Top 30 Ben Tolosa Quotes

Most jokes come from good intentions—and most mistakes, too.


Nobody is going to hand you success. You have to hand yourself to success.


When you stay in your comfort zone, you are not learning.


Life is a journey learn how to evolve spiritually.


To be a MVF (Most Valuable Friend), you need to tell your friends the pure truth about themselves. However, how you tell them the truth is the difference between being a villain or a hero.


A person without a plan is a person with soggy dreams.


In democracy, our most important tool is to vote. But our power tool is when we have the power to influence others on who to vote for.


The moment you vote, you are a citizen. But moment you make your vote public, you are a politician.


Vote; it’s the most important right granted to you as a citizen. But unless you are a politician, stay out of politics because your gains will not change anything and your losses will only make you waste your time and many friendships.


Women are the most powerful and beautiful power in the world.


God will help you in a way you will not know he did. at’s his trick.


The two fundamental skills of any leader are creativity and initiative. Creativity to find solutions and initiative to take action on them.


Art becomes art only when it’s shared with others.


Commitment is the only currency that keeps a family together.


Our passion is what we have been designed to do so as not to get bored between being born and death.


Jobs suck, but when you work on your passion, it is never a job, no matter how hard and how long you have to work.


When you work on what you love, you have the best job in the world.


Success is frequently preceded by a chain of fails.


We can be competitive and aim to destroy our opponent or competition, but we can still respect our rivals and even be friends.


Late to bed, late to rise, command like hell and monetize.


I don’t like to think because thinking leads me to overthinking and overthinking leads me to depression. Making decisions without thinking is often suicidal; therefore, I force myself to think without overthinking.


There’s nothing wrong with an adult being a child, except whining like one.


Let your ego grow enough to teach but not enough to dictate.


Allow others to call you guru but do not let yourself become one.


Write what you wish with your soul and your heart will fill the page with your unique magic.


Remember people by their souls (through their eyes), not by their names.


The moment you stop being humble is the moment you stop learning.


Divorce is success. Failure is staying married to a person you no longer love.


Sometimes you must give up on certain people, but it should be mandatory that you will never ever give up on yourself.


Don’t be afraid of being yourself, but be afraid of being somebody else.



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