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I miss you.I miss you. I miss you, I miss you.Be ready, because when I see you, I’ll never let you go again.


What I was trying to say,” he whispered, “is that I see you in everything. There isn’t a word for you that means enough, because you’re everything to me.


Roar’s smile widened. “I know. You missed me.” She rolled her eyes. “It’s barely been three weeks since I last saw you.””Miserable stretch of time.” He said.


She’d fallen into a deep silence once, when the sun appeared, and it was then he’d wondered most what she was thinking.


His hand snapped shut over the device and then he crossed his arms. Aria stared in horror. Her Smarteye was buried in a Neanderthal’s armpit.


Her hand holding his for a dozen paces. His, resting on the small of her back for a moment. Touches that had no real purpose but to say I’m here and We are together still.


Without thinking, he reached for her hand. Tucked it against her chest, feeling that was where it should be. Perry’s heart slammed against his ribs. She had to feel it.


He’d pushed it back, where he’d kept the thought for weeks, but it wouldn’t stay. Wouldn’t stop. Wouldn’t let him go.


If there was no fear, how could there be comfort? Or courage?


 Then he told Perry that love was like the waves in the sea, gentle and good sometimes, rough and terrible at others, but that it was endless and stronger than the sky and the earth and everything in between.


Doubters don’t mean a damn thing. I doubt it’ll rain tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean I control the rain. What I think has no bearing on what is. The wise ask questions, Perry. The weak doubt.


I was trying to help… The more I try to catch up, the farther I fall behind.


A good dream was something you clung to until the last moment before waking.


I don’t want to play; I want to win. But if you give me the rules, I’ll take it from there.


Just because we failed once doesn’t mean we should stop trying


She’d survived the outside. She’d survived the Aether and cannibals and wolves. She knew how to love now, and how to let go. Whatever came next, she would survive it, too


And it’s always better, isn’t it, when you discover answers on your own?


She found it curious and frightening that she could deeply dislike someone she didn’t even know. It wasn’t her. At least, it wasn’t how she used to be.


Because people are more than emotions. People have thoughts and reasons for doing things.


When you’ve been hurt by someone you love like he has, why would you ever seek love out? Why would you risk being hurt again?


But when a cut is deep, it’s still just flesh beneath.


They were like her rocks. Imperfect and surprising and maybe better in the long run than certainties. Chances, she thought, were life


She absorbed the terror and beauty of him and his world. Of every moment over the past days. All of it, filling her up like the first breath she’d ever taken. And never had she loved life more.


We all have the potential to do terrible things. But we also have the potential to overcome our mistakes.


It was my idea. It’s the safest way, but it’s strange pretending to be something different. It’s like there’s a glass wall between us. Like I can’t touch him or … reach him. I don’t like the way it feels.


She felt as though she’d found a moment of forever. Like this was how they should’ve always been


He kisses like a poet. Like he’s writing poems on my lips.


You can’t be miserable when you’re running. It’s such a simple and pure way to feel alive.


She could have lived every minute she’d had with him better. She should have always spoken the best words she could to him.



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