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My bookcase is all yours.”I walked to the door. “I’ve just decided that those are my favorite five words in the world.


Even though I knew this might end in heartbreak, that he might make my life scary and complicated and unpredictable, I knew I couldn’t let him walk away. Because I knew he’d also make my life happy and comforting and full.


He shrugs. “Doesn’t help to waste my time thinking about would’ve-beens.”Laila whispers, “He says to the girl with a mind full of them.


Hayden?””Yes,Gia?””Nothing I just wanted to say your name


I can pay you.”He raised his eyebrows. “I’m sure there are services for that.Maybe you can try calling 1-800-HOOKERS or something?””You know the number well?


The was something very satisfying about a smile that had to be earned.


We make our own luck. I believed that, too. We chose our own fate. We controlled our own future. I knew what I wanted. I needed to go get it.


Because an illusion is an illusion. Reality always exists despite the facade.


Sometimes regardless of what we want, reality takes over.


It was hard when I knew I was about to be flooded with memories of a life I hadn’t lived yet. Really, two lives I hadn’t lived yet.


Look at me, making one of your dreams come true. You and your Norm truck driving around Normville.””You’re practically a god.


One of my friends at the Compound has a photographic memory. Everything she ever sees, reads, or hears, she remembers forever in perfect detail.


I thought I wanted these memories, but now I realize he hardly knows me.


Growing up, I never felt deprived. I was always happy. It seems only lately I’ve started seeing everything I didn’t have.


I turn my head so that he doesn’t see my smile and secretly curse him for making me feel special.


Stop worrying about someone else’s feelings for once and worry about your grade.


Dad, she’s beautiful. I remember where she was standing.


Once Addie let someone in, she was impossible to forget. There was something about her that crawled inside a person and built a nice comfy home there, her goodness expanding until it filled every limb.


I had seen a different side of her, the one where she didn’t feel threatened by me, and I liked that side. That side was vulnerable and happy and kind.


I’ve been thinking”, Jules saidNever a good thing I thought


Note to self: Caymen is very good at sarcasm.”“If you’re recording notes for an official record, I’d like the word ‘very’ stricken and replaced with ‘exceptionally.


His eyes are so intense I want to look away . . . or never look away, I can’t decide.


A wrong was just righted. Take care of my best friend.


He looked at the cash siting there “What’s that for?” I made myself smile “A good time.


He sighed. “Does it get tiring?””What?””Always thinking you’re right.”I smiled. “No, not really. It’s other people not realizing I’m right that gets tiring.


I don’t like the words ‘I’m fine’. My mom tells me those two words are the most-frequently-told lie in the English lenguage.


Why are you lying to me? I’m so tired of people lying to me. Do I not deserve the truth? Do I look like someone who can’t handle it?


Not the “be yourself” line. I loathe that line. As if Myself and Tic have met before and gotten along, so all I have to do is make sure Myself is there this time. So illogical.



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