Top 28 Ted Agon Quotes

It might seem a contradiction but… the ability to improvise requires lots of practice. Ask any jazz musician.


We are changing all the time and this never changes.It is not whether we change, it is how much and in what direction we change. These choices are ours can only be made by us


The best thing in life is change. Without change there is no life.


Practice is the process of moving conscious action into subconscious and unconscious action.


Nobody can learn for another. Only we can teach ourselves.


We are the sum and synergy of all our experiences.


It is absolutely possible that the impossible is possible.


The “question” is the inoculation against and the antidote for ignorance.


As a camera is an instrument that teaches us how to see when we don’t have a camera, writing is a process that teaches how to think when we are not writing.


Those who don’t question don’t think. Those who don’t think don’t question.


I have an unfounded belief that there is a conspiracy out there creating unsupportable theories.


The “question” is the source of human evolution and revolution.


Constant questioning produces a status quo of change.


To acquire a new perspective we must change our point of reference.


Questions are vehicles to the future. Answers are milestones along the way.


One of the best collaborations is between social and solitude.


Don’t disparage ignorance. If it weren’t for ignorance we wouldn’t have anything to learn.


There is only “now”. The better we make now the better our past and future “nows” will be.


An investment in questions is the only way to increase human and financial capital.


The “question” is the smallest and greatest unit of discovery.


Our challenge is making a long-term investment in our children in an instant-gratification society.


The perfect life is not worth living. There would be nothing to look forward to. The imperfect life is perfect.


Creativity is impossible unless existing rules are broken. Let’s break some.


Any learning process that is not entirely invested in questions is under funded.


Creativity rudely trespasses and tramples on accepted grounds.


Our challenge is more of ignorance than stupidity. Having informed decisions most of us will make reasonable decisions.


Questions are the natural agents of curiosity. To limit question is unnatural, against nature.


We can’t force a child to learn but we can feed his hunger.



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