


Sometimes, even those whom we consider as our close friends may betray us so easily, in a moment when we do not even expect it. Such is the truth of life, despite so many eloquent odes humanity dedicated to friendship.


Modern formulaic society will try to make you “normal,” rushing to call pseudoscientific anything you can do that they can’t.


Considering things in the ecumenical measure, we are the microbes of the Universe.


It’s truly interesting to observe how genetics works in families, and what a huge lottery it is to inherit some of our relatives’ appearance features.


If one of the most interesting places to be is your inner world, you will never be bored when you are alone.


The shadowy edge between normal and paranormal is more than ILLUSORY…


The process of creation can be unpredictable and, in some way, similar to love: the brightest waves of inspiration may sometimes occur in wrong timing, wrong places, or even with wrong people.


The hardest situation is when the individuals desperate “to cut off your wings” are your closest family members whom you can’t escape dealing with.


Climbing your personal Everest, do your best to make sure it won’t end up being your Calvary.


There are oceans of things to discover, to explore, to learn, to invent, to create in this world; especially with its modern possibilities offered. So, I don’t understand when people complain they’re bored and have nothing to do.


It is not really wise to make too many assumptions when you don’t yet have all the facts to do so. You may believe your conclusions are logical, while they may turn out to be totally wrong.


Atheism and traditional institutions of the Church are the polar sides of the same marasmus: either of them is badly lacking the truth.


Human communication and literature are all made of words; thus, it’s hard to overestimate their unbelievable power.


Generate happy moments. . . make miracles happen. Love is a miracle too.


Like most people on the planet I have experienced moments when a friend’s, or just a stranger’s, warm cheering up was like a gulp of oxygen essential for survival.


If you don’t write your memoirs down then time will swallow them up, leaving no leftovers.


The closest to my heart is not just one book – it’s the whole series of novels, Indigo Diaries. The first volume, “Gods’ Food,” is already available in English.


Emily mostly perceived her habit to write down notes as being one of the ways she could use to preserve moments of life.


The obscure, unexplainable aspect of the writing process is about how some rhymes appear in your head. It often feels more like tuning in to some kind of channel than composing words in your mind.


Having authored numerous and pretty versatile write-ups, I can’t say that anything other than my soul, heart and life experience can be called a prominent part of every book I ever wrote


Photography is a magical kind of art that allows people to preserve time and moments, and to describe the world the way they see it.


As they say, it’s possible to kill and to revive someone using a proper speech. I agree with the statement because I know for sure it is true.


I left my novels for better times, when I could dedicate the energy and enjoy the inspiration I feel while planning them; like the most delicious cherries on a cake one left for later so they can be savored to the utmost.


You could be a really great and fabulous person, but if your method of communication with a woman doesn’t trigger her physical attraction by “pushing the right buttons,” you will only ever be “just a friend” in her eyes.



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