Top 27 Tina J. Richardson Quotes

I’m okay with who I am.You might not understand me. That’s okay as I don’t understand you.We can still be friends, we just have to accept our differences.


I am now a faded image of my former being,I let that persona go.I like myself for who I am and I choose to be, me.


I don’t knowwhat I’m feeling. Existing like I’m on auto pilot.I’ve put my Armour on now. Limiting everything gettingin but also not letting anything out.


I can’t speak anymore, I open my mouth but nothing comes out. So many things to say. I wonder if you really want to hear it anyway?Instead, I leave my heavy mind exploding with unfinished thoughts.


Everyday feels the same and yet I crave sameness.Part of me wants to run away and be free.I feel trapped in my life I’ve created to protect myself.


She had not been herself for weeks, yet no one noticed. She knew this feeling, it creeps up like sliding slowly into the darkness. Some days she clung on, other days she let herself slip further.


I find some things difficult to grasp. I need to be shown or taught a few different ways sometimes before I figure it out


Please don’t obsess on the number of friends i have or don’t have. I’ll find my own way, it will be right for me.


I guess you were not my friend then, that’s okay. I can see my true self, I can see yours, now. I guess that you did not look hard enough at mine. Or you would never have let me go.


She felt lost and misunderstood. She felt like she was drowning. Overwhelmed. Unaccepted. Alone.


I sometimes shock the people around me with how I see things. I come up with very unique solutions to things. As I can picture things in my mind and move them around to design and understand them.


Stop assuming I don’t have any emotions. My inner thoughts might not be easily seen on my face. I do think and feel.


Before my diagnosis.I used to be a collection of other people.An Actress,Now I’m finding out who I actually am.It’s been a journey, but I have made it.


My fear is if i lower my mask will people accept me?


Sometimes there are not the right words for my thoughts. Speech feels like it’s not a natural way to communicate. This is when typing the words makes my thoughts come out easier.


I don’t have to look at your eyes to listen that’s whatmy ears are for.


Conversations sometimes are so hard to follow.People are so confusing with the wrong facialexpressions for their words.


I’ll always be there for you.I promise to protect and nurture you.Hopefully one day soon, true Autism acceptance will besomething that just is.


She became an illusion of herself. It was easier to cope with people that way


I tried to write how I felt. The pen remained frozen. The paper stayed white and empty,while my brain was dark and full


Sometimes I don’t have enough energy to be social. I need time alone to recover from the last time I went out.


When my anxiety is really bad, the fast beating of my heart makes my body feel like it rocks back and forth.


Being autistic does not mean I don’t have empathy. Stereotypes are harmful. If anything I hyper feel everything and have to try to shut off to cope.


I’m an autistic girl. I have many years to grow. I’m going to rock my life. Just watch me shine


I take criticism to heart. The words hit me literally and it hurts. It can take me a long time to recover from it.


I’m not a hero for living autistic. I’m a person just like you. Just living my life.


When I was very young I thought I was just like everyone else. I think it took me longer than most to realize I was different and even longer to realize that being different was what made me great



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