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Можно лежать на мосту и смотреть, как течет вода. Или бегать, или побродить по болоту в красных сапожках, или же свернуться клубочком и слушать, как дождь стучит по крыше. Быть счастливой очень легко.


We sat talking on a rock. The air was filled with the tang of sea-weed and of something else that could only have been the ocean smell. I felt so happy that I wasn’t even afraid it wouldn’t last.


Making a whole is very important. Most people paint things and forget the whole.


And all you can do is just read,” she said. She raised her voice an screamed, “You just read and read and read!” Then she threw herself down on the table and wept.


He was the owner of the moonlight on the ground, he fell in love with the most beautiful of the trees, he made wreaths of leaves and strung them around his neck.


Are you too frightened to go any farther?” asked the silk-monkey, who found all this very easy, having four legs herself.”I’m never afraid,” answered Sniff. “But I think the view is better from here.


Here is the most valuable thing in the whole of Moomin Valley, Groke! Do you know what has grown out of this hat? Raspberry juice and fruit trees, and the most beautiful little self-propelling clouds: the only Hobgoblin’s Hat in the world!


But when people understand one another without speaking, it can often leave them with very little to talk about, don’t you think?


The hemulen woke up slowly and recognised himself and wished he had been someone he didn’t know.


Someone who eats pancakes and jam can’t be so awfully dangerous. You can talk to him.


Quite, quite,’ she thought with a little sigh. ‘It’s always like this in their adventures. To save and be saved. I wish somebody would write a story sometime about the people who warm up the heroes afterward.


There are empty spaces that must be respected – those often long periods when a person can’t see the pictures or find the words and needs to be left alone.


a person can also find solitude with others, though it is more difficult


Everyone must imagine his own snakes because no one else’s snakes can ever be as awful.


I’m afraid we shall waste an awful lot of time.””Don’t worry,” answered Snufkin, “we shall have wonderful dreams, and when we wake up it’ll be spring.


Sophia,” she said, “this is really not something to argue about. You can see for yourself that life is hard enough without being punished for it afterwards. We get comfort when we die, that’s the whole idea


The room had lost its morning light, the glow of expectation and potential. The daylight was now gray, and the new day was already used, a little soiled by mistaken thoughts and makeshift undertakings.


If you’re not afraid, how can you be really brave?


A very long time ago, Grandmother had wanted to tell about all the things they did, but no one had bothered to ask. And now she had lost the urge.


And that night he couldn’t sleep, but lay looking out at the light June night which was full of lonely whisperings and rustlings and the pattering of feet. The air was sweet with the smell of flowers.


It is simply this: do not tire, never lose interest, never grow indifferent—lose your invaluable curiosity and you let yourself die. It’s as simple as that.


Sniff looked at them and noticed that they were much smaller than he was, so he felt kinder and said, condescendingly. “Hullo. Nice to see you.


Pearls’ burst out the Snork Maiden excitedly. ‘Could ankle rings be made out of pearls?”I should think they could,’ said Moomintoll. ‘Ankle-rings, and nose-rings and ear-rings and engagement rings…


But Moominmamma was quite unperturbed. “Well, well!” she said, “it seems to me that our guests are having a very good time.””I hope so,” replied Moominpappa. “Pass me a banana, please dear.


Christmas always rustled. It rustled every time, mysteriously, with silver and gold paper, tissue paper and a rich abundance of shiny paper, decorating and hiding everything and giving a feeling of reckless extravagance.


Mummy weighed sweets and nuts so that everyone would get exactly the same amount. During the year, everything is measured roughly, but at Christmas, it has to be absolutely fair. That’s why it’s such a strenuous time.


Nothing is as peaceful as when Christmas is over, when one has been forgiven for everything and can be normal again.



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