Top 27 Steven Chopade Quotes

Your mind is the doorkeeper of your soul and heart the king. It’s unwise to let the doorkeeper control the king.


Don’t rein in yourself ’cause it’s raining reigning time.


Before knowledge comes understanding, before understanding comes wisdom.


He can transform the incapability in you to do what the capables, even together, cannot do.


Depend on the Source, not the extensions (people) and you’ll have the REAL life.


Meditate on the Word within the closed walls of your heart to make it stronger through agape.


Sometimes, God puts you in a position where you have no option but to trust Him.


The wisest of the wicked schemes are actually foolish.


There is no loss in any loss…if you recognize it!


With every rising of the sun, the Son’s glory rises upon us.


It hurts because He is treating your spiritual disease, just as a good medical practitioner does for his patients.


He’s waiting for you to end your struggles so that His grace can walk you out of the drowning water.


Pride is lacking in wisdom and not trusting Him (Proverbs 28:25-26).


Light makes light even brighter, but does not cancel it.


He wants to give you the best. Wait until the fruit gets ripened to relish completeness forever.


We ain’t dependent on social media to reveal our faith and joy. It shows from inside out, for real.


Staying aloof from what’s keeping you away from Him is not works.


He’s (God’s) always preparing you for that glorious life, even in your tough times.


He’s always preparing you for that glorious life, even in your tough times.


They be like what’s the formula? I be like kiss the Son, kiss your worries goodbye.


Love is not lust — though it may seem as a very usual proverb, it’s needed to ponder on.


As a writer, you don’t just write for the ears, you also write for the eyes.


Settling for fool’s gold instead of the real treasure?


Don’t take it as a struggle. Consider it as your pursuit for the unseen rewards.


A poet’s fantasy: Hiring a rapper to rap his rhymes.


Fighting the right battle is as important as winning one.


This thing in your chest, slightly tilted towards the left, could be fidgety at times. Make sure you set it right.



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